BlingBoard For Android: Widget For Call, Messaging, Facebook & Twitter Alerts/Updates

The option to check your latest email, messaging and social media notifications/feeds on your phone via homescreen widgets is one of the things the Android platform is revered for. Fresh to the Google Play Store, BlingBoard is a slick and beautifully designed Android homescreen widget that adds a bit of style to the aforementioned concept, and lets you view your latest missed calls, unread text messages, emails, Facebook and Twitter feeds under one roof. The widget is a collection of five main tabs that provide you easy and instant access to notifications pertaining to each of the aforementioned categories without requiring you to launch apps for each. You can view the 20 latest updates within each category, call your contacts back, send a quick reply to received text messages, and post directly to your Facebook Wall and Twitter timeline. Read More

Morning Routine Makes You Scan QR Codes To Silence Its Alarm [Android]

Getting out of bed early in the morning is not always easy, and the fact that we can easily extend our sleep with a mere push of the snooze button on our alarm clocks/apps only worsens the situation. If you own an Android device, you can easily put the sleep demon to rest with Morning Routine – an Android alarm app that ensures it isn't too easy for you to turn the alarm off every morning. In this regard, the app prompts you to scan a barcode/QR code or a sequence of different barcodes via your device's camera in order to silence the alarm for good. Unless the same code specified by the user is scanned, the alarm will continue ringing. The app also lets you specify a particular URL that will be opened automatically upon silencing the alarm, to help you catch up with overnight social media news, updates from your favorite website or radio channel. That’s not all; the app also maintains a detailed statistical record of your sleep cycles, and displays all the recorded data on a graph. Read More

Adobe Reader For Android & iOS Updated With Digital Signing & Support For EchoSign

Adobe Reader for Android, iPhone, iPad & iPod touch has just been updated (to v10.2.0) with quite a few significant additions and improved features; two of the most noticeable of which are the new Ink Signature tool, which lets you sign your PDF documents, and the option to fill out PDF forms right from within the app. Not just that, the app now also supports Adobe EchoSign, which can be used to send documents to other users for e-signing purposes. You no longer need to rely on other electronic document signature tools to get your digital documents signed on the fly. Other than that, the update also brings several other useful features, such as the option to supplement PDF files with sticky notes, link URLs and/or any part of a document to another PDF file for easier navigation, improved annotation, in-app search, text highlighting, underlining and strikethrough options, and plenty more. Read More

Fast Facebook: A Faster, More Efficient Facebook Client For Android

Fast Facebook is an unofficial Facebook app for Android, developed by Team2Soft, that attracts with its catchy looks and, quite obviously, its title. As its name suggests, Fast Facebook is an attempt to provide Android users with a faster, more fluid alternative to the rather slow and slightly annoying official client of the world’s premiere social network. Read More

Naked Trailers Now On Android: Enjoy HQ Trailers Of New & Vintage Movies

ReelzChannel has been consistently providing TV viewers with quality content relevant to their favorite movies for a while now. Their popular show, Naked Trailers, is dedicated to bringing you trailers, previews, celebrity interviews, reviews, special features, and video clips pertaining to all the latest as well as previously released movies and featurettes. The Naked Trailers mobile client has been availbale in the iOS App Store for quite some time, and now, has been released for Android as well. The app provides you easy and free access to an amazingly rich video repository that features movie trailers from even the early 1940’s. Whether you wish to take a glance at the trailer of a movie that is scheduled to be aired on Reelz TV, in a nearby theater, via a soon-to-be-released DVD, from your favorite past decade, or is close to being released all over the world, Naked Trailers has you covered nicely. Read More

Ovoto For Android: Snap Photos, Create & Share Polls To Get Help With Hard Decisions

It is a well-known fact that the best way to utilize the concept of crowdsourcing these days is to use it in combination with various social networks that boast a substantial userbase. One fine example of this can be seen in Ovoto – a free Android and iOS app that lets you create polls by using nothing but a simple image grabbed from your mobile device’s camera. Polls created via Ovoto are then shared on Facebook, where your friends can vote to help you reach a decision regarding your dilemma. You can create as many polls as desired, and each poll can last for a limited time only, ranging from a minimum of 15 minutes to a maximum of two hours. In addition, you can also use the app to view and vote on all the polls created by your Facebook friends. Ovoto has been around in the iTunes App Store for quite some time whereas its Android variant has just made its way to the Google Play Store. Read More

HoneyGram: Honeycomb & ICS Instagram Browser With A Built-In Collage Creator [Android]

The official Android client of popular photo editing and sharing app, Instagram, was released in the Google Play Store last week where it managed to amass a record 1 million downloads within just 24 hours of release. Clearly, an overwhelming response that has to be attributed to the app’s gorgeous retro filters, easy image sharing, and an extremely active community, all of which was initially available to iOS users only. If, however, you’re an avid Instagram fan looking for alternate ways of exploring all the network, then you must consider trying HoneyGram – a free Instagram explorer that sports several different ways to browse the network's public images and a built-in editor that allows you to create photo collages from your favorite Instagram albums. Read More

WordCam For Android: Convert Your Photos Into Awesome Text Art

The Google Play Store may be filled with a plethora of photo editors, but apps that let users convert images into typographic art are still rare. WordCam is the newest, and perhaps, the best addition to Android apps of this genre. The app allows you to snap a fresh image, or import one from your device’s gallery to transform it into a work of typographic art using a font type and words of your choice. you can even fine tune the way the defined text that reforms the photo. Read More

Get The Latest Deals For PC, Mac & Linux Games With Game PromoBox [Android]

If you’re tired of sifting through the websites of various online game distribution platforms/stores in search for the latest deals and promotional giveaways on offer, and are looking for a solution that provides all of this information under one roof, look no further than Game PromoBox – a free Android app that lets you view and share exclusive offers and giveaway announcements from various popular online game distributors, including GamersGate, Green Man Gaming, Impulse, Desura and Beamdog. Sporting a slick interface, Game PromoBox comes with a reputation of fetching the latest gaming content from all aforementioned distributors for common platforms, like Windows, Mac and Linux. Apart from being your one-stop shop for listing all the latest deals regarding your favorite games, the app also helps you instantly navigate to the website of the store from where you can place your orders. Read More Give & Get Help For Any Problem From People In Your Vicinity

Finding adequate and timely help in dire circumstances can be difficult, especially if you are unsure about the availability of required services in your area. While there are various means to remedy this, you’d be hard-pressed to find one more effective than – a location-based web service that helps connect solution seekers to solution providers. The service also has mobile clients for Android and iOS to help users find and offer solutions to various everyday problems on the go. While the service’s official iOS has been around in the iTunes App Store for quite some time now, its Android counterpart has just arrived in the Google Play Store. Using the mobile app, you can create various profiles, complete with your contact details and all the the skills that you possess, and let other nearby users trace (and contact) you with ease. The best thing about the app is that its scope of search is not constrained only to your current location; you can specify any location to fetch details of all the solution providers therein. Read More

PhotoBox!: View, Batch Download/Upload & Untag Yourself From Facebook Photos [Android, iOS]

All the usual gripes of Android users regarding the annoyingly slow official Facebook app aside, the app is currently missing the option to un-tag yourself from any photo. Enter PhotoBox! – a comprehensive Facebook photos explorer for Android and iOS devices that claims to be the very first solution to the problem. Initially exclusive to the iTunes App Store, PhotoBox! for Android is now available in the Google Play Store. Using the app, you can browse through, like and comment on your Facebook photos uploaded by friends and pages that you've liked, upload and download photos in bulk, and apply filters to them. The app also lets you search across the network for photos by album or friend name. Read More

iHome Sleep: Customizable Alarm App That Displays Social Media News When You Wake Up [Android]

There is no denying the fact that we all love sticking to our beds in the morning for as long as possible. Most of us rely on our mobile devices’ alarm apps to remedy that. While I have no specific complaints about the stock alarm app on my Android device, there are lots of users out there who crave for a more feature-rich alternative, but what better can an alarm app achieve than to wake you up from sleep? iHome Sleep might be able to answer that. The favorite alarm app of many iOS users has just made its way into the Google Play Store to re-define the way you use an alarm app on Android. Apart from being a handy alternative to your stock Clock app, iHome Sleep brings a plethora of useful features, including option to add multiple alarms with personalized tones and other settings, the Gentle Wake feature that plays a mild tune at whatever time you plan to wake up, customizable background sporting a beautiful clock and weather widgets, ability to log sleep timings and other relevant statistics, option to display important notes on wakeup and bedtime alarm screens, a homescreen widget to keep you apprised of the next alarm, and last but not the least, the luxury to natively sift through the latest overnight news from your Facebook and Twitter accounts immediately after switching off the alarm. Read More

Plume for Twitter Gets ICS Holo UI, Support For Posting Longer Tweets via [Android]

LevelUp Studio has the distinction of sharing the Google Play Store ‘Top Developer’ tag with just a handful of other renowned Android developers, and there is a genuinely valid reason behind this acclamation. The company is responsible for bringing two of the best Android apps around, Beautiful Widgets and Plume for Twitter to the store. Already a favorite third-party Twitter client for many users, Plume for Android just got even better with the latest update (to v3.0) that it has received. Among the most noticeable changes is a totally revamped Ice Cream Sandwich-inspired (Holo) UI. Not only is the app’s brand new interface in sync with the latest version of the Android OS, but also makes accessing core Twitter features a breeze. In addition to the revamped UI, the app now has support, which allows you to natively post tweets that exceed Twitter's 140-character limit. The app now supports uploading photos via too, and lets you resize uploaded images before upload depending upon the selected photo sharing service. Read More

Friendcaster For Facebook Updated With ICS UI, New Themes & More [Android]

When it comes to selecting a better (and faster) alternative to the official Facebook client for Android, Friendcaster by OneLouder Apps is the number one choice of a vast majority of users. This extremely fast, highly customizable Facebook client not only became an instant hit among users at the time of release, but also proved to be a great stepping stone for OneLouder Apps, as they followed up their good work with a series of other commendable apps, including SportCaster, 1Weather, baconreader and ChannelCaster. Friendcaster for Android has just been updated (to v5.0) with plenty of new features and a brand-new ICS-themed (Holo) interface. Other changes include new themes, extended settings for modifying push notifications, enhanced photo-viewing and tagging a post with multiple friends at once. The update also brings a faster, smoother experience, memory improvements and plenty of bug fixes. Read More

Tasks For Android: Holo-Themed To-Do List App With Google Tasks Sync

To-do list and task management apps for Android are available in abundance in the Google Play Store, however, not all support syncing with Google Tasks. Moreover, you’d be hard-pressed to find an app from said genre that sports an Ice Cream Sandwich-style (Holo) theme. Enter Tasks – the latest addition to Android to-do list managers that has both features. Other salient features of Tasks include support for creating multiple tasks lists with option to add various subtasks under each (referred to as indented tasks), option to supplement each task/subtask with brief text notes, easy assortment/swapping of tasks on list via drag-and-drop, status bar notifications for due tasks, smooth UI animations, option to set task reminders at defined time intervals, and last but not the least, a nifty widget that lets you view a preferred task list, add new tasks to it, and mark tasks as ‘complete’ right from the homescreen. Read More

Budget For Android: Efficient Expense Management App For Events

Fresh to the Google Play Store, Budget for Android is a free and simple-to-use expense management app designed specifically to help you with tracking your event expenses in an effective way. Using the app’s various predefined event categories and subcategories, you can easily add, modify and monitor expenses. Budget utilizes various types of graphs and charts to give you an overview of the total amount allocated to, and consumed by individual subcategories, and the event itself. The app allows you to highlight over-budgeted items in red so that you know when it’s time to cut down your expenses. In addition, the app presents you with the option to define your own budget items as per event, supplement each supported category/subcategory with notes, and set password protection for all the data on it. Read More

Airport Arrivals and Departure: Travel Management & Real-Time Flight Tracking For Android

If you’re a regular traveller, and frequently require to have information pertaining to your flights, airports, hotels and transportation facilities close at hand, then Webport’s official Android app called Airport Arrivals and Departure can prove to be a great addition to the apps on your Android device. The app’s main features include, real-time tracking of flight statuses of all the top airlines of the world, ability to fetch live weather info and current time of local and international locations, comprehensive information pertaining to the top airports of the world, instant contact information regarding required airlines, hotels, travel agencies and transportation service providers, scheduling and managing your on-tour hotel stays as well as local travelling chores, and lots more. Read More

WhatTheFont For Android: Identify Fonts Used In Any Image Or Photo

Often, it happens that while browsing the web, reading a magazine, newspaper or even a billboard, we stumble upon some fancy-looking font, wishing there were a way could know its name. It is in such situations that popular online fonts database MyFonts' WhatTheFont comes in handy. Originally just a web app, WhatTheFont is now available on Android and iOS-powered devices. All the app needs to identify fonts within an image is an active internet connection. You can either import an image from your device’s storage or snap a fresh photo that contains the text whose font you wish to identify. The image is uploaded to the MyFonts service for font identification, and once the processing is done, you’re presented with all potential matches, complete with various font details. Looking at the service’s enormous font repository, we can assure you that your queries will be able to fetch results for almost any font out there, provided it isn't custom-made. Read More

Mirage: Customizable Pattern-Based Lock Screen Replacement For Android

Combining the functionality of various lock screen replacement apps and pattern lock, Mirage is a highly customizable lock screen replacement app for Android. The app supports setting individual pattern locks for installed launchers, individual apps and multiple custom app groups. No need to waste any more time by going through tedious navigation to access your favorite apps or being constantly worried that your personal content might fall into the wrong hands. Other salient features of Mirage include personalizing the app’s lock screen interface via various downloadable skins/themes, creating multiple customizable app drawers (each sporting shortcuts to apps of your choice), setting speed dial for contacts of your choice, and most importantly, a strong security mechanism to protect your Android from unauthorized access. Read More

Dorna Sports Release Official MotoGP Live Experience App For Android

Cometh the 15th of April, a brand new season (2012) of MotoGP World Racing Championship will get underway in Doha, Qatar. If you’re an Android-using MotoGP enthusiast, then you'll be delighted to know that Dorna Sports have rolled out the official MotoGP Live Experience app in the Google Play Store to keep you apprised of all the information regarding the sport in general, and the 2012 season in particular. Sporting a graphically rich and highly interactive UI, the app brings you all the latest schedules, news, videos, standings, live events, circuit info, photos, informative guides, real-time tracking of news regarding your favorite racers and text commentary. In a nut shell, the app is your one-stop shop for finding information relevant to the riders and teams from MotoGP, Moto 2 and Moto 3 class. Read More