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Advanced Mobile Care For Android Gets Cloud Backup, Privacy Advisor & More

Back in November, IObit debuted their power-packed Android optimization, protection and task management app in the Play Store by the name of Advanced Mobile Care. At the time of its release, the app emerged as one of the few truly multipurpose Android apps supporting several handy system care utilities like real-time virus protection, 1-tap performance boost & system cleanup, multi-mode power saver, app manager, privacy protector and Game Speeder, among others. After barely a couple of months of its release, version 2 of Advanced Mobile Care has been rolled out with even better and more powerful features including multilingual support, Privacy Advisor, Cloud Backup, revamped app manager with support for APK management, a multipurpose 4×1 home screen widget, updated database, and several bug fixes.

The initial release of the app included just a 2×2 widget that allowed 1-tap scanning and repairing straight from the home screen. The 4×1 widget included within the latest update adds additional features in the form of battery and system info tools that let you instantly apply a power-saving state of choice, and head over to the battery usage or Battery Saver screen, and to take a glance at the current CPU, memory & SD card usage statistics and running apps.

Advanced-Mobile-Care-Android-Update-Jan'13-Home Advanced-Mobile-Care-Android-Update-Jan'13-Widget

The app’s main interface remains more or less the same, but the cube button at the bottom is now supplemented with shortcuts to the newly announced App Manager, Privacy Advisor and Cloud Backup features, which we shall now look at in detail.

App Manager: The revamped App Manager screen is split into four tabs. The ‘All apps’ tab offers a sortable list of all installed apps and lets you launch and uninstall them. The ‘Uninstall apps’ tab can be used to uninstall unwanted apps in batch, the ‘Move apps’ tab allows moving select apps from system storage to SD card, and the ‘APK file manager’ tab lists all APK files stored on your SD card, allowing you to install them in bulk.

Advanced-Mobile-Care-Android-Update-Jan'13-App-Manager Advanced-Mobile-Care-Android-Update-Jan'13-App-Manager2

Privacy Advisor: This feature of Advanced Mobile Care is capable of detecting and listing ad-supported apps on your device. It also lets you keep a close tab on all the permissions required by your installed apps, and get rid of the potentially privacy-threatening ones.

Advanced-Mobile-Care-Android-Update-Jan'13-Privacy-Advisor Advanced-Mobile-Care-Android-Update-Jan'13-Privacy-Advisors

Whether you wish to track apps that are capable of reading your device identity, accessing your contacts, call logs & SMS messages, tracking your location, or leaking sensitive information to outsiders via ads, the Privacy Advisor feature has you covered. It can present breakdown of all the information on a per-app as well as per-permission basis.

Cloud Backup: While Google already offers contact backup on cloud in Android, it doesn’t backup call logs. Furthermore, if you choose not to use a Google account, you’ll have to backup your contacts manually. Advanced Mobile Care’s new Cloud Backup feature offers takes care of that, by offering you cloud backup for both contacts and call logs. To avail this service, you’ll have to register an IObit account, which you can do for free using a valid email address.

Advanced-Mobile-Care-Android-Update-Jan'13-Backup-Cloud1 Advanced-Mobile-Care-Android-Update-Jan'13-Backup-Cloud2

Unfortunately, the backup services of the app are currently a bit restricted in terms of the data that it supports, and support for SMS backup would have been nice. Also, we’d love to see a scheduled backup option offered in the upcoming versions.

That being said, the current update to the Advanced Mobile Care Android app is as significant as it gets. The app can be installed for free from the following Play Store link.

Download Advanced Mobile Care By IObit For Android

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  1. i am unable to retrieve my data from the cloud back up. also there is no relevant message or post on my gmail account which was given for security purpose.

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