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How to sync bookmarks from Windows 10 to macOS

If you have to use more than one operating system, you’ll find it takes some effort to set them all up so that you can work smoothly. There has to be a way to keep your data synced and for the two systems to speak to each other. If you’re using Windows 10 and macOS simultaneously, and need a method to sync bookmarks from Windows 10 to macOS, you can do so through iCloud.

If you’re using the same browser on both Windows 10 and macOS e.g., Chrome or Firefox, you don’t need iCloud. Both these browsers have their own built-in settings and data sync feature. If, however, you’re using Chrome or Firefox on Windows 10, and need to sync bookmarks to Safari on macOS, you will need an extension/add-on to do the job.

Sync bookmarks

To sync bookmarks from Chrome or Firefox to Safari, you need to install the iCloud Bookmarks extension or add-on. This extension/add-on was developed by Apple. You will also need to install iCloud for Windows to get the extension or add-on to work.

Install iCloud for Windows and sign in with the Apple ID that you use on your Mac.

Once you’r signed in, select what you want to sync. If you want to sync bookmarks from both Chrome and Firefox, click the Options button next to Bookmarks in the iCloud for Windows panel.

Click Apply and wait for your bookmarks to sync. Give it a few minutes to sync the bookmarks from your browser on Windows 10 to iCloud.

Go to your Mac and open Safari. Open the bookmarks panel in Safari and wait a few minutes for the synced bookmarks to appear.

The bookmarks can be synced from Internet Explorer as well, if you’re still using it. If you’re using Opera or Edge, you will not be able to use Apple’s extensions to sync bookmarks. If you cannot change which browser you use, try using tools that can sync bookmarks from Edge or Opera, or whichever browser you use, to Chrome or Firefox.

Once you have the tool set up, you can use the Chrome or Firefox extensions, and the iCloud for Windows app to sync bookmarks from Windows 10 to macOS. The bookmarks may take a while to appear and once they do, you will also be able to access them on any iOS device if you have iCloud sync set up on it and enabled for bookmarks in Safari.

Remember that this is only necessary if you want to sync bookmarks to Safari on macOS. For an alternative option, one that doesn’t involve iCloud, you could use the bookmarks sync feature in either Chrome or Firefox, install the browser on your Mac, and find a tool that you can install on the Mac that can sync bookmarks from Chrome/Firefox to Safari.

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