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CM (Cleanmaster) Security Is A Combined Anti-Malware, Junk Files Cleaner & Call Blocker For Android

To what extent is Android susceptible to viruses, malware and other malicious threats from the internet has always been a topic of debate. And although the world’s most popular mobile operating system comes with some built-in security measures in place, there’s no shortage of third-party anti-malware apps on Google Play Store either to enhance security, with some offering really advanced features that usually come at a cost. Similarly, there are apps out there that help you clean up your device’s storage to get rid of some useless files that are just taking up space. CM (Cleanmaster) Security however, aims to provide you with a simple-to-use solution for both malware and junk file cleanup at a price tag of free. In addition, it also throws in a handy call blocking feature.

The interface of CM (Cleanmaster) Security isn’t exactly remarkable, but it still is beautiful in its own way, and looks fairly modern. The home screen also changes color according to the device’s condition.

Tapping the slick ‘Scan’ button at the center of the home screen begins the scan, which generally lasts from a few seconds to a couple of minutes depending on the number of apps and files on your phone or tablet. If you’re wondering what areas are scrutinized during the scan, the app goes through your third-party and preinstalled apps, internal and external storage, and other items deemed as critical for proper functioning of your phone.

CM (Cleanmaster) Security_Main CM (Cleanmaster) Security_Scan

Once the scan finishes, the app displays the type of threats and vulnerabilities that require your utmost attention. The antivirus engine is powered by Kingsoft cloud technology, so you can have the piece of mind that the files were scanned using a powerful solution. You can either fix each issue in the pipeline individually, or tap ‘Resolve All’ to fix all the detected problems in one go.

CM (Cleanmaster) Security_Resolve CM (Cleanmaster) Security_Fix CM (Cleanmaster) Security_Done

You can also download an additional junk clean up component to remove unwanted tidbits and temporary items from your device and reclaim your storage space. As mentioned earlier, CM (CleanMaster) Security also comes with a call blocking feature that enables you to block undesired or annoying callers for good. All you have to do is tap Call Blocking from the menu, and then specify the caller’s number.

The Settings screen of the app lets you toggle two really handy options namely Schedule Scan and Safe Browsing. The former is pretty much self explanatory, while the later block malicious websites from your default web browser, providing a safer web browsing environment. Other than that, you can manage your trusted apps by creating a whitelist, change UI language, and toggle auto update of virus definitions and real-time protection.

CM (Cleanmaster) Security_Menu CM (Cleanmaster) Security_Settings

You can download the CM (CleanMaster) Security for free via the link provided below.

Install CM (CleanMaster) Security from Play Store


  1. I install the CM securit. I lock my phone. When my kid try to open my phone 3x. Now, i cant open my phone coz i forgot the password. What should I do.

  2. I can lock up my Facebook, WhatsApp, Clash of Clans, Messenger, Gallery and other important apps which may leak your privacy with LEO Privacy. And I can also customize my lock mode which allows me to lock different apps under different circumstances. CM is also a good choice, but I think it isn’t smart enough~

  3. Cm security closes itself out when I click scan. This started because my youtube and google won’t open So I uninstalled my cleaning apps (cm fan) tried it again failed and reinstalled everything. Google play store doesn’t work so I had to go to aptoide now the cm security icon says beta and what I installed wasn’t beta. It was the whole thing. Cmitself won’t do anything.

  4. How do I disable CM Security from auto deleting web browsing history? Its frustrating that I can’t go into my web browsing history and view pages I’ve visited.

  5. hey , got a problem up here ,need a solution soon. I got CM security on my cell , got many photos on the secret box ( a feature CM security has on its own ) , then I got my phone format but I didn’t delete the file that the instructions said not to ( there’s a file called “CMS.Vault (Do not delete) ” ) Now, I have those files in a folder up my pc but they’re on CMS format and although they’re jpeg , I cannot open them up. Any ideas? Guys , they are 275 photos! Any answer soon, thanks !

  6. Wow, posts 2 years old and this is what’s closest to my search results?

    1.My Samsung Galaxy s5 has changed on its own. The internet icon (planet Earth), now connects directly to Facebook. I don’t have Facebook installed on the phone. I’ve literally used my phone for Facebook maybe 3 times, but not in the past 4 months or more.

    2.when awakened from a period of disuse I now have a different screen. It’s blue, has the time and weather on top. Underneath is a battery icon showing the charge level. Underneath that are 3 icons plus the words “Speed”, “continuous” & “trickle”. Underneath that are ads, one each time I allow the phone to drift into an inactive screen. Below the ad is a “swipe to unlock””. If I ignore the swipe and just press the offscreen button the screen changes to what I normally see (sort of), the regular screen with different apps, depending on which screen I last left the phone. The phone has no master password but email, text, and gallery have a “swipe pattern” password.

    3. the wallpaper behind the screens has been changed from a picture in my gallery to one of the stock ones on the phone. I didn’t change it.

    It’s running Android 5.0. Someone else said it was the latest CM update, which is what is what led me to this page. There is no malware. Any guesses as to what this is?

  7. I recently lost my galaxy s5..i placed some of my photos in secret box for protection.but coincidentally i removed my sd card a few days before ..jus now i am looking through my sd card and i locate these files, but when i view it ,its only showing the CMS icon.How can i get back these files?

  8. I’ve been using this for some time on several of my phones. I love it! Except lately deleted a whole folder of pictures. Its killing me because their Christmas pictures concert pictures and other important pictures I am Not sure what happened or how it happened. I am just wondering if there’s a way to get them back or I sort of garbage pail they might be in please help

    • Got to CM Security icon. Settings. Hamburger menu upper right. Caller ID & Blocking. Block list. Call history. Find number and press on it. Unblock is a toggle with Block.

  9. If I get a new phone will my cleanmaster and cloud account still be able to identify me??I don’t want to lose anything??

  10. Hi, my storage on both my phone and sd card is full, I’ve been looking for an antivirus or something to safely clean up and protect my phone, I’ve got s Microsoft Windows Phone, I’ve been trying for ages please help WHAT IS SAFE. PLEASE PLEASE HELP

  11. Somehow I have accidentally turned on something that is putting a message at the top of the screen telling me that I can answer a call. it is covering up my Caller ID. How do I get rid of it?

  12. Hi, I have a little problem and I can’t seem to solve it myself. I have Samsung Galaxy Y, and I just downloaded CM Security protection on my android, and I locked few things such as gallery, viber, texts, etc. But, I have a huge CM Security background on the screen now and I can’t seem to remove it. I have pressed everything but nothing worked. The only thing that does work at this moment is that middle button I pressed, and I could see something going on behind that huge, stuck CM Security background but I can’t use anything anymore, I can’t remove that CM background that locked everything. What should I do?
    I’m sorry if I misspelled something, English is not my native language. Thank you in advance.

    • Never mind, I figured it out. I just turned off the cellphone and turned it on again, and then I went to the app and unlocked back everything and that’s it. 🙂

  13. Hello i changed my CM Security password and iy wont unlock any apps with the new or old password I even uninstalled it and it wont work? How to get new password or any password to unlock my apps please

  14. How do you stop CM Security sending you a message every time it blocks a call?
    There’s not much point in blocking nuisance calls if they are just replaced with nuisance text messages.

  15. Hi some how I managed to locked my samsung tablet using cm security but I have no idea how or what it is can any 1 help as there is no contact info

  16. Using cm security how do I delete duplicate files? How do i know I’m not deleting the only one? Ex:video,pic,or music

  17. Is there any danger of any of your pics being deleted when it scans your sd card? Something. ..possibly one of my apps w the wrong permissions has taken , hidden, or deleted all but 18 pics in my default camera folder. ..on my note 3 internal memory. I am sick over this.I haven’t figured how to get them back but in the meantime I think I may need security system. I’m just so afraid of any of my pictures on my SD card being deleted.

  18. I have only recently purchased a smart phone and saw Clean Master (Cleaner) on the play store and installed it to clean up junk on the phone. Then I started researching mobile security and was surprised to see CM with top marks on AV-Test. I then thought I had all the internet security I needed after reading you should not put more than one anti-virus package on a phone. I then read on the CM forum that I should install CM Security also. This has really confused me. Can I install both without breaking the rule of having two security systems clashing with each other?

    • There is no problem having Clean Master and CM Security, CM covers the basic mobile security need, like scanning for virus, malware, but CM Security provides more professional security protection for your phone, like call blocking, fixing system vulnerbility, scheduled scan. Hopes this can help you.

    • u cn hv clean master as far as its nt antivirus,,,if its jus a cleanup tool u cn have it,,bt cnt have two antivirus software’s at the same time as they will clash with each other

  19. This “CM (Cleanmaster) Security” app is made by the same people who make this…


    …which definitely SEEMS nice, but which has a nasty habit of…

    a) prompting the user to clean his/her phone even if s/he has turned-off that feature in the app’s settings (nothing is more obnoxious than an app that ignores its settings); and it,

    b) prompts the user to delete all large files as part of clean-up (and so if one’s not careful, one ends-up deleting all movie files one may have on one’s external SD card); and it,

    c) prompts to remove (and/or removes by default unless stopped) all empty folders (and so folders created by apps when installed, but which may not have anything in them yet because said apps haven’t been used yet; and so when the app is finally used, it can’t find its folder and crashes).

    When I wrote to the dev about it, s/he apparently didn’t think it was worthy of even a response, much less an explanation or indication of whether s/he thought it was a problem, or what, if anything, s/he planned to do about it.

    I don’t know about anyone else, here, but a dev like that is arrogant and clueless, and not worthy of having any of its apps on at least *MY* Android device.

    Plus, don’t be too overly impressed with this “CM (Cleanmaster) Security” app. Even only the freeware version of…

    Zoner Antivirus Free

    …is every bit as good as “CM (Cleanmaster) Security” and it was just about the only one that scored well back in 2011 when there was that big almost-scandal when AV-TEST declared that pretty much every single (except Zoner) Android antivirus product was basically worthless. When all the big-name players in antivirus whose products were declared worthless decided to fix the things that AV-TEST found wrong with their apps, they all downloaded and installed and tested and dissected Zoner…

    …which is even better, now, than it was then. In fact, if one’s willing to pay for…

    Zoner Mobile Security

    …(just once; no monthly fees) one can get a best-of-breed antivirus (and many other features) tool that’s pretty much best-of-breed… though admittedly without the big-brand name recognition of something like AVG or Kaspersky, etc. Trust me, though, it’s as good as antivirus gets; and it contains all manner of other features very similar to (actually more than) the “CM (Cleanmaster) Security” app.

    Add that to the fact that Zoner actually answers its emails, and doesn’t do really obnoxious things like I listed, above, and there are many reasons, indeed, to not even consider “CM (Cleanmaster) Security”.

    Add to Zoner this badboy…

    Denper’s Addons Detector

    …to detect (and even remove and guard against, in real time) apps containing adware — particularly push ads — and, together, you’ve got pretty much all the protection you could possibly need… at least if your phone’s not rooted.

    If it’s rooted, then, yes, you could add a firewall and a realtime ad-blocker; but I never recommend rooting one’s phone unless you’re a technogeek who actually ENJOYS turning a perfectly serviceable phone into a persnickety, temperamental, always-needs-to-be-fiddled-with nightmare with a voided warranty that sends the user into one or more forums where other geeks live to ask questions about why things aren’t working and then get bad advice to fix it, just so s/he can say s/he’s “in control” of his/her phone, and is able to dig down into its bowels and do cool stuff.

    The only other thing I might recommend adding is…


    …simply because, seriously, few products of its type — whether for Android or Windows — have as good of a “zero day” detection capability. Yes its anti-malware database is good, but, honestly, it’s not really any better than even mediocre anti-malware products out there. But its “zero day” anti-malware detection algorithm is probably best-of-breed; and so it’s a fantastic thing to have on any machine — Windows or Android — in addition to whatever is one’s core anti-malware tool.

    Trust me when I tell you that the three tools I’ve herein prescribed…

    1) Zoner
    2) Addons Detector
    3) Malwarebytes

    …will provide pretty much any Android device — especially and unrooted one — with all the protection one needs; and even only Zoner, alone, puts “CM (Cleanmaster) Security” to shame.

    And if the maker of “CM (Cleanmaster) Security” reads this and wonders to himself/herself why I’ve so gone after him/her, here, my response is simple: START ANSWERING YOUR CUSTOMERS’ EMAILS, AND AT LEAST PRETENDING LIKE YOU GIVE A DAMN ABOUT WHAT’S IN THEM!

    Gregg L. DesElms
    Napa, California USA
    gregg at greggdeselms dot com

    Veritas nihil veretur nisi abscondi.
    Veritas nimium altercando amittitur.

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