Check5 Is A Folder Monitor, Batch File Renamer & Attribute Changer All In One

At times, we come across applications that offer a bunch of features in one small package that otherwise require installing multiple applications. Check5 is one such app for Windows that puts several related options on the table. It can monitor user-specified folders in real time and automatically notify you when any changes are made to the files in those folders, or to those folders themselves, by using event logs. It also houses a built-in batch file renamer and a file attributes changer, both of which work like a charm. The application enables you to monitor multiple folders at the same time. Read More

BulkFileChanger: Change File Attributes In Bulk

BulkFileChanger is another useful application from NirSoft which lets you change multiple attributes and meta information of all sorts of files which mainly includes; Last access, Modified , Created date, etc. It comes useful especially to keep track on files having different dispersed attributes by allowing user to edit files’ properties. For instance; if you’d need to change the file(s) attributes copied/moved on specific date, changing each property is a tedious job, you can change the meta information (properties) stored in them by making use of this application. Read More

Change File/Folder Attributes, Date, And Time With Attribute Changer

Attribute Changer is a shell extension for Windows that can change the attributes, date, time, and NTFS compression of any file or folder. It is powerful tool that can also change the Image Exif data, such as, time and date. What makes it different from other tools is the ease-of-use. Once you have installed it, just right-click any file or folder and select Change Attributes from the list. The sole reason I use this tool is because it allows you to change the advanced settings of any file more easily. For e.g, you right-click any file in Windows, then go to Properties,  then select the General tab, and finally click Advanced in order to change the attributes. While with this tool, you only need to right-click the file and select Change Attributes. That’s it. Read More