Best Siri Cydia Tweaks & Add-ons

Following the announcement and subsequent release of the iPhone 4S, an escalating hype began to surround one of its most prominent new features – the system-wide voice assistant that was instantly recognized by many as the game changer in speech recognition applications. Although the excitement died down shortly after, it was rekindled by the release of untethered jailbreak for the device, and the many Siri-exclusive Cydia tweaks and add-ons that began to roll out with it. Seeing as it’s been a while and a lot of tweaks have made there way to the store, we decided to compile a list of the best ones. If you own a jailbroken iPhone 4S, read on past the break for ways to enhance your Siri experience.Read More

Enhance Default Firefox Download Manager With Download Manager Tweak

The default Firefox Downloads Manager does not offer many features, thus forcing users to use add-ons, such as, DownThemAll (our review) and DownloadStatusbar to speed it up and customize. If you want to customize the appearance of the Downloads Manager to make it easier to watch the progress of downloads, pausing it, and opening the directory where the files have been downloaded, then Download Manager Tweak is one extension you should try. It provides an enhanced interface for the common Firefox Download Manager, allowing users to download in a new window or new tab, re-download deleted files and customize their download options.Read More

Manage Your Firefox Saved Passwords With Saved Password Editor

At AddictiveTips, we use LastPass, which is one of the best password manager around, but a lot of users still prefer to use the default password manager for Firefox to save all their passwords. The default password manager, as we all know, does not have any option to add a new entry, nor can it edit any saved passwords.Saved Password Editor is an add-on for Firefox that solves this problem. It extends the Saved Passwords window, allowing you to create a new password entry, edit an existing one, or clone an entry.Read More

Show Image CSS Properties In Firefox [Extension]

Extensions are one of the main reason why users tend to opt Firefox as default browser. While facilitating novices with enhanced functionality, it also helps the advanced users alike. Image Spider is a small Firefox add-on, contrived especially for webmasters to let them know image attributes instantly during the process of publishing or managing web pages.Read More

FTP Client FireFox Add-on FireFTP Review

FireFTP is a Firefox add-on built especially for those who’ve been using FTP desktop utility like: FileZilla and need to use it frequently for data transfer. Arguably it is the most eminent FireFox extension. Since we haven't covered it before, in this post we will be covering all the feature & options it offers for those who have missed it out. It does not provide many features & options when compared with desktop FTP tools, but is pretty useful as you can use FTP client right in the browser.Read More

Directly Download Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations [Firefox Add-on]

Searching for relevant information from the web can be a tiresome task, where the data is huge and relevance is not guaranteed. Spammers also pollute search results abundantly, and the user is left between clicking through links, checking one out and then the other, going back, checking something else and so on. Outwit Docs is a Firefox extension that filters out Word documents, Excel Spreadsheets, PDF files, and Presentations from search results and present them for direct download, instead of the user sorting through pages and pages of results.Read More

Pin Tabs In Firefox Browser

The latest version of Google Chrome browser now allows users to pin tabs. Just right-click any tab and select Pin Tab. This feature was one of the many that urged users to migrate to Chrome, but now you can finally get it in Firefox too. Pin Tab is the new add-on for Firefox that allows users to pin any tab during a session.
Update: Pin Tabs for FireFox has been discontinued, because FireFox now natively supports the Pin Tabs feature.
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Search Amazon Products By Price

Amazon Search By Price is a small add-on for Firefox that lets you quickly search for any products between a specific price range. Unlike other add-ons, it is 100% accurate and doesn’t show the products that are outside the defined range.
Update: Amazon Search By Price has been discontinued. However, you can use Ookong to check price history of products and get price drop alerts from Amazon.
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Top 10 Security Addons For Firefox

Firefox is growing faster than what most experts estimated, the number of users using it is now more than the entire US population. At the same time the number of malicious websites is also growing at an astonishing rate.  The online security is vital, lets see what can be done to make your Firefox safer to protect you from online hacking, theft, fraud, etc.Read More