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Ctrl+C Lets You Copy Shareable Text Or Links From Anywhere In Android

As much as Android impresses with some of its innovative and powerful features that set it apart from other contemporary mobile operating systems, it can also annoy with certain shortcomings in a few areas. For instance, the native clipboard manager of Android comes in handy in situations only where you want it to hold a specific URL or a piece of text that you’ve copied from an app. By default, the stock clipboard is capable of storing just one such text entry at any given instance, meaning copying anything new overwrites the clipboard data. To address this issue, there are several clipboard management Android apps available in the Play Store, but not all are capable of automatically fetching and recording URLs, titles and descriptions from within a shareable, text-based item such as a webpage or an article from an RSS feed. This is where Ctrl+C aims to offer some help. It is a free clipboard management app for Android that allows you to record as many as ten different text entries of this sort, complete with their respective descriptions and embedded URLs, which can then be pasted into any app through Android’s default sharing menu.

Ctrl C-Android-ShareCtrl C-Android-Sample

Ctrl+C can also prove to be a very helpful tool for those of us who hate being unable to share select content with their preferred app when the stock Android sharing menu doesn’t support that particular app due to lack of support by the app developer. For instance if you intend to directly share a URL, a YouTube video, an app link or any text-containing a shareable item with, say, your Google Talk buddies, you won’t be able to do it the easy way, which is by choosing the Google Talk app from your OS’ sharing menu.

On the other hand, once you get the required item added to the Ctrl+C database, you can just go through the routine copy-paste process to share any item of interest with anyone. The app is special in not just its mode of operation, but also the accuracy with which it automatically determines URLs and brief info embedded within the items you’ve selected to share. Using Ctrl+C is quite simple. Once you stumble upon a text-containing item that you want to share, just select ‘Ctrl+C’ from the Share menu.

As has already been mentioned, the app will automatically look up the title and URL (if any) included within the item, and register all the relevant information under a single entry within its clipboard. You also have the option to save an item after making necessary amendments to its details.

Ctrl C-Android-HomeCtrl C-Android-History

From the app’s main interface, you can access your Ctrl+C clipboard history, modify details of recorded items, directly register details as per specified settings without launching the app’s interface, automatically close the app upon registering a new item, and decide whether you want the app to copy just the description or all textual data included within the selected item.

Do note that there is a limitation to the use of the app – if your current app itself doesn’t offer sharing option for selected content, you obviously can’t bring up the Share menu and thus, can’t access Ctrl+C. However, that is more of an OS-limitation rather than app-limitation.

Once you have copied the required information using the above method, you can use the app to share it via any app you desire by launching Ctrl+C, selecting that particular text entry as the active one, and pasting it wherever you want. For plain text items, the only benefit you get is multiple clipboard entries, while for URLs, the details automatically added by Ctrl+C can be quite useful to many when sharing the content with others.

Download Ctrl+C For Android

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