Easy File Hider: Quickly Hide/Show Files & Folders On Your Mac [Paid]

Viewing hidden files on Mac isn’t one of the easier things to do. While it isn’t impossible, it requires you to either go poking in the Terminal, or to use a modifying app like Lion Secrets, and this is just to view hidden files. What if you wanted to hide a file like your Will, Insurance details or plans for conquering the world and the blue prints to your mind control machine? Easy File Hider is a Mac app worth $1.99 in the Mac App Store that lets you quickly mark a file as hidden or visible. Additionally, you can password protect access to this app, so that even if someone gains access to your system, they won’t be able to unhide your files and find them.Read More

Conductor Server: Control Your Mac From An iPhone/iPad [Paid]

A while back, we covered a Mac App, Mobile Mouse Server, which was a feature rich app that allowed you to use your iPhone as a mouse/trackpad replacement with your Mac. The Mac app was free while its iOS client cost $1.99, but the features are definitely worth it. Conductor Server is yet another Mac app that does the same, and likewise the Mac app is free while the iOS client is worth $1.99. Compares to Mobile Mouse Server, this app knocks it out of the park. The app has dedicated media controls, but additionally lets you switch between open windows of any app. You can preview thumbnails of the open windows and bring them to front on your Mac by simply selecting them on your iOS device. The app allows you to add a large variety of gestures and swipes.Read More

Dammit: Speed Dial To Open (Stacks Of) Apps, Files Or Folders On Mac [Paid]

If you use either Opera or Chrome, you are probably familiar with the speed dial feature that allows you to quickly access your frequently visited sites. As far as browsers are concerned, this is a highly useful feature. Imagine having something similar on your desktop for your frequently-used files, folders and apps. Dammit is a Mac app available for $2.99 in the Mac app store that implements this very idea on you desktop. Mac users might question what the point of such an app is when you have Launchpad for launching your apps, but Dammit, literally, lets you use your number pad to open corresponding files/folders and apps. You can create stacks (groups of shortcuts, nine in each stack) and swipe through them using four finger swipe. The app runs in the background and can quickly be brought to front using custom shortcuts.Read More

[Giveaway] Disk Drill: File Recovery App That Lets You Undo Delete On Your Mac

We last reviewed Disk Drill in 2010, when the app was still in its infancy and was free. Since then, the Disk Drill for Mac has added new features and introduced a pro version, in addition to a free one, of their file recovery app. The app isn’t just a recovery app; it also provides file protection for important files, letting you choose specific folders or drives to protect. Among the noteworthy new features is the deep scan algorithm that allows you to recover more files, Guaranteed Recovery, which allows you to undo the file delete action. The app can also search for partitions that you may have lost due to formatting.Read More

PDF2Tape: Create An Audio Book From Any PDF On Your Mac [Paid]

Have you ever found a really great PDF - perhaps a book a paper - that you found extremely useful but couldn’t find an audio book for? This is likely the case with many PDFs, since few will make it into audio books, and they are bound to cost you. PDF2Tape is a Mac app worth $0.99 in the Mac App Store, and a stroke of pure genius. The concept is simple; take a PDF and convert it to an audio file in either ACC or AIFF format. The app uses the default Mac voice and narrates the entire content of the file for you to play back. It is ideal for PDFs that you don’t have the time to read, or would prefer to listen to but can’t find in audio format.Read More

Silent Film Director: Create & Share Vintage Videos From iPhone

Who doesn’t like to add a touch of classic to their creations? Hollywood might look like a world of colors to you these days, but things weren't always like this. In the times of Charlie Chaplin, movies had to rely on gestures and text flashes to convey their meaning, and those silent, black and white movies were represented some of the best works of art in their time. Silent Film Director is an iOS app which gives you a taste of how the creators of those movies must have thought and felt. Using this app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you can shoot videos and give them a variety of vintage visual and audio effects. Not only that, Silent Film Directory has a gallery of its own, where users can show off their masterpieces to everyone.Read More

Mirror Display: Share Your Mac Screen To Any Device [Paid]

We covered some remote desktop sharing apps for both Mac and Windows in the past. These apps come in handy when you’re trying to troubleshoot someone’s system, need to access your home system from work or trying to demonstrate a software to someone. The slight shortcoming with these apps is that they require configuration on the other end and/or a client installed across all devices that will be accessed. Mirror Display is Mac app available for $1.99 in the Mac app store that lets you share your screen with up to 10 devices via a web browser. The app provides you a simple address that you can open from any device’s browser (Window’s PC, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, iPad, Kindle etc.) While it doesn’t allow you to control one system from another; however, for simple demonstrations and tutorials, this app is heaven sent.Read More

Amazing Weather Has Live Tile Support & A Beautiful Interface [WP7]

A weather app can not be very different from its competitors, no matter to which platform it belongs to. So, only a few areas remain where an app can excel and bring something new to the mix. Although Windows Phone 7 has no shortage of weather apps, Amazing Weather is an app which is sure to attract many people, owing to the fact that the interface and graphics it boasts of, are unparalleled, and you are sure to be sucked in by the brilliance of this app. The live tile sported by Amazing Weather is pretty awesome as well, and you can learn about more of its features by heading past the break.Read More

iMuscle Nova: Personal Fitness Trainer With 3D Human Body View [iOS]

Staying in shape isn’t easy, and many people blame their gadgets like iPhone or iPad for their excess body fat. However, if used correctly, it is possible to turn these gadgets to your perfect gym instructors, and learn all about workout routines and other ways you can stay in shape. When it comes to fitness apps, iMuscle Nova is the ultimate repository of exercises and other fitness tips on the iPad. Using this iOS app you can discover which workout routine will be best for you, after defining your shortcomings, and areas of your body you want to strengthen. Not only that, the app will demonstrate all the selected exercises to you in a 3D demo, and you can use iMuscle Nova as a complete planner for al your workouts. The best thing about the app? Everything on iMuscle Nova works offline, so you can take it anywhere even without a data connection.Read More

Codepoints: Search & Copy Unicode Characters To Mac Clipboard

Whether you’re a developer or a simple user, there comes a time when you might need to use unicode characters and something gets in your way. Developers might need them as part of their syntax, and an ordinary user might need them to swear on a public forum. In the event that entering such characters has been disabled or you aren’t quite sure how to type them, you have Codepoints, a Mac app worth $2.99 in the Mac app store that not only lets you search among over 20,000 unicode characters, but also copy them to your clipboard. The app sits in the menu bar and you can toggle the app window via keyboard shortcut.Read More

iFototessere: Create & Print Passport Sized Photos On Your Mac [Paid]

In January, we covered ID-Photo, an iPhone app worth $1.99 that helped you take better photos for a passport or ID card. iFototessere is a similar Mac app worth $0.99 in the Mac app store that allows you to crop a picture, or take a new one and crop it perfectly for multiple ID picture measurements. The app comes with 20 different photo size measurement that you can fit an image to, or take a new photo from your webcam, so that it fits the exact measurements you need. While the app doesn’t provide instruction for taking pictures correctly like the iPhone app, it allows you to move the image around the canvas, adjust the zoom, brightness and contrast. The app lets you print images in sets of 2, 4 or 6 pictures.Read More

Secret Delivery: Protect Files & Folders On Mac With Unique Passwords [Paid]

Encrypting files and folders on a Mac is possible but it isn’t easy. You will have to create disk images of the items you want to protect, and mount them each time you wish to access the contents. This sounds neither fun nor convenient. Alternative ways to protect files is to use the FileVault utility that will create an encrypted disk on your system where everything, every-little-thing, will be encrypted. A simpler solution with a small price tag is Secret Delivery. It is a Mac app available for $1.99 in the Mac App Store that both encrypts and decrypts files. The app has a simple drag & drop interface and uses AES encryption standard to protect your data.Read More

QuickMailer: Quickly Send Emails With Auto Complete From Mac Menu Bar [Paid]

The default Mail app on Mac may or may not your idea of what a desktop mail client should be. Whether you use it because you like it or because it’s free and already on your system with Apple’s seal of approval, whenever you open it to send an email or switch from one folder to another, the spinning beach ball tells you you’re in a for a bit of waiting. If you’ve got a slower system, then switching to the Mail app can take even longer. QuickMailer is a simple Mac app available for $0.99 that lets you send emails form the menu bar. The app uses the primary account you’ve configured with the Mail app, supports auto-complete for recently emails contacts, lets you type in all basic email fields - subject, body and attachment - and send the email from the menu bar. You will need to keep the Mail app running in the background, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be open or active.Read More

MenuBar ReArranger: Define An Order For Menu Bar Icons On Mac [Paid]

Do you favor apps that will add icons to the menu bar as opposed to the Dock? If yes, then no doubt you save plenty of precious space on the Dock and trade it out for a little clutter on the menu bar. For many users this isn’t a bad trade off, but what can be a little annoying, to downright counter productive, is the order these app icons appear in. Every time you start your system, all apps that you've set to start at login rearrange themselves on the menu bar. It is makes it utterly pointless to remember which icon was where, and means you will need to take a good squint-eyed look at the menu bar each time you want to launch an app. MenuBar ReArranger is a very useful Mac app available for $4.99 in the Mac App Store that can solve this problem forever. The app does what you would expect to be native behavior in Mac (but isn’t), and lets you re-order the icons on the menu bar to suit your needs.Read More

ShortStop: Avoid App Keyboard Shortcut Conflict In Mac [Paid]

Keyboard shortcuts add convenience to how we use an app and our system as a whole. Many users, who need to work on different projects and use multiple apps at the same time, will use a combination of  mouse and trackpad gestures and keyboard shortcuts just to get things done faster. It is for this reason that many of us have a soft spot for app that support keyboard shortcuts and get butterflies if we can edit a shortcut to our own liking. While these shortcuts are great, they sometimes end up conflicting with other apps and more power apps might even conflict with universal shortcuts. ShortStop is a simple Mac app available for $2.99 in the Mac App Store that allows you to toggle between apps and their enabled shortcuts. You can set the system to ignore shortcuts that are associated with an app, and enable them as per your requirement.Read More

PopClip: Search Web, Open Links, Correct Spelling & Work With Text [Mac]

Looking for a tool that can help you easily work with text in all applications? What you might need is an universal text assistant that can perform numerous text-related operations without having to use exhaustive hotkey combinations. PopClip is small, menu bar application that comes with a variety of text-related options to help you compose emails, change file/folder names, type text, open mail links, search the web etc. The application has been developed to prevent you from doing lengthy text-related tasks, such as copying and pasting text from one app to another, searching the web, opening file and email links, and correcting spelling mistakes. It provides a small, on-screen menu with text to perform all the related operations with a click. For instance, if you want to compose an email, just select the email address, and click the @ button to open default email client for composing mail. Read past the break for more.Read More

Apply Extensive Customizable Effects To Photos With Paint FX For iPhone & iPad

When it comes to photo editing apps for iOS, you have to make a choice between thoroughness and convenience. There is a class of apps which let you make changes to photos on an iPhone with a single tap, while others make sure that you get the exact result you set out looking for. Paint FX is an app which combines these two categories in perfect proportion. While using this app, you don’t get stuck trying to do too much before you actually get to see some change in your photo, but on the other hand, it also offers a respectable amount of customization. The app has a lot of filters and photo effects, and you can change them as well to match your needs.Read More

[Giveaway] Twittelator Neue: Hands Down The Most Beautiful Twitter App For iPhone, iPod touch & iPad

Twitter clients are nothing new to iOS, and the iTunes App Store is full to the brim with them, if not overflown already. The deep Twitter integration that iOS 5 users enjoy has made the microblogging network an integral part of many iPhone users’ lives. Then, coming back to Twitter clients, you get a lot of good options to choose from, including the official Twitter app, which is elegantly laid out, neat and super functional. Taking all this in account, one is hard pressed to find a Twitter client that outshines the competition, and Twittelator Neue does just that. It is, hands down, the most beautiful Twitter client ever released (yet) on any platform, mobile and desktop alike. Details past the break.Read More

Air Media Server: Access Mac Files From Your iOS Device [Paid]

There are a multitude of apps that let you control and/or access your Mac from your iPhone. For the true Apple fan, uniting an iPhone with a Mac must be something like an Apple device marriage. Regardless of your sentiments for the concept, it is pretty useful, to say the least. Air Media Server is a free Mac app that lets you access all files on your Mac from your iPhone. You will need to install the iOS app which costs $1.99 in the Apple App Store. Both iOS device and Mac have to be on the same Wi-Fi network for you to be able to view the files. The files aren’t just a preview, if you have the correct app installed, you can modify them from your iOS device, as well.Read More

Gemini: Scan For Duplicate Files & Folders On Your Mac [Paid]

Do you often keep duplicate files on your system on purpose? Some people might do so to ensure they always have a copy of a file in its original format while they play around with the duplicate. Others might just accidently end up downloading the same file again and again and saving them to a different folder each time. Clutter creating habits aside, even the best of us end up with duplicate versions of the same files, and it is hard to track them down. Gemini is a Mac app worth $4.99 in the Mac App Store that is a superb duplicate finder. It doesn’t automatically remove files; rather, it allows you to decide which ones to remove. The app can detect duplicates based on the name, and even if a file name is appended with (1) to avoid overwriting an old version, the app treats it as a duplicate as such.Read More