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Swipe To Switch Between Apps On Your iPhone With Zephyr [Cydia Tweak]

iOS and Android might be the most popular smartphone platforms for now, but that does not mean there aren’t good features in other operating systems, as well. There is always something to learn from smaller players in the smartphone market, as is obvious from some of the features introduced in iOS 5. However, it would be unwise to expect Apple to bring every little OS feature to the mix, and that’s probably what the jailbreak community, or Cydia, are there for. Zephyr is a new jailbreak tweak, using which, users of jailbroken iPhone, iPad and iPod touch can enjoy gesture-based multitasking found in Meego and Blackberry Playbook.

Zephyr Zephyr Settings

Usually, you have to double tap the home button on your iDevice to bring up the App Switcher tray. This tweak, however, brings a more efficient and intuitive way of switching between apps. You just have to touch the left of your device’s screen, and with a single swipe, you can go to the previously used app. The tweak starts working immediately after you have downloaded it, but there are a few minor customizations that can be made after the installation of Zephyr. Like most other tweaks, it can be found under the Extensions tab in the Settings menu. You can toggle off Zephyr completely, and there is also the option to choose what the Up from Bottom gesture does, which, by default, is set to bring up the App Switcher tray in the tweak.

Zephyr has been released by Chpwn, who co-developed the famous Siri port, Spire. The tweak can be downloaded from the Big Boss repo for a price of $2.99.


  1. Just note that since ios5 you can jump between opened apps when swipping left or right with four fingers, and opn/close the tray app switcher with five finger up/down swipe (there is an option to enable/disable multitouch gestures in ios options)

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