OctroTalk: 2-In-1 IM Client For Gtalk & Jabber Available For Android

OctroTalk is a handy cross-platform IM client for mobile/smartphone devices that connects you to your Google Talk (Gtalk) and Jabber buddies. Using OctroTalk, not only can you start chatting with your friends via text, but can also start free voice calls with the online ones. That’s not all; the client also lets you make free calls to any phone number of your choice using a preferred SIP. Although OctroTalk supports two of the most widely used IM services, it does not allow logging in with multiple accounts at once.

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An iOS variant of OctroTalk client has been available in the iTunes App Store for quite some, while the Android client has just recently made its way into the Android Market. However, unlike its iOS counterpart, the Android variant does not, as of now, support video calling.

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Using OctroTalk is quite simple. When launched, the app prompts you to sign in using your Google Talk or Jabber ID. You can also register for a new Jabber or Octro.net account from within the same menu. Once logged in, you can view a list of all your contacts under the chat icon/tab. List can be filtered to display just the online users. Tapping a contact takes you to the text chat screen.You may either compose and send a custom text message, or select from an existing message template and share it. To send emoticons or a message from templates, tap Menu and pick the required option.

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To begin a voice call, long press on a contact’s name from the list and tap Audio Call. On the calling screen, you have various buttons to Mute audio, listen audio through Speaker (enable loudspeaker), Hold/Hangup the call or check various Network statistics to get detailed and real-time information of all the data that has been sent and received whilst a call is in progress. Among other options that you can select by long-pressing a contact include starting a chat, viewing friend/Buddy Information and removing that particular friend from the list. To view contact details, current status or edit their information, select Buddy Information from this menu.

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From the app’s homescreen, you can also tap on the telephone icon/tab to access the phone calling feature of OctroTalk. For this, you first need to Add an available/preferred SIP. Once done, you can Connect yourself with the selected SIP and start making free phone calls to any mobile number you like.

The app is fairly light-weight, simple to use, and can prove to be handy, especially for those who cannot get the voice calling option with the official Gtalk client on their Android devices, or want to avoid using multiple clients to stay in-touch with their Gtalk/Jabber clients.

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