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Download Any File Or Media Stream On Windows Phone With GetThemAll

Before WP8 came out, a lot of people weren’t fans of Windows Phone because it was a little too restrictive compared to its predecessor Windows Mobile, or Android.. There was no easy way of sharing media, external memory was not supported and Internet Explorer couldn’t download most file types. The latest refresh of Microsoft’s mobile platform has addressed file sharing and external memory issues, but it is still not possible to download most file types while browsing on your phone. That’s why the release of GetThemAll is good news for all Windows Phone users. This new web browser for Mango and WP8 has some comprehensive download capabilities. You can use it to grab HD videos, audio, images and other HTML5 content from any website. The app has a great download manager that lets users create folders for keeping data easily accessible.

GetThemAll WP Main GetThemAll WP File Manager

The app’s main page lists all the sections you will need in order to download and manage content. You can use the GetThemAll browser to find content but if you already have a URL, simply paste it in the address bar and let the app work its magic. Before initiating a download, you can change the destination folder or even create a new one in the File Manager.

GetThemAll WP Browser GetThemAll WP Media GetThemAll WP Filters

The browser in GetThemAll is pretty similar to Internet Explorer in terms of interface, though it is quite a bit slow. Nonetheless, it is usable enough as your default web browser since it supports bookmarks and multiple tabs accessible from the bottom menu.

GetThemAll can download just one file, or let you queue up all the content on a webpage for downloading. Hit the ‘get all’ button to go to the download view. The download section is divided into two parts: media and links. The links section is useful if you want to cache an entire webpage, but its the media part that has the real magic. GetThemAll lists every downloadable item found on the current page, but filters can be applied to easily select files of a particular media type only. Other details including dimension data can be found beneath the name of each file, while you can also preview images by simply tapping them once.

For ongoing downloads, GetThemAll has a ‘downloading’ screen with resume support. Finished downloads appear in the ‘File Manager’, from where you can easily delete, rename or move them.

GetThemAll’s interface could have been a lot better, and the app is in need of an update to improve its speed. Apart from that though, it does all it claims to do and is a great download manager for Windows Phone. We are sure people would have paid for the functionality being offered by GetThemAll, but luckily you don’t have to, as the app is available as a free download in the WP Store.

Download GetThemAll For Windows Phone

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  1. GetThemAll is a great app honestly. Agree with Hamza on its speed. Its kind of laggy at times and even worse it crash frequently.Needs alot of improvement and tweaks to be done. Furthermore there’s not much of this kind app available on Windows Phone.Eventually user left with not much choice.Hope more Devs could bring more of this similar app to the store.

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