Scan Windows Phone Store For All OEM-Specific Apps With SysApp Pusher

There have always been some problems when it comes to updating apps on Windows Phone. Back in the days of WP7, users had to force updates to show up in the Marketplace, but things have improved with WP8. Having said that, there are still some issues with OEM-specific apps and at times, new releases don’t show up in searches. The same problem plagues updates, forcing you to wait for a few days at times before you can your hands on the improved versions of your favorite apps. While you can bide your time by waiting for the WP Store to get refreshed with your desired updates, SysApp Pusher is an app that can be used to immediately check for OEM-related changes to the Windows Phone Store. It lists all the new and old apps that are exclusive to Nokia, Samsung, and HTC devices, complete with their latest version numbers, download size and other details. Read More

Marvel Comics Alamanac Offers Info & Video Clips For Your Favorite Superheroes On Windows Phone

While Windows 8 has recently been getting many comic book-related apps like Manga Z and Echo Comics, Windows Phone has never been too strong in this genre. There have been the odd promotional apps for upcoming movies like Man of Steel and Spiderman, but that’s pretty much all. If you are really into comic books though, there is an app available in the WP Store that can make up for many other shortcomings of the platform’s app ecosystem. Marvel Comics Almanac is not about letting users read comics; it is actually about catering to your daily dose of Spiderman, X-Men, or whichever Marvel series superhero you fancy. The app offers a detailed profile of all Marvel characters, complete with attribute charts, biographies, and other related content. You can search for characters by name, or just see what's popular among your fellow fans these days. There are also videos, which may even include full episodes of some TV series or long clips from movies. Read More

Microsoft Brings Popular Windows 8 Bing Apps To Windows Phone

While some Bing apps, like Food & Drink and Health & Fitness, have only recently arrived on Windows 8, Bing Finance, News, Sports and Weather have been around for quite a while. When Windows Phone was announced, Microsoft pledged to bridge the gap between mobile and desktop with the platform. While we are moving in that direction, it will be a long time before Windows and Windows Phone gain some level of mutual integration. For now, the two platforms only share a precious few apps. That said, Microsoft finally seems to be rectifying matters, and has started by bringing the popular Bing app suite from Windows 8 to Windows Phone. You can finally have the official Finance, News, Sports and Weather apps from Bing on your smartphone. The apps aren’t too different from their desktop counterparts, which makes them all the more attractive. Read More

Hands-On With The New WhatsApp Voice Messaging For Android, iOS & Windows Phone

The mobile messaging smash hit WhatsApp has become synonymous with instant messaging thanks to its 300 million strong user-base. The four-year-old service, which has expanded to several mobile platforms since its inception, including Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone and Symbian OS, is used to share 325 million photos and 31 billion messages around the globe per day according to its makers. To celebrate their achievement, WhatsApp has now rolled out an all new voice messaging feature that will enable users to send quick voice memos to one another. If you haven’t used WhatsApp before, it seems now is a good time to take the plunge. After the break, we'll be taking a closer look at how the new voice messaging works. Read More

Find Flights At The Best Rates With Whichairline For Windows Phone 8

Planning a trip has never been the same ever since smartphones appeared on the scene. There are many apps and services that can help you get the best deals on flights, hotels, and other aspects of travelling. Even Windows Phone, which is often criticized for its lack of apps, has solutions like All flights-Skyscanner and Travel Expert Pro available in this genre. If your main concern for planning a trip is money though, you must start by picking an airline that won’t overcharge you, but would still fit your schedule completely. Of course, you can go online and try doing a little research on ticketing prices yourself, but if you own a WP8 device, Whichairline can do all that for you automatically. The app just needs users to specify their destination, and everything else about the flight is calculated automatically. Whichairline displays flight results based on their pricing, which can be really helpful in choosing the airline with the best rates. Read More

OneShot Is An Elegant WP8 Camera App With Real-Time Filters & More

The recent release of Hipstamatic Oggl isn’t great just because of the app’s Instagram integration. In its own right, Oggl is an awesome camera replacement app, which can give any app a run for its money. In the past as well, Windows Phone has had some decent camera apps like Camera360 and Fhotoroom. OneShot, however, demonstrates that there is still room in the WP Store for good apps belonging to this genre. OneShot offers everything you can ever want in a camera app. There are live filters (and plenty of them), image adjustment options, shutter control and manual focus. The app’s interface is pretty decent as well, offering a lot of features without erring away from the Modern touch a great deal. Read More

Download & Manage Torrents On Windows Phone 8 With wpTorrent

Torrents and smartphones aren’t always associated with each other, but there are some apps out there that can help you control desktop torrent clients via your phone. For Windows Phone, we have seen torrent controllers like Torrent Remote and uTorrent Remote, but all these apps require a desktop companion and don’t have the capability to do anything on their own. wpTorrent is the first WP8 app that can act independently for searching, downloading and managing torrents. Once downloaded, these torrent files can be used directly on your phone, or sent to your computer using the app’s HTTP file sharing feature. wpTorrent is a very comprehensive app, letting you choose download/upload speeds, view detailed torrent information, and configure search engines to find new torrents even without leaving the app. To top it all, the app integrates pretty well with Internet Explorer, and automatically grabs any torrent link you find there. Read More

Hipstamatic Oggl Comes To WP8 With Instagram Upload & Great Photo Filters

Lack of Instagram support has been a thorn in the side of WP8 for quite a long time now, and although a few upload-capable unofficial clients of the service have recently been released, there is still no word on the official app. If you are a fan of the image effects offered by Instagram, your wait must continue, but if you just want to post photos to the service after editing them, the newly released Hipstamatic Oggl might be more than enough for you. The app has been around on iOS for quite a while, and has gained quite a reputation owing to the quality and quantity of real-time camera filters it offers. The collection of photo effects is similar on the WP8 version of Oggl, but one thing that can make the app an instant hit is its ability to let users upload pictures to their Instagram account, making this Hipstamatic offering the first major app to officially bring Instagram support to Windows Phone. Read More

Collaborative Project Manager Papirus Comes To Windows Phone

iOS and Android both have a lot of project management tools available, including smartphone clients of big names like Basecamp as well as several lesser-known names. On the other hand, the best options Windows Phone users have ever had in this regard so far are apps like Trelllizzo, which is a fairly basic Trello client useful for creating task lists and inviting your friends to help you get through them. This is not the same as having a proper project management tool by any means, which is why Papirus is such an important release for WP7 and WP8. This project manager has been around on the web for quite some time, garnering a reasonable fanbase owing to its comprehensiveness and the way it lets multiple users take control of a project. The Windows Phone app doesn't disappoint at all, and isn't very different from its web counterpart. You can even attach any file you want with tasks from sources like Dropbox, Google Drive, and your device’s camera roll. Read More

Microsoft’s Realistic Painting App FreshPaint Now On Windows Phone 8

It has almost been a year since the release of FreshPaint on Windows 8. When the app first came out, people quickly realized that despite having less features, the app could likely be the future replacement for Microsoft’s iconic MS Paint. With FreshPaint, you get a very realistic mixing pallet and brush strokes that appear quite realistic. While a lot of people do some serious artwork on their computers, the same can't be said for smartphones. Sure, there are apps like Inspire for iOS, but most of the times they are used for mere doodling or idle finger-painting. Maybe that is why it has taken FreshPaint so long to make the jump from desktop to WP8, but now that it is finally here, a lot of users might find themselves mesmerized by the sheer quality on offer in it. Read More

Play Sega Genesis, MS, GG & CD Games On Windows Phone 8 With EmiGens Plus

Lately, video game emulators have been gaining considerable popularity on various smartphone platforms. The past week was all about GBA4iOS on iPhone, and now Windows Phone has received a new emulator of its own. WP8 already has a Game Boy emulator, and now it’s the turn of Sega to arrive on the platform. EmiGens Plus is capable of letting you play your favorite childhood games from various Sega consoles including Sega Genesis (Mega Drive in some regions), Sega Master System, Sega Game Gear, and Sega CD. All you need is a dumped ROM of a game for any of these consoles, and EmiGens Plus will let you enjoy it right on your Windows Phone 8. The emulator comes with pretty decent controls, offers multiple import options for ROMs and allows users to tinker with audio/visual settings of games. Read More

Not A Verizon Customer? Get Halo: Spartan Assault For Windows Phone 8 On Any Carrier Right Now

Halo: Spartan Assault has been among the most wanted games for Windows Phone, and now that it is finally out, a lot of people are really disappointed to see that they have to wait 30 days more to get their hands on it unless they are on Verizon. Well, the WP8 community might not be as large as the Android one, but it still pretty good at coming up with workarounds for problems of this kind. With a little bit of extra effort, you can get your hands on Halo: Spartan Assault right now, regardless of the network you are currently on! The hack makes use of Fiddler 2 (the latest version of the tool we have covered in the past) in order to fool your device into thinking that it is on Verizon. We have seen the combination of Fiddler and Windows Phone in the past to let you enable the Zune Marketplace and creating direct download links of apps before the Windows Store had a web presence. Read More

Photo Editor by Aviary Now Available For Windows Phone 8

When Photo Editor by Aviary was released for Windows 8 a few months ago, a lot of people started anticipating the app’s arrival on Windows Phone. After all, the offering from Aviary is already present on iOS and Android, so a WP8 app seemed like the next logical step. Sure enough, the app has just been released for Windows Phone, bringing all the features that have made Aviary the favorite photo editing app of many smartphone users. The app is fairly simple, but doesn't lack any options you might need to make your photos look great. For tweaking faces in photos, there are feature like red-eye removal, teeth whitening, and blemish removal tools. For other images, there are aspect adjustments, stickers, and of course photo filters. Read More

6Sec Is A Full-Featured Windows Phone Vine App With Upload Capability

If the name 6sec sounds a bit familiar to you, it might be because this unofficial Vine app has been in the works for quite some time. For the past few months, 6sec has even been available as a private beta, and might have stayed that way for a bit longer, had Nokia not forced the developer’s hand by announcing that the official Vine app for Windows Phone is coming soon. Before Vine officially arrived on Android, that platform had some third-party clients of the service as well, but we can safely say that none of them were as comprehensive and well-designed as 6sec for WP8. The app doesn't differ from the iOS version of Vine a great deal, both in terms of layout and features. The 6sec camera offers focus, support for front and rear cams, and the ability to overlay the capture screen with a grid. You can post, like, comment, re-vine and do just about anything the official Vine app lets you do. Read More

Download Tons Of Free Backgrounds For Your WP8 With Wallpaper Sky

Windows Phone 8 has managed to revolutionize the way wallpapers are viewed, at least by users of the platform. With WP8, you no longer have to go through Flickr or perform lengthy Google Image searches in order to get a decent background for your phone’s lock screen; any image-related app (Shoopix, for example) can automatically change your wallpaper by choosing photos from its own collection. Even apps like NBC News come with lock screen support, which can help users keep their device from getting too boring. So, in this scenario, not many people are likely to want an app that is solely for wallpapers, but Wallpaper Sky might make you fall for it anyway. The app has an amazingly large collection of wallpapers, encompassing just about any category you can possibly think of. In addition, it also has the capability of automatically cycling through random images on your lock screen. Read More

Nokia JobLens For WP8 Finds Jobs In Your Area Via Augmented Reality

Windows Phone has always been decent at integration with different social networks. While iOS already has Twitter and Facebook baked into it, WP8 added LinkedIn to this list. There is a standalone LinkedIn app for Windows Phone as well, making the OS perfect for any frequent user of the professional network. Although LinkedIn can be enough to land you a new job at times, you need to dig deeper on most occasions if you want to find the perfect job. Apps like getHired can help you do that, but Nokia’s own new app JobLens add a whole new dimension to the endeavor. The Lumia-exclusive app helps users find relevant jobs near their current location, and even goes as far as offering an augmented reality feature that uses their mobile’s camera to scan their surroundings and pinpoint the places that are currently hiring. Read More

Shoot, Share & Discover Videos With The Official Keek App For WP8

During its two years of existence, Keek has managed to attract a fair amount of users. The idea behind the service might not be too novel, but the way it combines different aspects of social networking while maintaining focus on video sharing has endeared Keek to many. Owing to its success on desktop, the service was introduced to smartphones some time back, and now the app collection is really complete with Keek arriving on Windows Phone. The WP8 app can hold its own against any media sharing service available on the platform, and lets you browse through videos shared by users around the world. There is even has a content filter that lets you view posts only from the countries of your choice. The video recorder doesn't have too many bells and whistles, but that makes sense as Keek is not meant to be used like Instagram or a proper video editor. Read More

Watch Your Favorite Discovery, Animal Planet & TLC Shows On WP8

Windows Phone already has plenty of decent news app, some with support for live video bulletins, but when it comes to watching TV shows on the platform, there aren't a lot of options available to users. Admittedly, there are apps like Crackle that let you watch a few old shows on your device, but nothing beats having an official app from a mainstream TV channel. That is exactly what the WP Store has got today but even better, there is not just a single release, as the Discovery Network has come out with three separate apps for the network’s most popular channels. Discovery, Animal Planet and TLC apps let you view full episodes from shows on these channels, along with plenty of other content as well. A lot of people forget the airing time of their favorite shows, but the apps solve this problem by offering a full schedule for upcoming programs and letting users create reminders about the shows right from within each app. Read More

Find Great Deals Anywhere With The Official LivingSocial App For WP8

A lot of Windows Phone apps are good enough to hold their own against similar apps belonging to other platforms, but the WP Store lacks official support for several popular services. Recently though, there has been a flurry of WP8 updates to several official apps, with a few services arriving on the platform for the first time as well. LivingSocial is a great service for anyone wishing to find a good shopping deal, specially if you want to travel to new places. The service has been around for quite some time, and has finally arrived on Windows Phone. The new app is pretty good, and takes the location of the user into account before suggesting deals. The deals can be related to anything from products to services and travel, unlike Quixby and Deal Flux that handle only a small number of genres. Users even get to purchase the deals right from within the app if they choose to associate their credit card with LivingSocial. Read More

Microsoft Releases Network Speed Test App For Windows Phone

Microsoft Research has long been known for releasing innovative apps that keep the Windows Phone ecosystem fairly spiced up, but this time the team has come up with a more practical app. Network Speed Test is a very simple app that can come in handy on a lot of occasions. If you have ever suspected that your neighbor is stealing your Wi-Fi or your ISP is playing you for a fool, you are sure to be familiar with internet speed tests. Apart from a slew of online tests of this kind, network speed tests also come in the form of desktop tools and smartphone apps. While iOS and Android have had plenty of speed-gauging apps for quite a while, Windows Phone hasn't had a reliable one in the WP Store so far. Not anymore! Microsoft Research’s latest offering is the perfect tool for anyone wishing to quickly view the basic network stats for their connection. Read More