Export iPhone Contacts To CSV

Having a secure backup of your iPhone contacts is always a good idea. While you can always use the iTunes backup and sync facility, there may be times when you need to transfer these contacts to another handset, and .csv (comma separated values) is one of the most popular and widely compatible solutions.

For jailbroken devices, a new package in Cydia offers an easy solution. securedContacts is a lightweight app which provides secure .csv backup of your entire iPhone contacts on their servers, for free.Locate the package in Cydia and install it.

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Once installed, securedContacts app will show up on your springboard. Running the application will prompt it to directly ask for a password for your iPhone contacts’ encrypted .csv file. This password will be required to download the file from securedContacts severs once it has been uploaded.

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As soon as you have entered the password, the upload process will begin, and once complete the application will provide you with the download link. Remember that this link is unique to all downloads so make a note of it, and exit the application.

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Open the link in your PC browser. You will be asked for the password that you specified. Enter it and the download link will become available. Simply download your CSV file and use it as you may like.

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securedContacts servers will delete the file as soon as you have downloaded it, so don’t rely on those as a backup storage.

securedContacts is available under BigBoss and PlanetiPhones repositories, free of charge.