Disk To Disk External Backup Software

GTK Selfimage is an opensource tool that can backup your disk drive or whole partition as either a compressed gzip image file or another drive/partition. In short, you can use it to clone your current partition or drive for complete backup. Read More

Kylo: Web Browser For Large HD TV Screen

There are number of popular web browsers for desktop which have been developed keeping only desktop browsing (close-up viewing) in mind. When connecting your laptop or PC to a large HD LCD via  HDMI cable, you will often find these desktop browsers difficult to use for reading and accessing most of the content because they are too small for a large screen. Heck, even typing the URL in the address bar is a pain and so is accessing all the options. Read More

Batch Convert Videos To WebM File Format

The previously reviewed free Miro Video Converter supports WebM video format but it can only convert one video at a time. What if you want to convert multiple videos with different formats to WebM file format in one go? You will need a batch converter for this purpose and many popular video converters are too slow to implement this new format. Read More

Chrome Notepad Syncs Notes Across Multiple Computers

Chrome Notepad is a brilliant notepad extension that supports native syncing across multiple Chrome browsers. It is yet another reason to migrate from Firefox to Google Chrome. The best part is that it does not use any 3rd party server/service to sync notes, but in fact, uses the build-in bookmark/preferences sync functionality to synchronize the notes across multiple Google Chrome installations. Read More

Change Windows Desktop Icons Into Explorer List View

A lot of us have an habit of throwing files on the desktop for quick access. What happens when the desktop gets cluttered and there is no more space to add files, shortcuts, and applications? One solution is to use Ctrl+ Mouse Wheel method to make icons smaller (read the tip here) but there is another way which is equally (or better) effective. DeskView is a small portable tool that will change the Windows desktop icons into Windows Explorer list view in just one click. Read More

Windows 7 Firewall Control

Windows Firewall Control is a nifty little app developed to provide quick access to the most frequent options used from Windows Firewall. It sits in the system tray and allows user to control the Windows 7 Firewall easily without having to waste time by navigating to the specific part of the Firewall. Read More

Windows 7 History: Recent Places

Just like Favorites, there is a feature in Windows 7 that is quite useful. Recent Places lists all folders that the user has visited in the past. It is like a recent history list similar to what most 3rd party tools offer. Provided that it is not filled with many features, it nevertheless does a great job in displaying the last visited places very accurately. Read More

Clean Office 2010 With CCleaner 2.32.1165

The latest version of CCleaner supports Office 2010 along with various enhancements and additions. Diving inside, we found that it mostly removes the .LNK files which are shortcuts. Removing them from the registry cleans the clutter but won’t make a huge impact on the system. Read More

Change Default Printer For Different Print Jobs

Do you have multiple printers connected to the system and want to use each of them for different print jobs? Suppose you want to use “Printer A” when printing a PDF document, “Printer B” when printing an image, and so on. Instead of having to manually switch the printer, wouldn’t it be easy if an application can do it automatically for you. Read More

Jaangle Is A Serious Music Player For Music Freaks

Having come across many media players, Jaangle gives a whole different impression. Formerly named, Teen Spirit, this music player is one of the finest we have seen in a long time. Why? Because it provides all the options that most music freaks would need. At first glance the player looks difficult to use and cluttered but it is not so. Read More

Batch Print 19 Different Document Types Together

Lets say you want to print different types of documents in one go, such as, Adobe PDF, Word Document, Wordpad text, Excel spreadsheet, Visio or AutoCAD diagram, and so on. The only way would be to manually open each one of them and click Print. This is a tiresome procedure which will waste half of your day (if you do a lot of printing at work). Read More

Free Keyboard Spy Logger Software

Hooker is a free portable keylogger that allows one to log all keyboard clicks, clipboard content, and so on. It can run in stealth mode to spy on all activity at your home computer while you are away for work. Read More

Outlook’s PST File Format Is Finally Open To Developers

One of the major complains from developers regarding Microsoft's popular email client, Outlook, was that the Personal Folders (.PST) file being closed. Since every data is stored inside the PST file and it could only be accessed via Outlook or Windows-focused APIs, developers who wanted to read or write data to it were facing difficulty. Read More

Scan Folder With Multiple Antivirus Software

We all know that installing multiple antivirus software is not recommended, both by the experts and developers alike. It is only recommended to use a single antivirus software to prevent any conflict with the system. There are however few expert users who tend to install multiple antivirus, anti-malware, anti-spyware, and more security software for ultimate protection and bunch of other reasons. Read More

Track Resumes To Save Time

Resume Tracker is a free opensource tool that allows one to track his/her resumes that have been submitted to various companies. Most people submit their resume to hundreds of companies and usually lose track of it. After a while, it becomes difficult to recall where the resume was send to, on which date, and so on. Read More