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Disable Passcode Lock When On Wi-Fi For iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad

If you ever wished that your iDevice was smart enough to disable passcode once you get home, or say are amongst trusted friends, your iDevice might just be able to pull that off thanks to a clever Cydia tweak called, CleverPin. Now before we go all praise on this tweak, you should know that this tweak costs you a minor $1.99. However, that being said, with the purpose and functionality in mind, and the fact that we found no alternative for this tweak, some people might gladly pay for this tweak. Why? The tweak allows you to define the Networks, connecting to which, the tweak disables the passcode. While that alone is impressive, the tweak has a few other tricks up its sleeve as well.

IMG_0630 IMG_0628 IMG_0629

The tweak, aside from triggering when connected to a specified network, also kicks in if you’re playing songs on your device, charging the device, or are in airplane mode. Of course all this has to specified and these options can be found in the Settings app under the tweaks name.

Now if your phone is connected to the specified network, after a set time of inactivity, the tweak will kick in the passcode automatically. Pretty useful.

You can install this tweak via Cydia from the BigBoss repository, or you can search for it under the Search tab in Cydia.


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