How To Root AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II [ODIN Method] [Guide]

In case you opted to go for an AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II and are now waiting for root, then your wait is over! Development for AT&T Samsung Galaxy S2 kicked off as soon as the phone’s kernel source was made available. And the results so far have been awesome! Developers have not only managed to cook a custom stock kernel with root, but there are couple of popular ROM ports available for flashing. Senior XDA Member and Android Developer, Entropy512, released a stock and pre-rooted kernel packaged in stock system image. Flashing this System Image will not only give you root access on your phone, but will also unbrick your device if your flashed a bad PIT file earlier.Read More

How To Enhance / Boost Graphics Performance On Nexus S [Guide]

If you are a Nexus S owner and aren’t satisfied with graphic performance of your phone, then there is some great news for you! Ganaboy, XDA Member, discovered a workaround for Google Nexus S that basically removes FPS limit and lets you enjoy gaming and video graphics to the max. Due to this issue, some games and apps like Quadrant, Raging Thunder, Roboto, Asphalt 6, NOVA and Fruit Ninja graphics were laggy and didn’t really had the same appeal they do on other compatible Android devices. The fix for this issue is tiny, but it highly effects your gameplay and app experience.

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Install Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread MIUI ROM On Infuse 4G [Guide]

In case you are a Samsung Infuse 4G owner and were waiting for MIUI custom ROM for your device, then your wait is over now! MikeyMike01, XDA Recognized Developer, has managed to port Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread based MIUI Custom ROM on Samsung Infuse 4G. For those who don’t know, MIUI is a custom firmware / system for select Android devices with root. The main purpose of these custom ROMs is to enhance user experience and also to provide stability. MIUI ROMs have managed to gain a huge fan base due to the functionality it offers and greater aesthetic values. MIUI ROMs were initially criticized for their striking resemblance to iOS UI, but later extraordinary amount of themes and mods managed to silence the critics.

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How To Root Huawei Ideos X6 U9000 Android Phone

Huawei U9000 Ideos X6 is a mid tier Android phone that has managed to gain popularity among Androiders looking for a budget handset. The Ideos X6 appeared in a Market ruled by giants like HTC, Samsung, Motorola and LG but was still able to make its mark because of low price and great features. The Huawei Ideos X6 comes with 1.0 GHz Scorpion Processor and has a powerful 5 Megapixel camera capable of recording video at 720p. Apart from this, the handset comes with AOSP Android 2.2 Froyo with possibilities of Gingerbread update after gaining root.Read More

Fix Rooted Thunderbolt Accidently Updated To 2.3.4 Gingerbread Update [Guide]

Official Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread Update for Verizon HTC Thunderbolt is on the roll now as we reported earlier. The update is meant for phones without root and if you have accidently updated your rooted phone, then its likely you are in a boot loop right now. When its Android, there is a way and of course you can restore your phone to normal settings if you are stuck in a boot loop due to accidental application of the official update.

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StarBurst ROM For Epic 4G Touch With Advanced Power Menu Available [Guide]

Samsung Epic 4G Touch is perhaps the most popular Android dual core phone among Sprint subscribers in the US. The development community of this phone is relatively active than other Android phones as they were able to gain root privileges on this phone right after it was initially launched. Along with rooting the phone, the Epic 4G Touch developer community was also able to overclock the phone as well as ported ClockworkMod Recovery. Once ClockworkMod Recovery got ported on Samsung Epic 4G Touch, custom ROMs started to spring up on different Android portals and forums to enhance the user experience and to fully utilize the advantages associated with running custom kernel and / or root.

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Stock EG30 Kernel For Epic 4G Touch Available [Install Guide]

Epic 4G Touch is the first Samsung Galaxy S II variant that launched via Sprint in US. The phone now boasts of a huge developer and user community with root coming to the phone within hours of its initial launch. However some users aren’t comfortable after rooting their device as all sorts of issues have started to come up on their devices. Also there are some kernel and ROM developers looking to get their hands on a stock kernel that has never undergone any rooting procedures.Read More

First Droid 3 Custom ROM Available For Download [Steel Droid 3]

Finally there is some great news for Motorola Droid 3 as the first Android Gingerbread custom ROM for the phone has finally surfaced. Droid 3, until lately, proved to be a hard nut to crack when it came to rooting and flashing a custom Recovery. However with advent of an easier single click rooting method and Koush releasing the official Bootstrap recovery app for the phone, things got simpler for ROM developers. 

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Install Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread Official Update On Galaxy S 4G/Infuse 4G [Guide]

Finally there is some great news for Samsung Galaxy S 4G owners as Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread update for this phone just got released unofficially. The credit for releasing this update for general public goes to SamFirmware. This Android portal is dedicated to releasing official Android firmware/ROMs for Samsung phones that are still to be made public by Samsung or the carrier. This firmware/ROM leak for Samsung Galaxy S 4G and Samsung Infuse 4G updates your phone to Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread integrated with all the changes. Apparently Samsung Galaxy S 4G's Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread update is meant for AT&T subscribers with Infuse 4G dedicated to T-Mobile only. We aren’t sure if you will be able to regain root access on your phone after upgrading to this build as there are no testimonies supporting re-root after upgrade. There is no clear or published changelog regarding Android 2.3.5 GB, so you will have to find the differences and fixes, if any, on your own.Read More

Remove SMS / Text Logs Appearing In Call Logs In Galaxy S II [Guide]

Samsung Galaxy S II is a wonderful dual-core Android phone that has managed to gather a huge fan base within months of its release. Although the phone is excellent, but native TouchWiz call logs also show SMS logs. For some it might be useful, but the majority doesn’t want their Text logs alongside their call records. Senior XDA member, Juffo, is out with a solution that helps you getting rid of SMS logs from Call Logs option available in TouchWiz launcher. The hack is only applicable on Samsung Galaxy S II phones with root and preferably running a fully deodexed custom ROM.  The tweak basically tinkers with Logsprovider.apk and disallows any SMS / Text logs appear along with call logs.Read More

Install CyanogenMod 7 Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread On Optimus Black [Guide]

Finally there is some great news for LG Optimus Black owners as a working build of unofficial CyanogenMod 7 Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread is now available. The credit for this build goes Arcee, Android developer at RootzWiki Forums, and according to him, the build is compiled from currently available CM7 sources. For those who don’t know, CyanogenMod is a custom firmware distribution for select Android devices that is meant to enhance user experience and bring stability. You might also want to go through our complete CyanogenMod 7 walkthrough. Read More

Root And Install ClockworkMod Recovery In HTC Salsa [Guide]

In case you have HTC Salsa with S-OFF and you want to root and flash ClockworkMod Recovery, then there is some interesting news for you. BigBearEVO, Senior XDA Member, has compiled a complete walkthrough on getting root and ClockworkMod Recovery easily on HTC Salsa. For those who don’t know, HTC Salsa is a mid-tier Android phone with a dedicated Facebook button. The phone wasn’t able to gather much user attention due to its mediocre specs and mostly it was shipped S-ON. In order to root and flash ClockworkMod Recovery on your phone, you need to have S-OFF i.e. unlocked bootloader on your phone. In order to check-out if you have S-ON or S-OFF, pull the battery out, then insert it back in followed by booting the phone while pressing volume down button along power key. Your phone will now boot up in pre-Fastboot screen that will have S-On or S-OFF credentials stated on the first line.

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Install Official ClockworkMod Recovery From Koush On Droid 3

Finally there is some great news for Motorola Droid 3 owners as ClockworkMod Recovery is officially available through ROM Manager. Koush, the developer of ClockworkMod and ROM Manager, added support for ClockworkMod Recovery today and you can get it through ROM Manager. Hashcode, XDA Member, also released a bootstrap ClockworkMod Recovery as an unofficial solution earlier. According to his, if you plan on getting the new official ClockworkMod Recovery from Koush, then remove the earlier version. Here is what he exactly has to say about this issue:

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Install ZipIT Script On Xperia Arc To Save Battery, RAM and Root [Multipurpose Script]

Although Android has a huge development community but it is also a fact that development is highly fragmented. This means that normally you don’t find a tweak, ROM, hack etc. that comes packaged all your desired features and you have to flash / install them on by one. Sahha, XDA member, has done some effort to change the concept altogether as he has developed a custom script that addresses multiple issues and brings awesome features on Xepria Arc.Read More

HTC Runnymede Bliss Sense 3.5 ROM Available For HTC HD2 [Download]

HTC HD2 is perhaps the only smartphone in recent history that has remained undefeated in paradigm of Mobile OS development. The phone surfaced with WinMo 6.5 and then opened its doors for Android, Meego, Ubuntu and Windows Phone 7. Recently a lot of NAND based Android ROMs have emerged for
HD2 that basically allow the users to boot right from the phone’s internal NAND memory decreasing SD Card lags etc.

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Enable Google Talk Voice And Video Chat On Motorola Photon 4G [Guide]

Motorola Photon 4G is a high-tier Android phone that was able to score a huge fan base right after developers were able to achieve root and a custom recovery. It was, however, ironical that Google Talk version that came pre-installed on Photon 4G didn’t have video and voice chat support. Ballerx43, Senior XDA member, after spending a whole lot of time with Atrix 4G Dev community finally figured out the method to enable voice and video chat on Google Talk installed on Motorola Photon 4G. The method, for now, isn’t an easy single click one and requires the user to have ample command over ADB etc.Read More

How To Enable Overscroll Glow On Epic 4G Touch [Guide]

Finally there is some great news for Samsung Sprint Epic 4G Touch Android phone owners looking to get Overscroll Glow on their devices. Senior XDA Member, deano0714, has managed to find a workaround that let’s get Overscroll Glow without having to tinker much with your phone’s framework. For those who don’t know, Overscroll Glow is basically an eye-candy that crates a glowing area when you try to pull any menu on your phone down. This feature is certainly an add-on and won’t engage in intervening in any other phone processes. We believe that this Overscroll Glow hack / tweak has been ported to Epic 4G Touch from Samsung Galaxy S II.Read More

How To Install Xperia Play Games Launcher On Xperia X10 [Guide]

Finally there is some great news for Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 owners as some fellow Androiders have managed to port Xperia Play Games Launcher on this phone. The hack basically allows you to experience the Xperia Play launcher’s awesomeness that’s currently restricted to Xperia Play users only. All credit for this tweak / port goes to DikeJ and DCQua at XDA developers.Read More

Install AEMod Custom ROM On Samsung Epic 4G Touch [Guide]

Sprint Epic 4G touch is Samsung Galaxy S II variant for US customers and was able to grab a lot of developer attention following it’s release. We have previously covered rooting method for this phone along with a custom kernel that basically allows overclocking up to a whooping 1.6 GHz. The best part is ClockworkMod Recovery that is flashed on your phone as soon as you root it via ODIN method. After the availability of ClockworkMod Recovery for Epic 4G Touch, ROM developers / chefs can be seen in action and there are a couple of custom ROMs available for this phone already. These custom ROMs are based on stock firmware with less bloatware and other customizations that allow enhanced user experience. Of course lots of users are waiting for CyanogenMod and MIUI, but it will take sometime for these ROM versions to surface for Epic 4G Touch.Read More

Improve 3G Speed And GSM Signal Strength On Droid 2 Global And Droid 3

There is some interesting news for Motorola Droid 2 Global owners, as some hackers and modders have managed to find a way to boost 3G connectivity on these phones. The tweak basically involves bridging 3G speed increase hack and also fixes the Droid 2 Global’s weak GSP Signal strength. XDA Member, Rotkaeqpchen, also deployed the same hack on his Motorola Droid 3, with some modifications, and was able to come up with favorable results on his phone.

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