Get An RGB Or HTML Code For On-Screen Colors With Shade Variations

Color picking tools are abundantly available for almost all desktop and mobile platforms. How they work may vary based on system and device but generally you have an app that will let you pick colors off your screen and give you the color's RGB or HEX code. CP1 is a color picking tool for Windows that stands out for its excellent and clean interface. The app can pick a color off your screen and give you the RGB and HTML code for it. When you point the app to a single color, it automatically gives you fourteen other varying shades of the same color. You have the option to expand the colors to a more wider palette. CP1 maintains a history of all colors you've ever picked. Click an old selection and you will also be able to view the other shades you were shown with it. Click on an RGB or HTML code and it is automatically copied to your clipboard.Read More

ColourCode: Create Analog, Monochrome, Triad, And Quad Color Schemes

Adobe Kuler is one of my favorite mobile apps for two very simple reasons; it saves me the trouble of finding the right color for a theme and lets me just point to a picture that I like, and because it can create color schemes with a large number of variants. ColourCode is a web app that is my new favorite for creating color themes. It has seven different variations that it can create a theme from any base color that you select. The theme can be downloaded as an SCSS, LESS, or PNG file. Alternatively, you can also get a permalink to a theme and share it with anyone. There is no sign up required and the app is absolutely free.Read More

Palette Picks Colors From Any Image And Gives You The HEX Or RGB Code [Web]

A good while back, Adobe launched Kuler for iOS. It's an app that hasn't left my iPhone since the day I reviewed it. There's also a nice web app that does what the iOS app does all in your browser and it's one of my oldest bookmarks. What Kuler does is that it helps create color themes from scratch or from a photo you like. For anyone wanting something simpler, there is Palette. It's a very simple web app that you can drag & drop an image on to and it will find and list all colors used in that picture. The colors appear with their respective RGB or HEX codes, whichever one you want to use.Read More

Adobe Kuler For iPhone Lets You Create Color Themes From Images Or Your Surroundings

Some people are tone deaf, others just fail trying to mix, match, contrast, or create color combinations. This might pose a problem for people in everyday life and occasionally, for designers who have hit a wall trying to come up with a good theme. One really easy way to come up with a great color theme is to look at your surroundings for inspiration; anything from a soothing landscape to the floral arrangement on your desk can be instrumental in finding a nice combination of colors to use in your project, and Adobe’s new iOS app Adobe Kuler is is a helpful tool that lets you do just that. The app, which is available for free in the App Store, lets you take pictures and detects the different colors in them to give you a theme. You can either snap an image and extract color themes from it, use an image from your camera roll to do the same, point your camera at anything in the room and have the app pick colors from the input, live, or use the built-in color wheel to create themes from scratch. Adobe Kuler also has a web app that gives you a color wheel for creating themes but doesn't allow you to pick them from an image.Read More

Win Toolbox Is A Unified Dashboard For Several Handy, Frequently Used Utilities

Win Toolbox is a multi-purpose Windows utility that acts as a Swiss Army Knife for launching and controlling system utilities as well as user-installed applications from a single place. It contains an umpteen number of features that might leave you fairly impressed. Although the program looks very simple from the UI, it provides useful tools like a screen capturer, color picker, fonts explorer, system shutdown timer and more. It’s fairly feature-rich with a truckload of settings and options, so lets take a closer look at the most salient ones after the jump.Read More

ColorBug Is The Best Color Picker For Windows We’ve Seen So Far

For long, color picker applications have helped graphics designers, web & application UI developers, and other creative artists in choosing the best colors for their projects. That’s why we keep covering such tools for our readers from time to time, like Just Color Picker and Color Mania for Windows, and Color Picker Pro for Mac OS X. Today, we have another incredibly powerful and feature-rich color picker at your disposal called ColorBug. It’s a Windows application that can help you decide the right colors for your projects in a few simple steps. The application is able to pick any color from any area of the screen. It also boasts an integrated color palettes feature, which lets you create distinct color profiles and use them on the fly. Read More

Use Your Android Device’s Camera To Identify Colors In Real-Time With Color Grab

Smartphone color picker apps such as LifeDropper and SwatchMatic can prove to be quite helpful for both graphics designers as well as users suffering from color blindness. Both aforementioned apps use your Android device’s camera to identify the colors around you, and present you with detailed info, all in real-time. While both apps are quite effective, they come with their share of limitations. The former is ad-supported and could use a UI overhaul, whereas the latter seems a bit overladen with several unnecessary features. Moreover, neither app supports the front-facing camera . That's not the case with Color Grab, the latest entrant to the family of Android color picker tools. Besides being free, Holo-themed and ridiculously simple to operate, Color Grab allows real-time color recognition and capturing through both front and rear cameras.Read More

SwatchMatic: Capture & Identify Colors via Your Android’s Camera

If you’ve ever had a chance to work with colors, you’ll be very well aware of the fact that finding the exact combination is not an easy task. There are plenty of different color shades scattered all around us, but precisely identifying and differentiating among most of them requires an expert eye. While designing your new website, application, game, artistic masterpiece, apparel or any graphics project, you might have the exact required color right before your eyes, but due to the lack of adequate knowledge or a proper color identification tools, you won’t be able to learn about the exact shade that you’re looking forward to use. What can you do at best in such situations? Look for and then sift through multiple pages of some color catalogue? Verbally try explaining to the shopkeeper or the graphics designer about the exact color that you’re looking for? Or, maybe, snap the object through your mobile’s camera and then try to solve the dilemma with the aid of some color picker tool. Well, if you own an Android device, all you need is SwatchMatic to be installed on it. This free app has the capacity to instantly identify virtually any color that comes within the sights of the viewfinder of your device’s camera. The core purpose of the app is to help you with finding instant information about required colors around you, look for matching/contrasting shades, analyze their HSV, RGB & web values, create new color palettes using custom combinations, and share the color-filled pallets to your friends with a tap.Read More

Able Opus Extracts Colors From Range Spectrum, Images & Your Desktop

Using the right set of colors for a project is very important if order to make it pleasing to the eyes and appealing to the target audience. Everywhere you go, you can see colors being used to capture the attention of people; for instance, when you visit a website, the colors of different objects found on the page in front of you can instantly decide if you want to stay on the website, or move on to a new one. When colors were first introduced in the computer, 256 colors was considered a huge amount, but nowadays, 32 millions colors have become the standard. To use the required colors for your project, first you need to know what that exactly is. If you find a particular color while looking at an image that you like, you cannot just tell with accuracy which one it actually is. With so many colors available in pictures of extremely high resolution, it is impossible for the human eye to distinguish one color from another. Today, we have an open source application for you called Able Opus Color Extractor that helps you in finding the RGB, Hex and HSB value of a color. You can pick the color from a spectrum, an image available on your hard drive, or anything placed on your desktop.Read More

Free Screenshot Capture Includes A Color Picker, Ruler, Protractor & Other Extra Tools

One type of Windows applications that intrigue me a lot are Screenshot utilities. For me as a reviewer, screenshot tools let me demonstrate each and everything to my readers, in a simple way. Back in March, Fawad compiled a list of 5 of the best screenshot utilities for Windows. It looks like we have another winner on our hands, simply labeled as Free Screenshot Capture. Aside from being a screen capturing utility, this nifty little tool comes packed with various unique options including Webcam Capture, Protractor, Color Picker, Ruler, Magnifier, Brightness adjuster and a Whiteboard. Also included is a Screen Capture with Delay option, which enables the tool to automatically trigger the capture instance after a defined amount of time. It fully supports global hotkeys, letting you easily and instantly take the screenshots. The application sits in the system tray to provide you with quick screenshot capture modes and options.Read More

LiquidColor: Save Color Codes In Groups & Search For Them By Keyword [Mac]

LiquidColor is a Mac app worth $0.99 in the Mac App store and is completely different from other color picking tools available out there. It provides an easy way to catalog different color schemes you have created for multiple projects. Instead of opening your mock-ups and templates each time (in heavy-to-load apps like Photoshop) to look up a color, this light weight utility lets you record them, organize them into profiles and associate keywords with them. The tool saves RGB values and Hex codes for each color code. You can add as many profiles as you like and add as many colors to a single profile.Read More

Sip: Color Picker Tool That Converts To 12 Color Formats [Mac]

Last year, we covered Color Picker Pro and Gradient, both of which are eyedropper tools with slightly varying purposes. Gradient allows you to pick and combine two colors to get CSS code for the resulting gradient, while Color Picker Pro is excellent when working with two displays. Gradient has gone paid since our review, while Color Picker Pro is still free. Although a remarkable app, it converts colors to 6 formats. Sip is a free Mac app that not only has an excellent and minimalist interface, but translates color into 12 different color modes. In addition to the large number of formats, the app records all colors that you pick, lets you choose the number of items it saves, and supports keyboard shortcuts.Read More

Accupix: Pick Colors From Websites To Copy Their Hex Codes To Clipboard [Chrome]

It happens so often that we come across a certain color shade or scheme on the web - something that we'd even like to use in one of our own designing projects - but are unable to determine what the color exactly is. For such cases, a color picker makes things easier, as it allows you to pick and identify Hex codes of any color present on your screen. Accupix is a simple yet powerful Chrome extension that lets you identify and copy any color on your screen through a zoomed in preview of an image/area and a virtual dropper. The eyedropper tool lets you surf through different colors and gets the color code for any pixel on the screen. To help designers, it automatically copies Hexadecimal codes to the clipboard. Moreover, the extension comes with some handy keyboard shortcuts for zooming in and out, picking pixels and more.Read More

ColorMania Color Picker Lets You Zoom In To Select Individual Pixels

When I got my first computer,  256 colors was the highest number of colors the computer systems of that day were able to display. Today, 32 million colors are the standard for any PC. Even smart phones are capable of displaying millions of colors in high resolution. If you are developing a website, or doing any other designing project, picking colors from such a huge range for designing graphics is not an easy task. Choosing the right or wrong color can mean the success and failure of your project. Previously, we have covered a lot of color picking applications, such as Instant Color Picker, an application for Windows that has 6 different and unique shade extraction tools, allowing you to find the right color shade, and Just Color Picker, an application with a host of color picking features to view, as well as customize chosen colors to fit your design. Today, we have another great color picker called ColorMania. It is an advanced utility for picking colors that is created especially for web-designers, graphic artists and application developers. Various color modes are supported by ColorMania, and it allows you to pick any color available on your screen. More on the features of ColorMania after the break.Read More

Pick Colors & Create Directional Gradient Images, Save To Clipboard

Every developer aims to create an attractive and good-looking software or website, because, as the saying goes, you catch more flies with honey (even if its just in appearance). However, this eye candy is only achievable with the best use of color combination and a perfect blend. That’s where gradient applications jump in. They let developers create an indefinite amount of color combinations to produce the most suitable combinations they want to use on their software and webpages. We have covered various color picker apps in the past, such as ColorHexa and Gradient (for Mac), just to name a few. Gradient Actualizer is yet another portable color picker utility that can help you create a gradient image of your choice, then use it on your projects or photo editors to make any further enhancements. Read on for more details.Read More

Color Express: A Comprehensive Tool To Pick, Extract And Blend Colors

When I first started using the computer, the 256 colors of Windows 95 viewable on a Pentium 1 was considered a big deal after the black and white display supported by pre-Pentium 386 and 486 computers. These days, however, the number of colors viewable on a computer screen are in millions. So, when there are so many colors, how to pick out exactly the one that you want? Previously, we have covered some very useful application regarding color management. Some of these applications, such as Pictures to Color and Color Finder, which allow you to extract colors from images, ColorToy that lets you find the HEX and RGB values of a random color and Instant Eyedropper that lets enables you to view color values of items on your desktop and copy them to clipboard. Today, we have another application to fulfill your color management needs, called Color Express, that lets you choose colors using a classic HSB picker, Hue Square or Hue Circle. Moreover, it allows you to extract colors from images and your desktop screen, and blend two colors together. Keep reading to find out more about Color Express after the break.Read More

Create Custom Color Chart, Blend Color Shades & Copy HTML Hex Value Using Color Warlock

In the past, we have featured numerous color picking tools for both Windows and Mac OS X platforms, including ColorUtility, Instant Color Picker, Just Color Picker, Gradient, Pick, Color Picker Pro. The color picking tools are built to help graphic designers pick the required color shade off the screen and use in their projects. One of the most common feature of color pickers is copy HEX value of selected color, which lets users quickly use the color in stylesheet documents, such as CSS. Today, we have another color picking tool for you, called Color Warlock. The application lets you easily create custom color charts to assist you in picking required range of color shades. It provides you with a number of color charts, which not only allow you to choose the color shade, but also copy the color code (HTML Hex value) or color name with a click. Read past the break for more details.Read More

Find The RGB Value Of Any Object With Augmented Colors [WP7]

Being a relatively new field of technology, augmented reality hasn’t got a lot of apps on any platform, let alone one like Windows Phone 7, whose app collection is not as large as iOS and Android. The apps that do feature Augmented Reality are mostly just for fun, and serve no serious and useful purpose. So, it is always nice to see an AR app that actually does something useful, no matter how small or insignificant. Augmented Colors is a rather simple app, but the functionality it offers is very useful if you use photo editing tools, or if you like to have an exact knowledge of everything that interests you. Using the app, you can point your WP7’s camera at any object, and find out the RGB and hex value of its color. The user doesn't have to do anything, the app will just take a moment to scan the target object, and tell you the colour's exact name straight away.Read More

Plastiliq PixelPicker: View Color Codes Of Desktop Items In 10 Formats

Picking the right color for the right job can do wonders for your presentation. Using the right or wrong colors - say, for your website - can make or break the mood of the visitor to keep browsing through your page or switch to another one. Some days ago, we covered ColorToy, an application that allows you to view color values in multiple formats. The downside of that application was that it only allows you to select a color and view its RGB, HEX, Decimal etc, values, but it did not let you view the color values of an image or desktop. For images, you can use Pictures to Color and Color Finder, but if you want to view the color codes of items on your desktop, give Plastiliq PixelPicker a try. Keep reading to find out more.Read More

“Pick” Color Code In 16 Formats From Any Object On Your Screen [Mac]

Many photo editors let you pick colors from any part of an open image, but few apps allow you to do this universally, i.e., on any part of your screen, regardless of which app is active or what webpage you have open. Pick is a Mac app that is a universal color picker. Once you launch the app - either from the menu bar or from the keyboard shortcut - mesh magnifier replaces your cursor and actively picks the color of whichever area you hover it over. The app can give you the color code in several different formats, and will work regardless of which apps are running.Read More