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Download Files To Android While Browsing The Web On Your Computer With Downiton.mobi

One of the issues I face a lot is the hassle of transferring files back and forth between my computer and Android phone. I mostly surf the internet from my PC, and when I find something useful that I’d want to have on my phone, let’s say, a video, photo, song, APK file of an app etc., I first have to download it to my computer, and then transfer it to the phone over Wi-Fi or USB, ending up wasting a lot of time. With today’s smartphones, one can of course download files straight to their device, but then, tediously browsing to the required site on your phone again after coming across it on your computer isn’t exactly intuitive. This is where Downiton.mobi comes to the rescue. It’s a free service with Android and web components that allows you to download any file directly to your device while surfing the web on your computer.

Downiton mobi_Web

To get started, you need to create a new Downiton.mobi account. To do that, head over to its website via the link provided at the end of this post, click Register at the top-right and enter your email address, a password and the validation text in the pertaining fields.

Downiton.mobi - Register

Next, download Downiton.mobi’s free Android app from Play Store. It’s a very lightweight app that doesn’t take much time to setup. After installing it on your device, launch the app, and sign in with the same email and password credentials that you used while registering for an account.

You are then introduced to the main interface of the app, which looks fairly straightforward. Its doesn’t carry many settings, making it dead-simple to use. All you can do is log out of your account or open the location of the downloaded files.

One strange bit I noticed is that it doesn’t let you choose a different destination folder despite showing the option in the main interface. You can, however, toggle the Download on Mobile Data option, which can be helpful if you want to save up on your data bill.

Downiton.mobi_Android_Sign in Downiton.mobi_ANdroid

So, how do you send a download to your phone from your PC using the app? Visit the web interface (and sign in if required), specify the download’s URL, choose your device, click ‘Down it on mobi’, and the download will immediately start on your Android phone or tablet. If your device isn’t connected to Wi-Fi and you have disabled the Download on Mobile Data option, it will start downloaded as soon as you connect to Wi-Fi. Downiton also keeps a history of your 10 most recent items, showing their status as completed or pending download.

Downiton.mobi - Web UI

Overall, it’s a great app that isn’t too feature-rich, but just works. So, give it a shot and let us know about your experience or your preferred alternative solutions, in the comments below.

Visit Downiton.mobi

Install Downiton mobi from Play Store


  1. I use a different approach, it achieves the same purpose without the need of additional application. Actually I’ve settled up “Synchronization” for specific folders on my computer such as music and videos. Whenever I add/modify anything within those folders it automatically gets copied to my phone over WiFi real-time :).

  2. I had created a mockup 2 years ago with the same idea. It was just a concept. I used it for the same purpose. It feels really great that someone has created an pretty awesome app out of it !!

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