CopyQ: Clipboard Manager That Keeps Your History & Supports Scripting

The clipboard in Windows can work for many things. And even though its core feature is to let you move text snippets or your desired files from one location to another, you can also use it between word processors, image editors or note taking applications. But eventually you have to admit that the default clipboard is still fairly limited and to fill the gaps it leaves, third-party clipboard managers come to the rescue. If you want an application that could automatically track everything you send to the clipboard, and keep it all organized then CopyQ seems like a good choice. It boasts plenty of features that you may not find in other similar tools.Read More

Sync Your Clipboard Across Chrome, Firefox, Android, iOS & Web With

Imagine being able to copy text on your PC, save it in a user-friendly clipboard manager, and then access that content on your Android or iOS device. Sounds awesome, right? While we've previously seen a few apps doing it, is a new web service, mobile app and browser extension trio that does it in the most effective manner. Available for Chrome, Firefox, Android, iOS and the web, allows you to sync your notes and links between multiple platforms in the most dead-simple manner. Read on for more details.Read More

ClipboardFusion Is A Windows Clipboard Manager With Text Replacement, Scrubbing & Macros

Windows’ native clipboard feature gets the job done when it comes to basic copy-paste operations, but third-party clipboard managers like ArsClip, Clippy, or go way beyond the operating system’s limitations. Where the default clipboard copies data from the host application to the memory temporarily and one item at a time, clipboard managers can handle multiple items, store this data and/or modify it based on certain rules. A similar app dubbed ClipboardFusion offers additional features that you may not find in most other apps from this genre, such as ability to scrub clipboard text, replace text with pre-defined strings, and create custom macros using C#.Read More

MyClip Is A Lightweight, Powerful Clipboard Manager For Copied Text

There’s an umpteen number of desktop tools that give your everyday computer tasks a productive boost. Clipboard managers proudly sit among the top of such tools that can get things done in less time and effort. They save you the hassle of retyping or recopying text items again and again while composing emails, essays, documents and so on. If you’re looking for a lightweight, simple and basic clipboard manager that doesn’t bog down your system performance with unusual memory leaks, try MyClip. It’s an open-source clipboard utility for Windows that boasts a plethora of features such as clipboard bookmarking, predefined text items such as date, time and IDs, integrated search, hotkeys support and more.Read More

Cycle Through Multiple Clipboard Items With Ease Using RClipStep

The Windows Clipboard, one of the most extensively used features of Windows, makes use of your PC's RAM to store copied items on a temporary basis. Even though it proves to be a big time saver, the native Windows clipboard manager doesn’t have the ability to hold more than one copied item at a time. That is the reason why a lot of third party clipboard managers have surfaced to let users save as many copied items in the clipboard as they want. Some of them, like the previously covered ClipboardZanager, allows you to hold clipboard items in its memory even after the system reboots. Another useful clipboard tool called automatically saves everything you are working on, including text, images, URLs, files and folders. Today, we have another clipboard manager for you called RClipStep that lets you store multiple entries and cycle through them by repeatedly pressing V while pasting them using the Ctrl+V keyboard shortcut. Moreover, the application also saves copied text items and images in a folder, allowing you to keep them saved them for as long as you wish. Read More

Ctrl+C Lets You Copy Shareable Text Or Links From Anywhere In Android

As much as Android impresses with some of its innovative and powerful features that set it apart from other contemporary mobile operating systems, it can also annoy with certain shortcomings in a few areas. For instance, the native clipboard manager of Android comes in handy in situations only where you want it to hold a specific URL or a piece of text that you've copied from an app. By default, the stock clipboard is capable of storing just one such text entry at any given instance, meaning copying anything new overwrites the clipboard data. To address this issue, there are several clipboard management Android apps available in the Play Store, but not all are capable of automatically fetching and recording URLs, titles and descriptions from within a shareable, text-based item such as a webpage or an article from an RSS feed. This is where Ctrl+C aims to offer some help. It is a free clipboard management app for Android that allows you to record as many as ten different text entries of this sort, complete with their respective descriptions and embedded URLs, which can then be pasted into any app through Android's default sharing menu.Read More

Manage Windows 8 Clipboard & Copy Items Between Desktop & Modern Apps

Ctrl+C, Alt+Tab, Ctrl+V, homework done! We've gone through this process many times, but for most of us, it has always been a daunting task to do it over and over again - switching from one window to the other and back, while keeping our fingers in a state of distress. Few of us know exactly how it works. When you copy something (a piece of text, for instance), it gets stored in a space known as the clipboard. Once you copy something else, whatever you copied earlier is replaced with the new clip. You don’t usually get to see the clipboard, but with an appropriate clipboard manager, you can do that and so much more. After the jump, let’s see how you can get these extra clipboard management functions in Windows 8 and RT. Read More Is The Ultimate Clipboard Manager For Windows

The Windows Clipboard is probably one of the most used features of Windows. Most of us uses it a lot, hitting that Ctrl + C, Ctrl+X and Ctrl + V combination several times during the course of each day as we cut, copy and paste files across our storage media. However, whether it’s a text snippet, an image or a URL, the default Windows Clipboard can not hold more than one item at a time. If you have to copy and paste multiple items when either the source or target is different, you have to do it one by one. Until Microsoft decides to enhance the functionality of the Windows Clipboard, developers will keep coming up with third party applications to fulfill the need. Each third party clipboard application has its own strong point, for instance, some automatically sort the clipboard entries into different groups, while others retain the clipboard entries even after system reboot. Today, we have a clipboard management application called that automatically saves everything you are working on, including text, images, URLs, files, and folders. It lets you manage the clipboard entries, letting you add new items, edit them, save them in files and delete the unneeded ones. You can even preview any saved clipboard item from right within the app.Read More

Clipomatic: Quickly Access & Save Clipboard Text As Permanent Snippets

Have you ever copied an important link or block of text, and before pasting it, copied something else over it accidentally? Due to the limitation of Windows' native clipboard manager, which holds only one item at a time, most users rely on third-party clipboard managers to extend its functionality. If you've been looking for an application that can show you all copied text items, and let you choose the ones you need, we recommend giving Clipomatic a whirl. It's a simple clipboard manager for Windows that offers both hotkey and context menu support, allowing users to quickly paste the text into required applications. What makes it unique from other clipboard tools is its context menu, which gives one-click access to all the text items that you copy to the clipboard. Sadly, the tool doesn't support image and rich text format, though, you could could turn lack of support for the latter to your advantage by using the tool to remove formatting applied to copied text. Another noteworthy feature is its ability to save most frequently used text snippets as Permanent Text Items, so that you can easily access them from its context menu.Read More

Quickly Paste From Multiple Clipboard Snippets via Keyboard Shortcuts

One of the most frustrating things in Windows is that it only holds one item at a time in its clipboard. There is absolutely no knowing whether this would be sorted out or not in the future iterations of the operating system, but as of now, chances are slim. Having a stack of clipboard items that can work in conjunction has its own good reasons. For instance, one simply doesn’t need to copy an item every time they require its use. This can especially come in handy in situations where you are working on a document that demands copy and pasting various text snippets multiple times one after the other. This is where third-party clipboard managers jump into the scene. Whether it’s an email, a project report, an important assignment or a wonderful story you’re writing, clipboard utilities can save you a lot of time. We have covered some of the very best clipboard managers in the past, each with their own merits and demerits. Another one new in town is Extended Clipboard 2, which, according to the developer, is a revamped version of Extended Clipboard Classic. One of its keystone feature is FastPaste menu. This menu (which can be triggered via Alt+V) helps in instant selection among the copied items. The utility archives all the items you copy into an integrated database and there they remain, unless you manually delete them. Furthermore, when active, it keeps items in memory for an even faster access.Read More

ControlC: Remotely Access Clipboard History From A Network Location

We've covered a lot of clipboard managers that extend the functionality of the Windows native clipboard manager by allowing users to save the copied items into different data type-specific categories such as text, rich text, image, file etc. Since the default Windows Clipboard holds only one item at a time, you can use third-party clipboard tools to save multiple items as well as retain the clipboard data, even after a system reboot. Today, we came across a clipboard tool called ControlC that works in a slightly different way. It saves all the clipboard entries, including Text, Images and Files, and allows you to view the history database from a web browser (localhost). The application provides a minimalistic web app that runs on a localhost, allowing you to view your clipboard data from remote locations. Moreover, the clipboard history database is secured with a password, and only the authorized users can view the copied items. More on ControlC after the jump.Read More

AgataSoft Clipboard Manager: Use Keyboard Shortcuts To Paste Defined Text

Clipboard managers are designed to provide an easy way to access frequently used blocks of text. Whether you’re writing an email to a friend, sending an urgent report to your boss, or filling various different customer forms, clipboard managers can save you a lot of precious time. In the past, we have covered numerous clipboard utilities such as Quick Paste (reviewed here), Multi Clipboard Manager (reviewed here), Wlipper (reviewed here) etc. AgataSoft Clipboard Manager is a clipboard tool for Windows that lets you assign different keyboard shortcuts to paste defined strings, and saves copied text items to its built-in history database, allowing you to instantly access multiple text snippets at a time. Read past the jump for details.Read More

Multi Clipboard Manager: Record Copied Items Under Different Categories

Whenever you execute an application, the pertaining files and data of the application are loaded to the RAM for quick and seamless access. This in turn also decreases hard drive work load. Since RAM can store data on temporary basis, Windows uses this feature to store clipboard items. Although quite nifty and a big time saver, Windows native clipboard manager doesn't have the ability to hold more than one copied item at a time, and that's the reason why a lot of third party clipboard managers have been developed that extend the functionality of the Windows Clipboard, letting users save as many copied items in the database as they want. In the past, we have covered a lot of clipboard managers such as Ars Clip (reviewed here), Ethervane Echo (reviewed here) and ClipX (reviewed here). They all provide you with different clipboard functionalities, such as customizable hotkey support, organizing clipboard entries into different groups, saving images directly from the clipboard etc. Today, we came across yet another clipboard manager called Multi Clipboard Recorder. It is a portable tool for Windows that allows you to record clipboard entries under different user-specified categories. The application provides you with a tree-list to easily manage and use the clipboard items that belong to a specific category. Each category has collapsible/expandable controls to help you focus on the required type of clipboard entries.Read More

Wlipper: A Simple Clipboard Manager That Preserves Text Formatting

Keeping all the most frequently used text snippets in the Windows clipboard does make sense. It is extremely useful in various instances, especially when you’re writing an email, draft, report or essay etc., and continuously bumps to the use of copy pasting text items between multiple documents. Unfortunately, the Windows 7 clipboard can hold only one item at a time within the clipboard, but luckily, there are many third-party applications available out there that allow users to extend the functionality of the native clipboard manager. Previously, we have covered plethora of clipboard managers for our readers. Today, we have another clipboard application that is inspired from GNOME's Glipper, known as Wlipper. It is a miniscule, open-source clipboard manager for Windows that keeps a history of all the text items that you copy or send to the Windows clipboard. This tiny utility sits in your system tray, and taciturnly saves the text you copy to the Windows clipboard in its history database. What makes it apart from other clipboard tools, is that it also preserves text formatting while saving text from the source. This feature may come helpful in situations where you're merging two rich-text documents. Read past the jump for pertaining details.Read More

Scrapbook: Clipboard Manager That Remembers Copied Items Even After System Restart [Mac]

We’ve covered quite a few clipboard managers in the past, each with its own special feature to set it apart from the rest. Scrapbook is yet another free clipboard manager for Mac that lets you copy and paste text, files and folders from your Mac and text from apps, for pasting anywhere. The app uses Bonjour to connect and send snippets to other Macs on the same network. What’s particularly unique about this app is that, unlike other clipboard managers that are erased when you restart your system, Scrapbook remembers the items you copied. Additionally, the app allows you to categorize your clipped items into folders, which makes it an effective way of keeping links and text organized for future reference.Read More

[Giveaway] CopyLess For Mac: Manage & View Clipboard Content By App

Clipboard managers aren’t hard to find, and they are extremely useful since they let you get a whole lot more out of your default clipboard. Most clipboard managers focus on text snippets and there are few that will allow you to copy images and more. CopyLess is a Mac app worth $4.99 in the Mac App Store that extends your clipboard up to 100 items, lets you copy items in just about every format supported by Mac OS X and filters your snippets by the app they were copied from. Additionally, the app lets you favorite snippets that can be pasted using a custom shortcut, paste the last ten snippets via keyboard shortcut and wipe any text clean of its formatting before pasting it.Read More

Retain Clipboard Items After System Reboot Using ClipboardZanager

The Windows Clipboard is one of the most used features of Windows. Everyone uses it on daily basis, multiple times a day. The Ctrl + C/ Ctrl + V commands are very useful for quickly copying and pasting text, URLs etc from the source location to the destination. However, the biggest limitation of the default Windows Clipboard is that it can only hold one entry at a time. It means that whenever you copy a piece of text, the old one automatically gets deleted from the memory of Windows. Previously, we have covered a lot of useful clipboard managers, including ClipX, a clipboard manager that allows you to copy a large number of text and image entries and Free Clipboard Manager, which lets you take & save screenshots and text in clipboard item library. However, almost all of them have one common issue; the clipboard memory is wiped as soon as you turn off the computer. Today, we have a clipboard manager named, ClipboardZanager that lets you easily manage Windows Clipboard and save multiple items in its memory at a time, including text snippets and images. What makes it different from other clipboard tools is that it has the ability to retain clippings even after you reboot the system, allowing you to easily recover and use the clipboard data. Read past the break for more.Read More

DetoClip: Extract Source Code & Plain Text From Web Content In Clipboard

DetoClip is a multi-purpose clipboard manager for Windows that supports a wide range of file types, including TXT, RTF, HTML, BMP etc., allowing you to hold as many clipboard items in its stack as you want. The application is geared towards web developers who deal with dozens of code files, and copy code structures from one file to another. It provides switchable preview between plain text, formatted text and source code for text you copy from web pages, letting you quickly copy the HTML code of selected text to application development IDE. Unlike other clipboard managers, it allows you to edit the clipboard items, making it easy to create customized clipboard items which can then be pasted into required applications.Read More