CM (Cleanmaster) Security Is A Combined Anti-Malware, Junk Files Cleaner & Call Blocker For Android

To what extent is Android susceptible to viruses, malware and other malicious threats from the internet has always been a topic of debate. And although the world’s most popular mobile operating system comes with some built-in security measures in place, there's no shortage of third-party anti-malware apps on Google Play Store either to enhance security, with some offering really advanced features that usually come at a cost. Similarly, there are apps out there that help you clean up your device's storage to get rid of some useless files that are just taking up space. CM (Cleanmaster) Security however, aims to provide you with a simple-to-use solution for both malware and junk file cleanup at a price tag of free. In addition, it also throws in a handy call blocking feature.Read More

herdProtect Scans Running Processes & Startup Items With 68 Cloud Antivirus Engines

The discussion on whether one should use multiple antivirus or anti-malware programs to protect their computer has been part of many debates. Most security experts believe that you don’t need to install many security programs to keep malicious threats at bay, and that doing so would instead create various conflicts between them, making them less effective. Recently though, cloud-based virus scanners like Virus Total and Metascan have surfaced as better alternatives to using more than one anti-malware app. These services allow you to scan suspicious files through a series of tests using a host of antivirus engines by uploading the files to a cloud server. If, instead of scanning your individual files one by one, you want to scan your PC this way, herdProtect is what you’re looking for. This Windows app checks your PC with 68 anti-malware engines and warns you if any threats are found.Read More

Hands-On With Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware App For Android

Anti-malware applications have long held a place of importance on PCs. Recently, however, mobile operating systems have also seen increased popularity of such apps, mostly because Android has become an even bigger target for a multitude of threats trying to steal sensitive information present within smartphones and tablets. Quite a few big names have already jumped onto the mobile security bandwagon, and the latest to join the fray is Malwarebytes – a well-regarded PC security provider – that recently released Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Android, it's first mobile security solution.Read More

360 Mobile Security For Android Offers Per-App Malware Scan & Floating System Maintenance Window

Android security issues make headlines just about every day, ranging from malicious apps to data vulnerabilities and other types of malware. There’s always been some debate on whether you really need antivirus apps on mobile devices or not, and also about the effectiveness of all the security apps available on Play Store. Though the fact remains that like any computing platform, security is a concern on mobile platforms as well, and users need to take the measures to keep their devices and the data they carry secure. Previously we've covered some genuinely useful security apps for smartphones and today, we are going to take a look at another one. 360 Mobile Security is a free app available for both Android and iOS that offers an impressive range of security tools including a robust antivirus and a system cleaner. The app scans your device to provide details about what your apps are actually up to, and if they pose any threat to  your device’s security. The Android variant is quite different from its iOS counterpart in that it sports a few additional features and is more flexible. In what follows, we will be taking the former for a spin.Read More

BullGuard Virus Scan Offers Quick, Free Online Malware Detection

Many people overlook the major risks involved in not scanning their PC on a regular basis for malware including viruses, rootkits, adware, spyware and Trojan horses etc. Malware is often employed by hackers and intruders to compromise your computer security and gain unauthorized access to your files. Though there are dozens of different ways a computer can become infected with a virus, you can always use cloud based antivirus services to perform a quick scan on your files and applications to minimize the risk. BullGuard Virus Scan – a new cloud based antivirus tool – certainly doesn't disappoint in this regard. The free web service is designed to perform a brief scan of your computer to detect malware, which is a good start before commencing a thorough troubleshooting process, in order to save time.Read More

9-Lab Removal Tool Is An On-Demand Virus, Rootkit & Registry Scanner

As malware continually evolving, so are the security firms that are fighting back with equally robust, top-notch security solutions. And thanks to an increased awareness, so is the end users' knowledge and expertise to keep their PC safe from malicious threats. 9-Lab Removal Tool is an advanced anti-malware app for Windows designed to take care of shady software lurking on your computer. The application effectively removes malware including viruses, trojans, rootkits, malicious registry keys, spyware  and other harmful or potentially unwanted items from your machine. The application comprises of a simple UI and boasts an advanced protection engine that can detect and remove malware from every nook and corner of your PC, including hidden locations and services launched at system startup. Read More

Autorun Angel Is A Cloud-Based Security Analyzer For Startup Items

My first hand experience tells me that Windows Task Manager is not the most efficient way to find out the integrity of currently running processes or applications that auto execute during Windows logon. Although it allows you to kill unresponsive applications or disable them entirely from running, you can never be so sure whether a process or service is malicious, or harmless to your system. This is where tools like Autorun Angel really shine. This nifty little app scans your computer for autorun entries against its own cloud database, and highlights only those services or autorun programs that seem dangerous to your system or may be the root cause of an ongoing problem. This can include all sorts of malware including spyware, adware, trojans, viruses et al. According to the developer, the scan engine is powered by NictaTech Antivirus Engine, which is the company’s native cloud engine for checking for viruses. Read More

A Look At The New Features In Avast 8

Avast is known for creating some of the best security tools in the industry. The company has been producing robust, reliable and efficient antivirus and security applications for the past several years, winning many accolades and certifications from critics and computer security experts. Avast! 8 is the latest incarnation of their long running antivirus suite and we've got to say it does pack a serious punch of features. The security juggernaut has debuted the program in four flavors: Avast Free Antivirus 8 (the one reviewed here), Avast Pro Antivirus 8, Avast Internet Security 8 and the top of the line Avast Premier 8. Let’s see take a closer look at the new features added in Avast 8. Read More

Advanced Mobile Care For Android Gets Cloud Backup, Privacy Advisor & More

Back in November, IObit debuted their power-packed Android optimization, protection and task management app in the Play Store by the name of Advanced Mobile Care. At the time of its release, the app emerged as one of the few truly multipurpose Android apps supporting several handy system care utilities like real-time virus protection, 1-tap performance boost & system cleanup, multi-mode power saver, app manager, privacy protector and Game Speeder, among others. After barely a couple of months of its release, version 2 of Advanced Mobile Care has been rolled out with even better and more powerful features including multilingual support, Privacy Advisor, Cloud Backup, revamped app manager with support for APK management, a multipurpose 4x1 home screen widget, updated database, and several bug fixes.Read More

Bitdefender Antivirus Now Available Free Of Cost For Home Users

Bitdefender has long reigned the consumers’ wallets with its various security applications, including its ever-popular antivirus software. Though the trend of using a paid antivirus has started to decline lately, apparently because companies like Avira, AVG and Microsoft are offering their antivirus solutions without costing a dime. This has finally compelled BitDefender maker to release a free edition of its own that - apart from looking gorgeous and apparently performing better than its arch rivals - is ready to combat even the most obnoxious of malware including viruses, trojans, spyware, rootkits and other threats. More on Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition after the jump.Read More

Scan Files For Malware On The Go With VirusTotal Uploader Portable

With millions of files available for download in the internet, it is very important for you to have an antivirus installed on the systemyour computer in order to keep it safe and secure from viruses and other malware. While downloading executable files, one should be extremely careful since installing virus-laden program can lead to data loss and corruption. VirusTotal is a service that allows people to check a file against a large number of antivirus services and detect if there's anything wrong with it. Today, we found a third party portable app for the service called VirusTotal Uploader Portable that lets you check locally saved files, online hosted files and even running processes on the VirusTotal service.Read More

USB-AV Offers You Complete Malware Security For USB Flash Drives

In the course of a day, many of us attach several USB flash drives to our computers. Even though almost every computer has an antivirus solution installed on it nowadays, there is still a chance that attaching a random USB drive containing a virus that the antivirus is not be able to detect yet will result in an infected computer. Also, some of us who practice safe downloading habits and choose not to keep a full antivirus software running in the background are also subject to catching viruses from USB flash drivers of our friends that we may connect to the computer for transferring some files. Many of these viruses don’t even require you to access the drive, and can spread through the system as soon as the auto run feature kicks in. USB-AV is an application for Windows that allows you to keep a check on all the connected USB drives and scan them for malware as soon as you plug them in.Read More

Kingsoft Antivirus Is Yet Another Cloud Based Anti-Malware Solution

A few days ago, I reviewed the latest and greatest offering from Panda Security – Panda Cloud Antivirus 2.0 – which brought many new enhancements to the table, including Behavioral Analysis Engine and 50% faster scan speed. Then, just a couple of weeks back, Avira also announced their own flavor of Cloud Antivirus with the release of an early Technical Preview. As cloud computing is on the horizon, every major company is taking a part in it, some with infinite storage promises and others to catch malicious threats right from the cloud. Chinese software company Kingsoft couldn’t resist either, and have released their new cloud based antivirus solution called Kingsoft Antivirus 2012. Albeit not new, the latest build is called Cheetah SP4, and so far, seems pretty good. Its interface isn’t the only thing that will catch your attention, but the efficient scanning engine, too. Obviously, its not comparable to other popular paid antivirus solutions, but surely is one of the best freeware anti-malware around, and may even go toe to toe with MSE. Keep reading for more details after the break.Read More

Roboscan: Feature-Rich Anti Malware Suite With Dual Engine Protection

Antivirus and anti-malware programs are the part and parcel of every PC. Our computers now carry so much information of our credentials and other important data, there is absolutely no room for any kind of security loopholes. However, no matter how many precautions you take, various external threats still make their way in through the internet. If you’re not satisfied with your current antimalware software, then give Roboscan Internet Security a shot. The developer touts it as a Dual Engine security application, comprising of BitDefender and Roboscan’s Tera Engine, both of which work in conjunction to provide multi-layered protection. Another keystone feature is its Smart Scan Technology that makes the scan process pretty fast and effective, by keeping previous scan records in its Whitelist for future references. A firewall is also incorporated that provides real-time virus protection, and the application comes with an integrated file shredder to get rid of your unwanted data for good. The elegant UI not only looks fascinating, but also provides plethora of options and settings.Read More

Crystal AEP Protects Your System Against Drive-By (Unintended) Download Exploits

From home-based users to large scale industrial organizations, the relevance of the Internet has exposed systems to a variety of vulnerabilities where viruses, malware and hackers easily penetrate through firewalls to gain and exploit root access of the systems. Usually, a conventional antivirus compares programs and data with a database of known ‘bad’ programs to detect and kill viruses, but, on the internet, an unsuspecting user may follow directions on a website of interest, yielding installations, which actually fall through the security cracks of the system. Another popular penetration method used by malware is through ‘drive-by downloads’. These exploits aren't caused by any user interaction and come into effect due to malicious websites, escaping through internet-exposed software (such as your browser) to the system. Crystal Anti-Exploit Protection prevents attacks that originate without any user interaction and works in coordination with your anti-virus to present a highly secure usage experience.Read More

Detect & Remove Fake Antivirus Scams From Your Windows PC

Computer viruses come in all shapes and sizes – ranging from malware and spyware to trojans and worms - but the most dangerous ones are guised under an Antivirus banner themselves. Yes, that’s true; perhaps you didn’t imagine, but viruses can even attack your PC in the form of an antivirus, which are usually termed 'fake antivirus'. Various companies make money by deceiving people into believing their PC is infected by a virus (which, in most cases, it is not), and then try to sell a fake antivirus (or more of a Pro version of an already abysmal free version). This not only hurts your wallet, but such antivirus security applications create a nagware, seriously disturbing your PC workflow, if you don’t buy the full application. To combat this problem, today we have a software for you labelled Fake Antivirus Remover. Developed by Trend Micro, the famous Japanese computer security company, the software is designed to help you detect and remove fake antivirus applications from your system. The software is currently in its Beta release, and comprises an easy to use interface. Trend Micro claims that the software can successfully detect and remove plethora of different fake antiviruses off your machine – Additional Guard, Advanced Defender, AKM Antivirus, AlphaAV, Anticare, Antivir64, BitDefender, BlueFlare Antivirus, bug doctor, BootCare, CleanV, Cyber Security, Data Protection, Ddos Clean, Dr, Guard, Easy Scan, HDD Fix, Infor-Safe, Malware Defense, LightClean, Privacy PC – just to name a few.Read More

AppRemover Now Lets You Remove Almost Any AntiVirus Suite & Its Left Over Data

There are certainly sheer number of security related software available out there to fight even the most obnoxious of viruses, malware, trojans, worms, spywares etc. Sometimes while switching to a new antivirus or anti-malware program, we want to first remove the existing security application. However, the Windows application uninstaller is not effective enough to remove every single bit of the installed anti-virus suite/application, and it often leaves behind various traces in the form of registry files and other preferences/settings file. Back in 2008, we covered an application known as AppRemover (reviewed here) to get rid of this nuisance, it's an app uninstaller that allows you to remove any system security-related software within a few clicks. Since our review, the application has been completely revamped, and now it supports a wide range of system security solutions including McAfee, Kaspersky, AVG, Avast, Avira, ESET, GDATA, k&, Kingsoft, Panda, Symantec, Lavasoft, TrendMircro, TrustPort, Norman, Webroot, ClamWin and so on. We took a deeper look inside to see what changes the developers has made to this nifty little tool.Read More

[Giveaway] ESET Mobile Security For Android Out Of Beta, Now Supports ICS & Honeycomb

The reliable computer and network security solutions provided by ESET are highly regarded among domestic and professional computer users all across the globe. When the company launched the public beta of ESET Mobile Security for the Android platform in June last year (2011), Android users were introduced to arguably one of the most comprehensive protection tools for their devices. This multi-lingual app encompasses several sought-after security features to secure your device and all the underlying data from any sort of unauthorized access. The app's feature set includes real-time device protection from viruses and malware through on-demand (user-requested) and on-access (event-triggered) scanning, specifying blacklists for all incoming calls, SMS, and/or MMS from specific users, integrated security audit to identify the most vulnerable aspects of your Android device, multiple anti-theft tools (SIM matching, specifying a trusted SIM card via its IMSI number), and a built-in task manager. The app just recently shed its beta tag and is now available as a 30-day free trial, after which it requires you to purchase a 1-year license to continue availing all the security features. Read More

Anvi Smart Defender: Powerful Anti-Malware & Performance Optimization Software For Windows

Protecting your system from malware is a daunting task, which should be given utmost priority. In order to prevent systems from getting infected with malware lurking around the internet, the folks over at Anvisoft have developed a smart anti-malware solution called Anvi Smart Defender. This powerful anti-malware utility has the ability to pin a lot of malware types to the ground. Coupled with a stylish-looking interface, the application protects your PC from viruses, tojans, adware, spyware, profiling bots etc. It includes 3 scan modes including Quick Scan, Full Scan, Custom Scan, as well as, a Cloud Scan feature to analyze any suspicious file by uploading it to its online cloud server. Other major features include, real-time protection and system optimization, where the latter provides various tools to optimize your computer's performance.Read More

USB Disk Manager: Control Level Of Access & Viruses For Flash Drives

Plugging in random USB flash drives into our computers is one of the primary sources of viruses and spamware. What happens is that when a USB is inserted into an infected computer, the virus automatically transfers itself into the target machine. When you plug the same USB flash drive into another computer, the virus gets transferred to the new PC and infects it. If you own a computer at a public place, for instance a library or a café, it is bound to get infected again and again because of a lot of different flash drives being connected to transfer data. You can use an antivirus, but as new viruses get created everyday, there is a chance that some of them will not be detected by the antivirus. Alternatively, you can use USB Disk Manager, a portable application for Windows that allows you to choose the level of access you give to USB flash drives. Read on to find out more about USB Disk Manager.Read More