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Save & Send Multiple Tabs To Any Email Address [Chrome]

There are many extensions out there that allow you save or bookmark all your open tabs, so you can access them at a later time, but Save & Email My Tabs offers something more. This Chrome extension, as the name implies, lets you enter an email ID in a pop-up, so you can send a bunch of tabs with only a click or two. Normally, you would have to open your email in a new tab, sign in, and then copy-paste the entire list of links, which not only requires unnecessary steps, but can also be quite complex. Save & Email My Tabs is a one-click solution to what would normally take a little time to accomplish. While it may not be for everybody, it’s a really great extension if you keep a lot of tabs open and often want to send large amounts of content to someone else.

After the installation, click the button in toolbar, just enter an email ID and assign an email name. When done, click Send. You can email these links to yourself or to someone else, depending on the situation. Moreover, there is no limitation on the number of tabs that you can send.


When the email has been sent, you will receive a notification right within the pop-up, and in case you don’t receive an email, then you should check your spam folder.


In the email, the recipient will get a single link for all the tabs, which when clicked, will open a page with a Restore Tabs button. Simply hit this button to open all the tabs. Additionally, you will also be able to view the number of tabs that will be restored.


Save & Email My Tabs is a lightweight and simple utility that can come in useful especially when you have to send large amount of browsing content to others. With it, you can even save articles or any other content that you would like to browse later.

Install Save & Email My Tabs For Google Chrome

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