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CM (Cleanmaster) Security Is A Combined Anti-Malware, Junk Files Cleaner & Call Blocker For Android

To what extent is Android susceptible to viruses, malware and other malicious threats from the internet has always been a topic of debate. And although the world’s most popular mobile operating system comes with some built-in security measures in place, there’s no shortage of third-party anti-malware apps on Google Play Store either to enhance security, with some offering really advanced features that usually come at a cost. Similarly, there are apps out there that help you clean up your device’s storage to get rid of some useless files that are just taking up space. CM (Cleanmaster) Security however, aims to provide you with a simple-to-use solution for both malware and junk file cleanup at a price tag of free. In addition, it also throws in a handy call blocking feature.

The interface of CM (Cleanmaster) Security isn’t exactly remarkable, but it still is beautiful in its own way, and looks fairly modern. The home screen also changes color according to the device’s condition.

Tapping the slick ‘Scan’ button at the center of the home screen begins the scan, which generally lasts from a few seconds to a couple of minutes depending on the number of apps and files on your phone or tablet. If you’re wondering what areas are scrutinized during the scan, the app goes through your third-party and preinstalled apps, internal and external storage, and other items deemed as critical for proper functioning of your phone.

CM (Cleanmaster) Security_Main CM (Cleanmaster) Security_Scan

Once the scan finishes, the app displays the type of threats and vulnerabilities that require your utmost attention. The antivirus engine is powered by Kingsoft cloud technology, so you can have the piece of mind that the files were scanned using a powerful solution. You can either fix each issue in the pipeline individually, or tap ‘Resolve All’ to fix all the detected problems in one go.

CM (Cleanmaster) Security_Resolve CM (Cleanmaster) Security_Fix CM (Cleanmaster) Security_Done

You can also download an additional junk clean up component to remove unwanted tidbits and temporary items from your device and reclaim your storage space. As mentioned earlier, CM (CleanMaster) Security also comes with a call blocking feature that enables you to block undesired or annoying callers for good. All you have to do is tap Call Blocking from the menu, and then specify the caller’s number.

The Settings screen of the app lets you toggle two really handy options namely Schedule Scan and Safe Browsing. The former is pretty much self explanatory, while the later block malicious websites from your default web browser, providing a safer web browsing environment. Other than that, you can manage your trusted apps by creating a whitelist, change UI language, and toggle auto update of virus definitions and real-time protection.

CM (Cleanmaster) Security_Menu CM (Cleanmaster) Security_Settings

You can download the CM (CleanMaster) Security for free via the link provided below.

Install CM (CleanMaster) Security from Play Store

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