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Windows 7 Recovery Disk/Boot Disk

What if your Windows 7 becomes corrupt and fails to boot? Most laptops and PCs today come with Windows pre-installed and the manufacturers sometimes don’t include Windows installation disc.

This is where Recovery Disk come into play. It is recommended that users create a recovery disk as soon as possible and keep it in a safe location. In case your Windows 7/8 fails to boot, the recovery disk can help fix the problem.

To create a recovery disk in Windows 7, go through the following steps:

Click Start Orb and go to Control Panel. Here, select Back up your computer under the System and Security option.

backup your computer

From the left sidebar, select Create a system repair disk. Finally select your CD-R/RW or DVD-R/RW drive from the new dialog window and hit Create Disc.

create windows 7 system repair disk

It will start creating a disc instantly. Once complete, hit OK, label it, and save the disk in a safe location.

create windows 7 recovery disk

The total file size of the recovery disk is 164MB which means you can burn it to a CD instead of DVD.

In case you forgot to create a recovery disk and your Windows 7 fails to boot, you can ask your friend or co-worker to create you one. Please note that if you are using Windows 7 64-bit then the recovery disk must be made from same version of OS, using a recovery disk from 32-bit is not recommended and vice versa.

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  • bob_novak

    you are a godsend – thanks!

  • bananasjah

    doesn't boot… mb bad iso?:s (burned using nero8)

  • simon

    Thankyou, Thankyou, your a lifesaver, worked a treat and now win 7 is running 🙂

  • Metaller

    Yeah! Big thx!

  • I burned it in a DVD but it wont boot. What's the problem?

    • Nakodari

      Two reasons: Perhaps it didn't burn properly or maybe you haven't selected your system to start up using DVD drive first.

      • I selected my DVD to boot so I'm guessing it didn't burn properly.

        However, one thing I noticed when I burn it POWERISO, it says non bootable image. Maybe that's the reason?

  • SK

    hey can you kindly upload the Windows 7 x32 Recovery Disc ??

  • sharkbones

    Help! I got a virus on my hard drive and it will not boot up. It goes to system recovery mode and just stays there. I upgraded my op system to Windows 7 so I cannot use the supplied disk that came with the computer. I cannot afford to loose my data on my computer…………….. Help!

  • Simo03

    Please win7 x64 os boot disk plz

  • simo03

    oops abt B4 didnt read it properly. can you still boot off it if its on a memory stick?

  • omar

    I created the boot disc but I can’t figure out how to set to boot from DISC. I’ve tried F1, F2, esc, F10, F12…

    • Benjamin

      Have you tried hitting DEL key during boot? You have covered almost everything else. What brand of computer do you have?

    • sam

      you need to press f12 when it loads the computer screen not the windows screen then choose disk

  • Helen

    If I run the recovery disc do I lose all my data? If so- is there any way I can get the data off before running the disc? Help..!

    • Rawr

      Depends if you actually DO anything when the recovery disc is run.

      There may be some files lost when the recovery disc performs some of its options. If you have data on your hard disk that you want to protect, shove it into a USB drive, an external hard drive, or another partition (although I recommend a completely different medium. A partition is still a viable option, if you don’t have access to any of the other methods, though) before you proceed to use the tools in the recovery disc.

    • Benjamin

      You can almost always use Knoppix CD to boot and save information to a USB drive.

  • jake

    your a life saver! cheers mate!

  • Alex

    Sorry it didn’t work for me.
    I burned the image to a CD and that when I changed the boot params it didn’t work.
    I copyed the file to a flash drive and changed the boot params and I get “Invalid or damaged Bootable partition”.

    What to do?

    • Alex

      Is this recovery disk for Home/Professional/Ultimate, or does it even matter which flavor OS?
      I have Windows 7 64 bit Professional.

  • shaun

    I have a \boot\bcd issue so i was using the cd in order to fix the problem. I get to the windows screen where it is loading windows but then after that I am just left with a black screen.

    • Leonard B

      I have the same problem did you get it to work, Because Im getting a blank screen

  • abass

    hi, i bought a new laptop and i had to install windows since its a new lapptop. but the comp tells me an unexpected error has happend and i need to restart my laptop to reinstall but as soon as i do, it tells me the same error message. Is there anyway i could boot it up without a recovery disk?

  • Randy S.

    The 164 mb file appears to stop downloading at 77.8 mb of the 164mb file. My computer isn’t frozen and has free system resources. I’m downloading it for a windows 7 64 bit laptop but the download is either bogus or their server freezes up when trying to download this file.

  • the size info alone is very useful to me. Thanks.

  • braam

    need help in rewriting a win 7 all editions os dvd disc.the image says non bootable.i know theres a way to chage this by adding something somewhere in the non bootable image but what and where.please help.thx

  • Dot K

    Your step by step (for creating a boot disk) is great except that when you do it, you are requested to provide the original CD/DVD and without it you can’t create the boot disk – a catch 22 situation when Windows comes pre-installed!!!

  • Sujai

    I have burnt the .iso file on to a CD(in the form of a bootable disc using Nero) and have changed the primary boot device to my optical drive(which is basically my cd device). Now when I reboot, I thankfully dont see the “BOOTMGR is msiing” message but see a DOS prompt screen as follows
    “[DR-DOS] A:\>”

    Please let me know how to proceed with the recovery from here on. Any help would be greatly appreciated…Thanks in advance..

  • Jose Guardado

    Could windows 7 fix my computer’s problems, what should I do if after installing windows 7 on my computer, there is still have the same problem on my computer..

  • Ray

    I just wanted to know, if the downloadable boot disk data you uploaded just has be burned to a dvd +r disk to work.

  • Win7recovery

    Actually you can download the Windows 7 Recovery Disks (32 and 64 bit) free of charge from here:

  • Ray

    Thanks for your help! I just hope that it goes well for my poor laptop.

  • edwin

    windows 7 forgot password how can i do that.?

  • Robert J Heeter

    You can use this disk image for repairing windows 7 32bit. Its pre-built windows 7 Recovery disk.


  • Sinister

    Hi Guys,

    For those of you who aren’t to savy on creating boot disk for for the ones who can’t get the disk to boot there is an alternative. just go to http://www.techs-on-the-side.mysite.com/WinPe7.html and download one of the versions you like the most. No surveys or silly pop ups, no sites to join or asking of your email; just pure download. Thanks.

  • JohnR

    My PowerISO also says image in non-bootable – its asks for a file or floppy from which it hopes to extract the bootable info?!?!?!?

    Also, during data verification, its fails.

    Any ideas at all?

    Many thanks 🙂

  • Eywa

    Using Win7 64 bit oem here, but the darn things makes a 32 bit version instead of the 64 bit version recovery disc, even using the install disc itself for recovery, one would be blocked by the warning describing the discrepancy. What a major oversight. I found myself dealing with OS failures as often as with XP.

  • Will

    I am using windows Vista on my computer and I want to burn a windows 7 boot disk for my neighbours computer that will not boot up. anyone know how I can do this?

  • Philp

    How do you tell whether you have 32 bit or 64 bit? I’m currently locked out of my laptop and need to turn back the clock.

  • Bradley

    I downloaded the disk burnt it to a disk and it wont boot then i got a recovery disk off of my friends windows 7 witch runs the same os as my win 7 home prem os but it only goes half and stops PLease HELP……..
    cant aford to lose my computer data ……… :'(

  • reema

    hey, can i know that recovery cd can be made only once, or if there’s any problem in cd, or i have not made it properly, then can we make it again..
    pls reply as soon as possible…. coz i’ve heard that it can be made only once…
    pls help

  • tryecrot

    Yes there should realize the opportunity to RSS commentary, quite simply, CMS is another on the blog.

  • brian

     Now that I’ve followed your advice and downloaded your ISO image to, in my case, a memory stick, does this now mean I essentially have a free version of windows 7 ready to download to my other computers?