Understanding And Customizing System Restore In Windows 7

As you all know that System Restore is one of the important components of Microsoft Windows, it allows you to roll back(restore) system files, registry keys, installed programs, etc to a previous state in case of any disaster. Although Windows Vista provides the enhanced System Restore functionality, the upcoming Window 7 is aimed to improve it more. Now, get ready to experience the System Restore features of Windows 7.

First of all right click  Computer and select Properties. You can right-click Computer in the Start menu, but I prefer using it as a desktop shortcut.

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In Properties window, click System Protection.

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Now, System Properties dialogue box will be opened, click System Restore under System Protection tab.

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A new window will open, here click Next.

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In restore point, you can use scan for affected program option to see list of programs which are expected to effect from this restore process.

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Click Next, view and confirm restore settings and click Finish, Windows 7 will restore your system from specified restore point.

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Now, lets figure out how we can customize the settings of System Restore in Windows 7. In System Properties window, click at configure option which is available under System Protection tab and choose your desired settings.

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Here you have the options to change Restore Settings and Disk Space usage that System Restore is allowed to take. Enjoy!