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SwatchMatic: Capture & Identify Colors via Your Android’s Camera

If you’ve ever had a chance to work with colors, you’ll be very well aware of the fact that finding the exact combination is not an easy task. There are plenty of different color shades scattered all around us, but precisely identifying and differentiating among most of them requires an expert eye. While designing your new website, application, game, artistic masterpiece, apparel or any graphics project, you might have the exact required color right before your eyes, but due to the lack of adequate knowledge or a proper color identification tools, you won’t be able to learn about the exact shade that you’re looking forward to use. What can you do at best in such situations? Look for and then sift through multiple pages of some color catalogue? Verbally try explaining to the shopkeeper or the graphics designer about the exact color that you’re looking for? Or, maybe, snap the object through your mobile’s camera and then try to solve the dilemma with the aid of some color picker tool. Well, if you own an Android device, all you need is SwatchMatic to be installed on it. This free app has the capacity to instantly identify virtually any color that comes within the sights of the viewfinder of your device’s camera. The core purpose of the app is to help you with finding instant information about required colors around you, look for matching/contrasting shades, analyze their HSV, RGB & web values, create new color palettes using custom combinations, and share the color-filled pallets to your friends with a tap.


With SwatchMatic, all you need to do is point your camera towards the required colored object, and the app will automatically detect & display the exact shade of the targeted color in real-time. The app’s main UI is based around a swatch-oriented viewfinder and a crosshair that helps you detect the color (and matching shades) of any object that you point your camera at. What’s even better is the various modes in which SwatchMatic goes about finding all the color matches. For instance, it can help you fetch colors via complements, analogs or triads. In addition, it also provides you the option to remove or boost contrast between colors, choose from three different saturation modes (normal, vivify and pastelify), and learn about the name & values of the color that you form as a result of tinkering with various sliders.


The app is quite straightforward to use. Once you’ve got all aforementioned settings right, and the required color in sight of the crosshair, tap anywhere on screen to register the detected color and its respective shades on a palette. Upon prompt, confirm and Save the palette card to your device. To recall your bookmarked palettes, tap the thumbnails button at the top, whereas to see the respective title, HSV, RGB and web values contained within a specific palette, tap the notes button.


While previewing a palette, you can tap the settings button at the top to play around with values of all the included colors. Needless to say, once you obtain desirable color combinations, you can store them all on a custom palette, save it to your device, and/or share it further with your friends. To help you easily analyze various colors captured by the camera, the app presents you with image cards of various robots, each sporting all the colors contained within the palette.


SwatchMatic may have been designed to serve needs of a very specific target audience, but even then, it goes about its entire business quite effortlessly.

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