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FanMix: Social Media Manager That Auto-Prioritizes Conversations By Keywords

Keeping up with loads of Facebook messages, tweets and comments from your blog can be a difficult task. If you have multiple social media accounts, it can be fairly easy to lose track of a conversation, which is where FanMix jumps in to provide assistance. This free web app helps you manage conversations on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and blogs, using a single inbox. Signing up for the service takes only a few seconds, after which all you need to do is connect your accounts with FanMix. With it, you can instantly reply to all your social media conversations, mark items as starred, and access all your contacts from various networks. More after the break.

As soon as you’ve connected all your accounts, FanMix will instantly start archiving your messages and let you view your social inbox, which includes activity from all the added accounts. You will find multiple inboxes under My Conversations, including Inbox, Priority Inbox, Important, Starred, Sent Messages, Archive and Contacts. The starred inbox shows you all your starred items, whereas priority inbox displays your important and starred threads first, and then all the other messages. When someone replies to your post or sends you a message, it will show up in your FanMix inbox.


You can easily access all your conversations from Facebook, post comments and more.


Similarly, when someone mentions you in a tweet on Twitter, it shows up in your inbox, so you can simply post a reply right from within your inbox.

reply tweet


Contacts is another very useful category that lets you find all your contacts. You can filter contacts by networks or sort them by Name, Conversations, Network Size and Most Recent.


To post a new message through FanMix, click the Compose button, select an account, type your message and hit Send Message. Please note that the service does not let you post the same message across multiple accounts.


With FanMix, you will never miss a message or comment from your social networks. The service comes with a slick  interface that lets you take full control of all your social media accounts from one window. We recommend all social addicts to give FanMix a try!

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  1. Thanks Zainab for the great review!

    We’re working hard to make Fanmix a tool that will make all of your social media conversations even easier to read, manage and respond to.

    Thanks again for all of your kind words. We really appreciate it.



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