Secure Bookmarks: Add A Password-Protected Bookmarks List To Chrome

Want to save your bookmarks in a private and secure way, so other people using the same computer cannot access them? It's quite possible to have content in your bookmarks that you would want to keep hidden from prying eyes. Secure Bookmarks is a Chrome extension that adds a password-protected bookmarks list to Chrome, so you can occasionally create bookmarks without having them displayed out in the open. The extension allows you to store such favorites in a separate list that is encrypted and saved on your hard drive. After installing the extension, you can save content with a click, and retrieve it later by entering your password within a tiny pop-up. Read More

Save A History Of YouTube Videos Viewed On Any Webpage [Chrome]

After watching several entertaining videos on YouTube, you might want to revisit a previously watched one. There are a couple of ways to do this; you can either search your browser history, or you can search YouTube’s own history, which requires that you're logged in. In the absence of the latter case, searching the browser history can be a difficult and time consuming task. Video History For YouTube makes life easier by keeping a track of your YouTube activity. Not only does it work on YouTube's own website, but also records embedded videos from other blogs/websites and saves them in a list for later viewing. Moreover, it notifies you when there are new items from your Subscribed channels. Also, the Popular Videos category lets you view videos by This Week, This Month and All Time options. Read More

Mysites: Get Windows 8 Metro Start Screen-Like New Tab Page On Chrome

MySites, a Chrome extension, adds a Windows 8 Metro-inspired new start page to your browser that is fully customizable, with the most visited websites, apps and bookmarks speed dials. This slick extension gives you a personalized, stylish and practical start page with large, colorful, attractive tiles, which you can click to instantly access your most frequented websites and bookmarks. Additionally, MySites lets you search the web directly from the start page. The tile sizes are directly related to the number of visits, so the design allows you to quickly get from the new tab page to your desired websites with minimal friction. Read More

Daily Links: Auto-Load A Defined Set Of Tabs On Specific Days [Chrome]

Most people have either a habit or the requirement of visiting a set number of webpages on a daily basis, be it news websites, social networks, or work related items. One option that you have is to use sessions in Chrome, while the other would be to manually reopen all those links every time you launch the browser. Daily Links is yet another solution. It is a Chrome extension that lets set a group of customizable links to open automatically on particular days, so that each morning, you're ready to do your routine reading without going through the same ritual on, say, weekends. The extension can be fully customized, and you may simply click the button in the toolbar to load your desired tabs every day. With it, you can keep track of news, blogs, or any website that you visit regularly. Moreover, the extension seamlessly integrates with your bookmarks folder, so you can import links directly from your bookmark collection. It also allows you to load tabs in a random order, or in an order that you’ve previously set, thus allowing you to surf the internet more effectively. Read More

Connect With People & Find Local Workout And Fitness Spots [Web]

These days, any app that works on location-specific basis, that is, providing information particularly relevant to your current location, has more chances of becoming a hit among users. One such app, WorkoutSpotlets you discover exercise and fitness spots available in your area. Not only does it let you find a spot, but also offers powerful, yet extremely easy-to-use tools for scheduling classes. It allows you to sign up for them with just a click, without requiring you to make any phone calls or send emails. As working out with someone keeps you motivated, WorkoutSpots makes sure you can see which classes your friends have registered for, and vice versa, making it easier to sync your schedules and workout together. Read More

PowerSwitch: An Alternative Way To Find & Switch Between Tabs In Chrome

When you’ve got lots of windows open with multiple tabs, finding a particular one can be a cumbersome task. PowerSwitch, a Chrome extension, makes things easier and lets you switch between multiple tabs via an on-screen list. It lets you you switch tabs instantly with a Ctrl+k keyboard shortcut, which displays a list of all your open tabs in a new window. You can then select a tab and hit enter to navigate to it. This eliminates the need to visually scan the tabs one by one in order to find the right one. PowerSwitch can be a handy utility for people who work with several tabs that often results in short tab sizes. Read More

Move Any Open Tab To A New Incognito Window [Chrome]

Every time you want to browse privately, mostly to browse YouTube or Facebook at work, you have to open an incognito window and manually move your browsing to it. Not only can you sometimes forget to switch the type of window you're browsing in, but moving your tabs to it can take time. Incognito This! is a Chrome extension that solves these problems by easily letting you switch from a normal window to an incognito one. The extension automatically moves any open Chrome tab to a new incognito window and vice-versa. Switching the active page to a private browsing mode and back to a regular tab is as simple as clicking the button in the toolbar. Moreover, the extension can be fully customized, and some additional functionality can be added to it that ensures you have a secure incognito experience. With it, inactive incognito windows are automatically closed after a certain amount of time and your desired websites will always be launched in an incognito mode. Read More

Quickly Delete Individual Or All Facebook Messages With One Click [Chrome]

When we click the cross icon to the right of a Facebook message, it simply hides the message and adds it to the archives category. These archived messages then reappear when the same user sends us a new message on Facebook. When Facebook introduced the chat history feature, many people might have been thrilled that they would no longer have to remember what they were talking about yesterday. The slight problem is with where Facebook decided to save the history to - in our messages! Now, deleting the simplest smiley face message means selecting and deleting it.  This leaves important messages mixed with smiley icons. This whole process can not only take forever, but can be a real pain particularly if you’ve got tons of messages in your Facebook inbox. This is where Facebook Fast Delete Message, a Chrome extension, comes to the rescue. The extension adds a direct delete button to message threads, next to the useless Archive button, and allows you to instantly delete messages, without having to deal with confirmation prompts. Additionally, you can delete multiple messages from different people at once by clicking the Delete All button. Read More

Listen To & Download Free Dance Music With PumpYouUp [Web]

If you want to groove to the music, get up on the dance floor and have some fun, then the first thing you need is some good dance music. Finding and collecting a variety of dance tracks is not an easy task, as you have to go through a multitude of apps to download songs. However, why do all that when you can simply discover, listen or download the best dance tracks from a single service, like PumpYouUp. This is a gorgeous web application that helps dance music lovers stream or download tracks directly from the website. PumpYouUp comes with four different collections, Fall, Winter, New Year and Spring. These collections further consist of sub-genres, such as dubstep, techno, pop, trance, house, funk, and electronic music. Indie artists, as well as small label artists, are featured. PumpYouUp searches for the best of indie and underground producers, contacts the artists and arranges for the free music downloads. It also potentially re-masters the tracks to maximize sound quality, and then publishes them on the website. Read More

Citelighter Helps You With Research & Automatically Creates A Citation Page For Your Report [Web]

Extensively researching a topic is not an easy job, as you have to go through many articles, journals and websites. As if that were not enough, you are also required to cite references at the end, which can be a real pain. This is where Citelighter comes in handy. This is a fully automated bibliography, citation, research, and text highlighting tool that organizes content quickly and intuitively. Not only does it automate the whole process of gathering information, but also automatically generates a citation page for you. All you have to do is highlight text on a web page and click the Capture button in the toolbar or on the page to save it to your project. When you’ve collected all your information for a particular project, you can then view all your highlights on your personal account (signup is via Facebook), reorder them and add comments to create an outline. Read More

LeFeed Analyzes Your Facebook Preferences & Auto-Reorders Your Feed Accordingly [Web]

LeFeed is an intelligent web application that lets you view your Facebook feed in a unique way; it learns what kind of content you like as you browse Facebook, and suggests what it believes would interest you. After you log in to LeFeed via Facebook, it starts analyzing your interests, your friends' interests and your usage statistics, allowing you to see important updates first. Additionally, it recommends new content and subjects to you. With it, you can view your feeds in a more organized manner, with less clutter, as content is arranged into different categories, such as photos, status updates, videos, links and more. You can also like/dislike posts, update your status on Facebook directly from LeFeed and filter posts by different categories. Read More

Control Music Playback For YouTube, Google Music, Rdio & Others From Chrome Toolbar

If you like listening to music from various popular services, such as YouTube, Google Music, Rdio, or Grooveshark, pausing or switching between songs can sometimes get difficult, specially when you’ve got a bunch of tabs open and are working on something else. Music Controller is an extension for Chrome that places a simple control panel on your toolbar that quickly allows you switch, pause/play songs or mute all background music at once, regardless of which tab the song is in. With it, you no longer have to be worried about whether you’re playing music in Pandora, Google Music, Grooveshark or any other service, as you may easily pause, skip or thumbs up for a song from the pop-up in your toolbar. The only requirement for the extension's working is that the music playing  tab should be in the same Chrome window. Read More

Quickly Bookmark Videos From Any Website To myVidster [Extension]

Video bookmarks is an extension that lets you save videos from any video host, website or blog to myVidster, a social video bookmarking service that lets you collect, share and search videos. The extension lets you save videos so you can watch them later, and also lets you explore video collections from other users. Moreover, the aforementioned service lets you organize your video collection by letting you tag them or by creating video channels. Since the extension works with a web service, you will have to sign up to it. After installing the extension, whenever you're watching a video that you would like to save, click the button in the toolbar, and it will instantly be added to myVidster, along with all the details. With Video Bookmarks, you will be able to access all your favorite videos from multiple services from a single website, and no longer worry about not being able to find it again. More after the break. Read More

Tab Grouper: Sort All Tabs Alphabetically And By Domain [Chrome]

Working with multiple tabs from the same domain can be quite confusing, specially when they all look the same. Won't it be nice if you could quickly locate your desired tabs without having to sift through all of them? Tab Grouper, a Chrome extension, solves this common problem by sorting and grouping tabs alphabetically. The extension has no buttons or options, and works automatically once installed. It arranges the tabs alphabetically, so you can quickly find the right one without wasting time. However, when you open a link, the new tab is moved from its default location to a new one, so you might want to wait a few seconds before you start browsing. Read More

My Episode Guide: Track Airing Dates For Your Favorite TV Shows [Chrome]

Do you watch loads of TV shows but find it difficult to keep track of all the different episodes? When we’re addicted to our favorite season, we just cant wait to watch the next episode, but sometimes our busy routines can easily make us forget the date and time for the next episode. This is where My Episode Guide comes in useful. This Chrome extension lets you keep track of as many shows as you like, with a fast, easy and user-friendly interface. The extension lets you gather all your favorite TV shows in one place, so you can easily browse a list of shows and then see when the next episode of each will be aired, along with the episode's name. Moreover, a day counter is displayed on the button in the toolbar that lets you view the number of remaining days until the next episode airs. Read More

Extragram Updated With New UI, Discovery Section & Full-Size Instagram Images [Web]

Last year when Instagram decided to open their API to third party developers, we came across a number of web apps that allowed users to finally interact with their instagram network outside their phones. One such web app that we covered was Extragram that provided users with a slick UI, some great design and intuitive navigation. Over time, Extragram has updated its interface with several new and improved features, making Instagram, which lacks its own web app, much easier to use even on a dekstop. Granted that you cannot still post photos, the service otherwise now offers you full-size images and a new way to comment on photos. You will be able to follow celebrities/brands, quickly view photo statistics and share individual photos on other social networks, without having to login to the website. Moreover, a Discovery tab has been added to the interface, which lets you explore unique and interesting images and Instagram users. You may also turn off public pages and browse photos with a visually more appealing interface. Read More

Bookmark Text Within A Webpage For Later Viewing [Chrome]

Simple Text Bookmark is a smart Chrome extension that lets you annotate, archive and bookmark text from websites. With it, you can select or clip portions of a website and save them as bookmarks for later viewing. When you return to the resource at a later time, the notes and highlights are right where you left them, so you can quickly reference information according to your need. Using this handy tool, you can read faster and retain information more efficiently. It allows you to clip text from a webpage and add additional text or notes to specific highlights, except for dynamic pages. Once a bookmark has been saved, a (+) is added to the extension's button in the toolbar, which is visible every time you visit the page. Read More

RTBot: Search Engine That Separately Displays Information From Popular Web Sources

While extensively researching a topic online, we have to go through a number of search engines and services, such as Wikipedia, YouTube, Google search, Images and so on. All of this is both time and resource consuming, not to mention somewhat irritating. RTBot is a real-time information service where you can enter a topic title and instantly get related content from multiple sources, from across the web. RTBot simplifies the way you find information and enriches the way you research, explore, discover and monitor topics of interest. With it, you can get real-time content for all kinds of topics, without having to visit a multitude of services. It integrates content from different online sources, such as the aforementioned, plus popular news websites, blogs and more, under a unified interface. Read More

Beta-Searchable: Highlight Text On Websites To Search On Google, YouTube & Current Page

Beta-Searchable is a Chrome extension that provides you with super fast search results for highlighted text on almost any website. It lets you save a lot of time when you have to search the same term on multiple websites. With it, you can get Google search results, Google images, YouTube videos and social results from Topsy. All you have to do is select some text on a website, and a tiny pop-up will appear with Google Search, YouTube, Google Images and other buttons. Additionally, you may also lookup the same term on your current domain. Clicking the tiny arrow at the top of the pop-up lets you switch to social pages that are retrieved from Topsy. Moreover, the extension lets you view most used, recent and related websites. Read More

FanMix: Social Media Manager That Auto-Prioritizes Conversations By Keywords

Keeping up with loads of Facebook messages, tweets and comments from your blog can be a difficult task. If you have multiple social media accounts, it can be fairly easy to lose track of a conversation, which is where FanMix jumps in to provide assistance. This free web app helps you manage conversations on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and blogs, using a single inbox. Signing up for the service takes only a few seconds, after which all you need to do is connect your accounts with FanMix. With it, you can instantly reply to all your social media conversations, mark items as starred, and access all your contacts from various networks. More after the break. Read More