Directly Export Or Add Attachments From Cloud In Gmail With Kloudless

During the past few years, cloud storage has becoming increasingly popular among everyone. One of the many benefits it has is that one can easily share a file with many people after uploading it just once to the cloud. Although I personally prefer Dropbox for my cloud storage needs, you can choose from a vast range of other options, each having its own set of features and pricing. But where sharing is the key element of the cloud – other than backup, of course – having an option for the cloud files to be sent directly as email attachments can also be quite useful. Similarly, many of us can use the ability to export our email attachments directly to our cloud storage. A handy service called Kloudless for Google Chrome and Firefox aims to help in this regard by allowing you to integrate multiple cloud storage services in Gmail.Read More

Add Batch Attachment Management & Rule-Based Cloud Uploading To Gmail In Chrome

Although social networks and cloud storage services have made file sharing a tad easier, many people still use email to share photos and other files with their friends, family and colleagues. However, if you’re a heavy user of email attachments, you are probably aware of the hassle involved in managing them, for example, sharing a group attachments with multiple contacts or downloading multiple attachments to your local storage in one go. Not to mention, they also take a lot of space on your email account. MetisMe Attachments Management System is a Google Chrome extension for Gmail that aims to take care of this nuisance once and for all. It lets you manage your attachments in a super fast way, allows batch-downloading to local storage as well as manual and automated (rule-based) attachment uploads in bulk to Google Drive, Dropbox or Evernote.Read More

LightMail Is An Elegant iPhone Mail App That Displays All Attachments In One Place

Apps like Sparrow gained popularity on iOS owing to the stock Mail client having a lot of shortcomings. Apple overhauled the email experience with iOS 6, but there are some new apps around that have managed to gain a considerable number of users. The Mailbox app experimented by combining mail and to-do lists, which is why people even put up with its waiting queue. LightMail doesn't offer changes that are as dramatic as those introduced by Mailbox, but the new app is still great if you are looking for an improved version of the iOS Mail app. LightMail supports a few gestures for letting you respond to messages quickly, and comes with a section where attachments from all your mails are accessible in one place. It is also possible to easily insert attachments from past messages into mails you are composing on your iPhone.Read More

Attachments+: Mail Any File From Your iPhone & Preview Received Attachments

Ever since it first came out, the Instamail app has been a permanent fixture on my iPhone, since there aren't many other apps that let you attach multiple photos to emails in one go. If your iOS device isn't jailbroken, sticking with Instamail is your best bet but if you do have access to the Cydia store, Attachments+ is the way to go. This new tweak endows the stock Mail app with a lot of new capabilities related to adding and opening attachments. With Attachments+, you can attach photos, documents, presentations and just about any file that is present on your iDevice. That's not all; the tweak also makes the Mail app smart enough to let users preview files of several formats right within the app itself, without even opening Safari.Read More

Digital Pigeon: Send Large Files Through Email From Web, Desktop & Mobile

Email services like Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo do not allow attaching large files, let's say, 300 MB in size. The maximum combined size allowed for files attached to an email is 25 MB. Digital Pigeon is a comprehensive solution for sharing large files via email, particularly for businesses. It allows you to send files up to 5 GB in size and tracks them for you, i.e., it notifies you if your sent files have been accessed by the recipient. The latter is one of quite a few accompanying features meant for businesses, such as security for private emails and file download page customization for, say, press releases or newsletters. Digital Pigeon claims to provide "fastest uploading and downloading" through Amazon's secure file hosting network. In addition to speed and security, the service comes supports instant previews for media (video, audio or image) files.Read More

Instamail Photo For iOS Lets You Attach As Many Photos As You Want To A Single Email

iOS is a pretty user-friendly mobile platform, and almost anyone can use it without having to be a geek. Having said that, this simplicity can, at times, cost the OS in terms of functionality. To keep things simple on the surface, there are areas of iOS that can become annoying for users due to their lack of certain capabilities. One such feature is the restriction on sharing photos via email. By default, iOS allows users to attach a maximum of 5 photos with a single email. Even if the photos are a few KBs in size, you will have to keep sending new mails to share more than 5. Instamail Photo is an app for iPhone and iPad that counters this issue by letting you attach as many photos as you want to emails. The mails will still be sent by the default mail client configured on your iPhone, but there will be no hindrance when you try to select more than five images to attach to the mail.Read More

Attacher: Send/ Receive Any Type Of File As iMessage Attachment [Cydia]

A lot has been written about iMessage, and the newest iOS messaging service has caused quite a stir since it was launched with iOS 5. iMessage has truly made messaging bewteen iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, not only convenient but fast as well. Now - as with almost every other aspect of iOS - the developers over at the Cydia store have come up with many tweaks to improve the functionality of the messenger service. By default it is only possible to send and receive photos / videos as iMessage attachments, but now it is possible to attach any file in iMessage conversations using a Cydia tweak called, Attacher. Apart from letting you attach different files as attachments, the tweak will allow users to open received files with appropriate programs or iFile. Head past the break to learn more about this awesomely useful tweak.Read More

Sort & Organize MS Outlook Items According To Project With yourMail

yourMail is an MS Outlook add-on which helps you reduce the time and effort involved in manual email management. It compiles emails, attachments and other tasks for a particular project, and displays them in a unified manner for easy sorting and management of MS Outlook items related to that specific project. It’s intuitive search and filing options allow emails and attachments to be stored in a structured way, which saves time, and easily allows to located project specific items, when needed.Read More

Gmail Attachments To Docs: Save Files Directly To Google Docs [Chrome]

When you receive an attachment in Gmail you have the option to either download it or view it in your browser/Google Docs (where the format is supported). The view option is convenient if you would rather read a document and see if it’s important before saving it to your hard drive but lets say you don’t have time to view a document and don’t want to save it to your hard drive either. The simple answer would be to get back to that email later when you have time, alternatively, you can save it to Google Docs so you don’t have to skim through your email and find it again. Gmail Attachments To Docs is a Chrome extension that lets you save attachments directly to Google Docs without viewing or downloading them. Attachments are sent directly from the Gmail interface.Read More

Email Large Files From Your Desktop With Kicksend

Email attachments sizes are limited from the best services to the worst. While Gmail allows you to attach files of 25MB, you cannot send them to to any other account except to a Gmail one. With restrictions like these and the fact that file sizes are now only getting bigger, Kicksend offers you a viable solution. Kicksend is a web service that comes with an Adobe air based desktop application for Windows and Mac. The service can be used to send files of up to 150MB but the desktop application lets you send files of any size you want. You can add contacts or import them from Gmail. Files that you send as attachments are uploaded to the service, a link to the file is sent in the email for the recipient to download from. All files that you upload are deleted automatically after two weeks. The desktop application only allows you to send or download files, to add contacts you will have to use the web interface.Read More

Outlook Security Configurator Allows Blocked And Linked Attachments

Outlook doesn’t permit users to access and download a wide range of file attachments which may include malicious code to prevent external sources from exploiting administrative rights of your system. For instance, executable (EXE) and Windows batch scripts (BAT) file may contain potentially dangerous command set which when run starts deteriorating your system vital components without notifying you about it. But what if you want to receive a batch/executable or JavaScript file from a reliable source in Outlook? Outlook Security Configurator not only unblocks restricted file attachments for all Outlook versions but lets you define list of file types you want to receive as email attachments. Unlike previously covered Outlook Attachment Enabler , it allows you to receive and open linked attachments without having to pass through Outlook security prompts.Read More – Search Email Attachments, Download & Send To Dropbox

Attachments are those extremely important things that are too easily lost and very difficult to find and even built-in email search isn’t as effective as it should be. is a service that makes it easy to track down your email attachments; it lets you search attachments in you Gmail and Yahoo mail accounts, it searches your Facebook and Twitter stream for images, audio, video, documents, news, events and code. You can download items directly, share them on email, Twitter, Facebook or Dropbox.Read More

CodeTwo Outlook Attachment Reminder Alerts You To Attach File With Email

It happens quite so often that we forget to attach files when sending out email. We send it without even noticing that the files that were supposed to be attached have been left behind. In order to always confirm whether the files are to be attached with the email or not, grab CodeTwo Outlook Attachment Reminder add-on for Outlook 2010. It’s a small plugin which brings the Gmail attachment reminder like functionality to Outlook.Read More

Get Rid Of Can’t Create File Error With Cleanup Outlook Attachment

Since Outlook saves downloaded attachment files in Windows Temp folder, you often get 'Can’t create file; right-click the folder you want to create the file in' prompt when you have overwhelming number of attachments with same name in your mailbox. This error could possibly prevent Outlook from downloading more attachments and, in some cases, simply stop rendering emails with attachments. One way to resolve this problem is by accessing Windows registry, finding respective keys of random folder name followed by changing their titles. But if you don’t want to tweak with Windows registry every time you see Can’t create file prompt, use Outlook Attachment Cleanup to remove duplicate files having same title in your configured mail accounts. It’s a small add-on to determine how many files are there in your mailbox with same title and clean user-selected attachment files to avoid file naming conflicts.Read More

Save Email Attachments Directly To Dropbox With Send To Dropbox

Send To Dropbox is a web-based service which lets you send important email attachments directly to your Dropbox folder. This comes useful in situations where you send emails with attachments from, lets say, office PC or smartphones and want to save the important attachments on your primary PC without having to manually download them from Sent items folder. Send to Dropbox keeps track of all the important files which you’ve sent to different recipients with complete date and time info and other email specific attributes, such as, Attachment title, email address, filenames, and email subject. One noteworthy aspect of Send to Dropbox service is that it has an ability to automatically extract ZIP archives in your Dropbox, which can surely saves a lot of your precious time. Furthermore, unlike other email attachment to Dropbox services, it can keep copy of email body in plain text and in HTML format.Read More

Send Attachment To Gmail And Other Webmail From Desktop

Sending file directly to Mail recipient option is integrated in Windows Explorer context menu, which has been both lauded & criticized, mainly because it brings ease to attach files but also happens to not open default email account every time. Let me elaborate, you can always attach a file to Outlook email client but what about attaching a file directly to GMail from Windows Explorer? Affixa provides seamless way to attach files with any email, be is webmail or a desktop email client. It replaces Windows Explorer context menu Mail recipient integration, provides attachments drop box, supports for large attachments files, replace mailto links, and a lot more.Read More

Verify Outlook File Attachment Before Sending An Email

Have you ever forgotten to attach a file while sending an important email? It happens sometimes when a person is in hurry. Sending an email but forgetting to attach a file can be pretty embarrassing sometimes, particularly when it is send to some important person.

Missing Attachment Powertoy(Download directly from here) is a free plug-in for Microsoft Outlook 2007 that reminds you to attach a file before an email is send. It scans for all words and phrases in your email that would indicate an attachment, if it detects any such word or phrase and does not find any attachment, it will bring up a dialog box for confirmation and also give you an option to revise the message before sending it forward.

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How To Download Email Attachments From Microsoft Outlook

OutlookAttachView is a free portable tool for Windows that scans all attachments in your Outlook profile and displays them in a simple list view. This can be best used for searching a specific attachment or for deleting a huge attachment that is taking lot of space. Apart from the Search feature, you can also Download the attachments easily, just select the attachments you want to download and click Save.

Since it is portable tool, it needs no installation and has the ability to search multiple Outlook profiles at once. According to NirSoft,

If you have only one profile in your Outlook, and this profile doesn't require any password, you can run OutlookAttachView even without starting Outlook, and it'll automatically scan the mailbox of your current Outlook profile. Otherwise, it's recommended to open Outlook in the right profile before starting OutlookAttachView.

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