Dewey Offers A Pinterest-Like Bookmark Manager For Chrome With Smarter Search

Chrome has come a long way since its inception in 2008. The web browser, which is popular for providing a speedy web experience, lightweight design and a ton of features, is also the one with more extensions and apps in its arsenal than any other web browser on the market, offering several good solutions for any major requirement. For example, if you find it tedious to manage your Chrome bookmarks via the integrated Bookmarks Manager, you'll find many worthy alternatives on the Chrome Web Store, one of which is Dewey Bookmarks. This Chrome app is an alternative bookmark manager with a Pinterest-like interface that’s both user-friendly and functional, bookmark searching, tagging and sorting. Details after the break. Read More

View Important Or Urgent Bookmarks On Chrome’s New Tab Page With OX

Yesterday, Google Chrome’s New Tab page just got one of its biggest revamps to date. That part of the browser has always been able to garner plenty of attention owing to the fact that you see it each time you open a new tab to launch a website, one of your installed Chrome apps, or one of your recently accessed sites. Developers have come up with many Chrome extensions aimed at the New Tab page, and we have even compiled a list of many such add-ons. Out of all the extensions of this type, a few deal with aesthetics, while others fill the page with information you might find useful. OX belongs to the second of these categories, and although it is nowhere near as shiny and feature-rich as Onefeed, we are sure you will find yourself using it more and more with the passage of time. OX replaces Chrome’s homepage with a minimalistic list of bookmarks saved in the browser. This is useful for anyone looking to ensure that none of their saved bookmarks are ever really forgotten. Read More

Sync Chrome & Firefox Bookmarks With iCloud On Windows

It’s been a fantastic month for Apple fans. Last week’s biggest Apple news was the highly anticipated release of the iOS 7 update. And this week, the folks at Cupertino have begun dropping more, smaller additions to its software lineup, which now includes an updated iCloud Control Panel for Windows that lets you synchronize Safari bookmarks between iOS devices and Mozilla Firefox as well as Google Chrome. While this feature was already available for Internet Explorer for quite sometime, it’s good to see the app’s expansion on to additional platforms. The iCloud Bookmarks extension enables you to save bookmarks on your iPhone or iPad, and have everything synced to desktop versions of Chrome or Firefox. Details after the jump. Read More

Keeeb Offers A Softboard For Bookmarking & Organizing Web Clippings

We often find loads of interesting content on the internet that we want to bookmark for later. The bookmarking feature found in almost every web browser is handy enough for saving websites links and URLS, but if you want bookmark certain pieces of information such as videos, photos or even a famous quote, the browser bookmark cannot be of much help here. That’s why services like Clipboard was created to get the job done but unfortunately, this immensely useful service was discontinued when Salesforce acquired it in early May and shut it down it for good. Since then, Keeeb has been cited by many as one of the better alternatives to Clipboard, as it has picked up the gauntlet and allows you to save any piece of content on the web. Lets take a closer look at it after the jump. Read More

Get A Proper Bookmarks Bar Below The Omnibar In Chrome For iOS

When Google Chrome was new to the App Store, Cydia tweaks kept getting released to take the browser closer to perfection. The flow has been somewhat stemmed now that the app has been around for quite a while, but that doesn't mean there is no room for improvement. The Chrome app resembles the desktop variant of the browser a great deal, but there are still some fairly obvious omissions. The bookmarks bar, for example, is nowhere to be found, and whenever you have to access your bookmarks, you either have to move away from the current page, or open a new tab to get to them. Wouldn't it be just perfect if Chrome gets a bookmarks bar that is visible everywhere, but still isn't overly intrusive? While the feature might get added to the app officially in a future update, you can get it right now if you have a jailbroken iPhone. BMarks Bar – Chrome is a new Cydia tweak that adds a customizable bookmarks bar to the Chrome app. Not only does the bar have all your bookmarks, but it is even capable of showing folders below the address bar at all times. Read More

Onefeed Turns Chrome New Tab Page Into An RSS & Social Feed Reader

Since we finally saw the end of Google Reader a couple of weeks ago, many of us have been searching for an alternative. Not only has it given us the chance to discover something that could be better than Google Reader, but it has also given developers an opportunity to create some great RSS applications. One such app that we recently came across is Onefeed. It’s a Google Chrome app that turns your New Tab page into a place for combining your social media accounts including Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Instagram with RSS in order to let you keep a tab on all your important content in one place. In short, the extension provides you a seamless way to access RSS and social networks from Google Chrome. Read More

dotdotdot Brings Its Article Curating, Sharing & Reading App To iOS

Whenever I come across a long article, its title, introductory paragraph and some highlighted snippet are three things that help me decide whether or not I'm going to it all the way through, even past the second paragraph. If someone who I know to have good taste in reading recommends something, I'll give it a read too, but these three factors still decide if it's worth reading all the way. dotdotdot Reader is an iOS app for the web service of the same name that lets you read articles others have recommended, highlighting the parts of an article they found particularly interesting. Apart from being a great reading tool with its own built-in web browser, that app also lets you manage your eBooks and works independently of other services. The app is quite good as a reader too; it strips away all unnecessary content, leaving behind only the text in an easy-to-read layout. Read More

Reading List Brings Cross-Device Synced Bookmarking To Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 has brought back the Start button and that’s reason enough to celebrate for many, but this new version has also brought with it some new apps, of which Reading List is something a lot of us are bound to love. This new app works best with Internet Explorer set as your default browser, but will also work if you’re using a different one. Reading List is a standalone app that you can save links to from the Share Charm from other apps. The saved links can then be read later. To most users, this might seem to be a Pocket-like service but it mimics the reading list  feature in Safari to some extent, with the exception that it can work with any browser, making it much better. Other than being able to work with other apps and any browser, the app is pretty basic in the sense that your links cannot be organized into folders, nor categorized in any other way. A search bar within the app makes the process of finding the right one pretty easy though. Read More

Collectably Offers A Virtual Pinboard For Collaborative Bookmarking

We’ve covered quite a number of online bookmarking services before, including Dragdis and Favebucket, which are both amazing for how they integrate with your browser. Collectably is a service with a similar concept, except for that it’s built for collaboration rather than just bookmarking. The service is very basic at the moment; Chrome users can install the Collectably extension and use it to add links to their ‘boards’ while others can use the Collectably bookmarklet to do the same. Links are organized into boards, i.e., folders and you can add collaborators to those boards who can edit it by adding more links or removing the existing ones. Read More

Reg Is A Windows Registry Editor Alternative With Bookmarks & Better Search

Windows Registry is a central database that carries information regarding configuration settings for user profiles, applications, system settings and utilities, device drivers etc. in a single, well sorted and organized information hive. All versions of Windows are shipped with the Registry. Even though it’s quite genuinely useful, the native Registry Editor tool does feels fairly lacking when it comes to its limited features; it seems quite tedious to browse and doesn't offer a way to quickly jump to a certain registry key or location. The open source program Reg has come forward to solve this nuisance. It not only allows you to quickly hop to your desired registry key, but also lets you bookmark registry locations, and offers a few additional features. Read More

Easily Collect, Save, Organize & Share Online Content With FaveBucket

A while back we reviewed a very impressive service called Dragdis that allows you to collect online content - something that you could also accomplish with an Evernote account and the Evernote web clipper. The concept of collecting content online certainly isn't new but what I love about the service is its interface and how easier it is to use compared to the Evernote Web Clipper. FaveBucket is another such service that works via a bookmarklet and lets you save web pages to 'buckets'. A similar concept to Dragdis, FaveBucket allows you to secure your saved content by creating a 4-digit pin for accessing it. You can share what you've saved with friends and family via email. It can import content saved to Clipboard (the service will shut down at the end of this month) and will hopefully add support for other services as well. Read More

Quickly Access & Manage Google Bookmarks From The Firefox Toolbar

Despite the decrease in popularity of online bookmarking services after major browsers like Chrome and Firefox started including native bookmark syncing, sGoogle Bookmarks is still used by many, especially those who have accumulated a huge collection of bookmarks on the service over the years. Since the next step to accessibility is, of course, convenience and Google Bookmarks' own web interface isn't exactly as convenient as it could have been, it makes sense to use a third-party browser add-on for easily managing all your Google Bookmarks. If you're using Mozilla Firefox, the Fess Google Bookmark Extension can take care of that for you, meaning you'll no longer have to even visit the Google Bookmarks website to manage them. Read More

Mark Webpages As Read, Reading Or Read Later & Add Notes To Them In Chrome

Did it ever happen to you that you were surfing the net and came across an interesting piece, but vaguely felt you’d read it before? Perhaps you really did, but can’t recall when. If you’d like to be sure you have (or haven’t) read a certain webpage before, try Chrome’s helpful little Mark As Read extension. You can mark any online content as ‘Read’, ‘Reading’ or ‘Read later’ so that upon returning to it later, you recognize it instantly as such. You can also unmark its current status or switch it to a different one. If the world wide web is your book, this neat extension  conveniently serves as a bookmark, market and highlighter for your unread, read and to-read sections. Read More

View Recent Bookmarks Sorted By Date & Time In Google Chrome

Bookmarks can be divided into two types: those for sites you want to refer back to in the immediate future, and those for sites you want to keep around pretty much forever. Now, common sense dictates that older bookmarks, the ones you’re storing, should appear at the bottom and newer, more recent ones that you’re probably going to view earlier, should appear nearer the top, for ease of access. Firefox has the coveted “Recently Bookmarked” viewer in its bookmarks panel, but not Chrome. That is, not until Recent Bookmarks for Chrome, an extension that adds a button for quickly viewing your latest bookmarks in a list divided by day and date. Read More

Add Chrome & Firefox Bookmarks To Mac Spotlight Search Index With Brow

Spotlight in OS X indexes a lot of things but when it comes to browser bookmarks, it does index the ones saved in Safari, but not the ones saved by other browsers. If you use more than one browser and often struggle with different bookmarks libraries for each one, you might like Brow. It’s a small free utility that adds your Chrome and Firefox bookmarks to Spotlight’s index. While it runs in the background or the Menu Bar, it continually monitors the profile folders that each browser creates, and keeps the bookmarks up-to-date in Spotlight’s index. This makes your bookmarks saved across three different browser searchable from one central location i.e. Spotlight. Read More

Quickly Move Firefox Bookmarks To Any Folder From Right-Click Menu

As many of you might know already, Ctrl+D is the universal shortcut for bookmarking the current page you’re viewing in all major browsers. As quick as it, it adds the current page directly to the Bookmarks bar, or to the last folder that you saved a bookmark to. The good thing is that if you aren't too much of a procrastinator, you can transfer the bookmark to a different folder right there. Click on the little button though, and you have a different story; the page is simply bookmarked and your browser doesn't ask which folder it should go to. You can always clean and sort your bookmarks from the bookmarks manager but if you’re a Firefox user currently unhappy with the Bookmarks library that now also hosts your browsing history as well as downloads, you might want an easier way to sort these bookmarks out. Bookmark Quick Mover is a Firefox add-on that modifies the right-click context menu that appears when you right-click a bookmark in the bookmarks bar. It adds a ‘Move’ option to the menu that shows you all folders in your bookmarks library and allows you to easily move the selected bookmark to any of them. Read More

Access Both Chrome Bookmarks & Apps From The New Tab Page

No bookmarks bar has enough room to comfortably display all your bookmarked pages. Even if you sort them carefully into folders, you will not be able to see them all at a glance. Quick Bookmarks is a Chrome extension that gives you a more open view of your bookmarks. The extension takes over your new tab page and lists bookmarks and bookmarklets that you've saved to Chrome in a simple array of columns and rows, complete with their folder structure. There are quite a few extension that do something similar but Quick Bookmarks does so while still keeping your Chrome apps available from the New Tab page, and also makes it easier to manage bookmarks. You can add your frequently accessed folders as tabs to the new tab page, and drag & drop bookmarks around to move them. Read More

Add Page Content Or Position-Sensitive Bookmarks In Firefox

If you've ever bookmarked a webpage and later forgotten the reason why you had done so when you first found it, you aren't the only one. A useful webpage's bookmark entry doesn't always tell you why it’s useful, and it’s easy to forget even if you've put it in the right folder in your bookmarks library. Advanced bookmarks Add-on for Firefox helps you remember why you saved a webpage, by letting you save a web page to a scrolled position of your choice, or to a particular text snippet on that page. These bookmarks are stored separately from your other bookmarks and Advanced bookmarks Add-on adds its own Bookmarks manager for these position and content -sensitive bookmarks. Read More

Save Website Links To Read Later & Archive Them When Done [Chrome]

If your bookmarks bar is a mess, you can start cleaning it up by removing duplicate bookmarks, and if you would like a convenient way to sort bookmarks when you save them, try saving bookmarks with a few keyboard shortcuts. Though while helpful, neither of these methods solve the problem of clutter accumulating later in your bookmarks as you keep on saving more. If you would like to just save bookmarks so you can read them and be done with them once read, you need OX: Bookmarks. It is a Chrome extension that treats your bookmarks much like Gmail treats you emails. The extension basically saves all bookmarks you create from it to an ‘OX’ folder on your Bookmarks bar, and then manages them for you based on read/unread criteria. Like emails that you haven’t read or archived, OX: Bookmarks shows you a list of unread bookmarks each time you open a new tab. Once you’re done reading a page you've bookmarked, you can archive it, which moves it to an ‘Archive’ folder, from where you can also delete it later if you want. Read More

Add Articles To Read-Later Services From Safari & Chrome On iOS With Readr

If you have ever tried to read a lengthy article (like Haroon’s extremely detailed analysis of Ubuntu Touch Preview) on your iPhone, you are sure to have realized the usefulness of Mobile Safari’s ‘Reader’ view. However, you have to wait for the Reader button to show up by itself, as there is no way of invoking the mode at will. Readr is a new Cydia tweak that adds the Reader option to the sharing menu of Safari. And if you aren't satisfied with Safari’s own Reading List, the tweak also lets you associate your Pocket, Instapaper or Readability account with the browser so that you can add any post to these services without requiring a third-party app. The fact that it works with Chrome for iOS as well makes Readr absolutely perfect at what it does. Read More