Get A True Download Manager In Chrome With Filters, Alerts & More

There’s no doubting Google Chrome’s success; it has come a long way to become the most widely used web browser in the world. There are areas where the browser itself is lacking, but for pretty much everything missing, there's an extension that does the job. If you aren't satisfied with the default download manager that comes with Google Chrome, you can easily integrate third-party download manager. Most download managers, however, are available as desktop apps, and integrate themselves in to Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and other popular web browsers via a plugin of sort. Fruumo Download Manager, on the other hand, is an extension that lets you manage and control all your downloads within Chrome without the need for any external download manager. Previously, we've covered Fruumo's other handy extensions such as a Tab Manager and Fruumo Notifier, both of which were fairly awesome, and their download manager is equally impressive. Read More

Easily Download APKs Of Free Android Apps From Play Store With APK Downloader

Google Play Store allows you to install any app to your Android device by clicking the ‘Install’ button located on the app’s web-based Play Store page. But if you want to download it to your PC as an APK file, you’re out of luck because Google does not (and may never) offer such a feature officially. A while ago, we covered a Chrome extension that allowed you to download APKs to your computer from Android Market. However, that extension doesn't work anymore with the Play Store. On the flip side, we now have an even simpler solution in the form of APK Downloader, a new web-based service that enables downloading APK from the Play Store directly to your PC. For anyone who wants to grab APKs of free apps not available in their region or for the devices that they have configured with their Google account, this is a breath of fresh air as it eliminates the frustration of searching the web for those APK files. Read More

Download Files To Android While Browsing The Web On Your Computer With

One of the issues I face a lot is the hassle of transferring files back and forth between my computer and Android phone. I mostly surf the internet from my PC, and when I find something useful that I’d want to have on my phone, let’s say, a video, photo, song, APK file of an app etc., I first have to download it to my computer, and then transfer it to the phone over Wi-Fi or USB, ending up wasting a lot of time. With today’s smartphones, one can of course download files straight to their device, but then, tediously browsing to the required site on your phone again after coming across it on your computer isn't exactly intuitive. This is where comes to the rescue. It’s a free service with Android and web components that allows you to download any file directly to your device while surfing the web on your computer. Read More

How To Download Photos Directly From The Facebook Android App

Whether you realize it or not, Facebook has its hooks into nearly everyone, with many of us spending a huge chunk of our time on the world's largest social network. A great thing about Facebook is that it gives users cloud storage space for saving and sharing all of their pictures and videos from one online location. This practice has made it one of the biggest online photo repositories on the planet. At times, we come across some great photos while browsing our Facebook News Feed on mobile, and feel like saving a copy. Unfortunately, the official Facebook mobile apps don't allow that. Though, if you are on Android, Facebook Photo Downloader provides an excellent solution. Read More

‘Get Mac Apps’ Allows Easy Batch-Download & Installation Of Popular OS X Programs

Installing apps on a Mac is not the same closed and fenced-in deal that installing apps on an iOS device is. True, you have to sidestep Gatekeeper if you're running Lion or Mountain Lion, but you can still download and install Mac apps from just about any source. Though, finding and then installing these apps - whether from the Mac App Store or the developer’s site - can be a bit tedious, which is something Get Mac Apps can help you out with. It’s a simple web service that allows users to select the apps they want to install, and gives them a single command to run in Terminal to get them all in one go. The apps are then downloaded without so much as asking you to enter your system’s password or sign in with your Apple ID. The best part is that Gatekeeper lets you run the apps without having to sidestep them, and any DMG files that are downloaded are automatically removed after installation. The result is one of the cleanest and most convenient ways to download and install Mac Apps. Read More

Batch-Download All Images From A Tumblr Blog With TumblOne For Windows

Tumblr is a blogging platform well known for its humorous and quirky posts. For those unfamiliar though, the micro-blogging website allows users to post short-form content (mostly photos and videos) and quickly let it share with others as links, quotes, text etc. Unlike Wordpress and Blogger-based blogs, however, Tumblr also allows you to ‘follow’ blogs in a Twitter-esque manner. You can even like posts and reblog the ones you like. But even after being given such flexibility and control over their Tumblogs, most people simply prefer sharing photos on them. If you’re following a particular Tumblr blog and want to download all the photos hosted on the site in one go, TumblOne might be what you’re looking for. Read More

Batch Download Photos From Multiple Facebook & Instagram Accounts With Social Downloader

The power of social media has changed a lot of things over the past few years, including how we share photos with others. Not a while ago, people used to send photos to their friends and family via email attachments or using instant messaging services, but since the inception of social media sites like Facebook & Twitter as well as photo-focused services like Flickr, Picasa and Instagram, things aren't the same, as anyone can now share their favorite pictures with others in an instant. Though if you want to download photos already stored on social media, try Social Downloader. It's a small Windows app that lets you backup your Facebook and Instagram photos to your local drive. In addition to the images you've uploaded to the site and the ones you've been tagged in, you can also download photos uploaded by your friends and the ones they are tagged in, as long as the uploaders' privacy settings allow that. Read More

Download Entire Websites To Your PC For Offline Browsing With WebCopy

You might have heard about tools like HTTrack Website Copier or PageNest that allow you to download any website to your local hard drive for offline viewing. These website copiers basically create a replica of the entire website so you can browse it just like you do in online mode. Today, we have stumbled upon another great website downloader called Cyotek WebCopy. The application boasts some really powerful features; not only can you copy the website to your local folder, but you can also trace external links, access the site map, download administrative areas of the site after entering the required credentials, and more. Read More

Easily Download & Launch Sysinternals & Nirsoft Utilities With WSCC

Having too many applications installed on your computer can eventually slow it down. You may already know that different programs and their associated services running in the background consume system resources, adversly effecting the overall performance of your computer. Having individual applications installed might not seem like that big of an issue but having complete software suites such as Puran Utilities - - a collection of various tools to perform different operations such as cleaning junk data, managing files and uninstalling software - installed on your computer can have a bigger impact on system performance. Instead of installing a bunch of utility suites, you can just use WSCC (Windows System Control Center). It is a portable application that lets you install, update, execute and organize tools from different software suites, as well as several built-in Windows tool, all from one interface. Other than the available utilities, it lets you install and automatically update several other tools from within the interface as well. Keep reading to find out more about WSCC. Read More

Download, Batch Install & Update Popular Windows Apps With Milouz Market

Dedicated app stores are a great way to install all your apps from the same place using the exact same process but when it comes to desktop platforms, things haven't been this way exactly. It can be quite time-consuming to download popular Windows apps from their own different sources and then individually running their installers. Furthermore, you have to keep a check on the installation process to make sure no needless bloatware makes its way to your computer unchecked. This is where Milouz Market comes to the rescue. This lightweight free app offers you quick, silent and bloatware-free installation of many popular apps without having to go through cumbersome installation procedures. Milouz Market houses a decent number of free apps in its repository, and also supports updating the ones that are already installed. Read More