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Get A True Download Manager In Chrome With Filters, Alerts & More

There’s no doubting Google Chrome’s success; it has come a long way to become the most widely used web browser in the world. There are areas where the browser itself is lacking, but for pretty much everything missing, there’s an extension that does the job. If you aren’t satisfied with the default download manager that comes with Google Chrome, you can easily integrate third-party download manager. Most download managers, however, are available as desktop apps, and integrate themselves in to Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and other popular web browsers via a plugin of sort. Fruumo Download Manager, on the other hand, is an extension that lets you manage and control all your downloads within Chrome without the need for any external download manager. Previously, we’ve covered Fruumo’s other handy extensions such as a Tab Manager and Fruumo Notifier, both of which were fairly awesome, and their download manager is equally impressive.

Fruumo sports a great looking interface that looks way better than the default Chrome Downloads UI. It’s also fairly easy to setup; simply install it via the link provided at the end of this post, and you’re all set. When installed, the extension adds its icon to the omnibar, so you may easily access your downloads. Once setup, you can click this button to access the extension’s settings. Here are some of the key features of Fruumo Download Manager.

  • Pause, resume, stop, and remove downloads
  • Set Download Filters using the ‘Create Filter’ option in the Settings page, which in turn automatically categorizes all new downloads into folders
  • Desktop notifications for your download so you may know when a download finishes, even when Chrome is not currently active
  • Multi-Download option that allows you to download more than one file from a single page without individually clicking each item
  • Built-in search bar to easily find a particular item from a large list of downloads
  • Image previews for downloads right on the Downloads page

Fruumo Download Manager

Fruumo’s interface carries a sidebar on the left that lets you navigate between the Downloads, Multi-download, and Settings sections. While I’ve already mentioned what Multi-Downloads does, it’s worth explaining that you can also sort the list of available downloads n a page by file type. For instance, if a download page carries loads of PNG and JPG images and you only want to download the JPEG files from the bunch, simply mark JPG to hide everything else.

Fruumo Download Manager_Multi Download

Fruumo Download Manager can prove to be a handy option if you want to easily manage your downloads from Chrome without relying on an external download manager.

Install Fruumo Download Manager from Chrome Web Store


  1. Enjoy having Google see everything you download, seek that information to advertisers, and turn it over to the NSA.

    • To add to this, I have also tested this extension in Chromium and it seems to work fine, so it can certainly be used without any kind of Google tracking. I imagine it probably works in Blink powered versions of Opera too.

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