Popular eBook Reader Readmill Now On Android; We Go Hands-On [Review]

Smartphones and tablets are versatile devices with countless purposes, and with the right app, a device with a decent screen size can easily serve as a great eBook reader. While there are many Android apps available for the purpose, Aldiko is by far the favorite of most (including us), and it even lets you sync your books as well as reading position across devices with Aldiko Sync. Though that doesn’t mean that there’s no room in the market for other alternatives – after all, reading is a personal experience and the more choices there are, the better. Readmill is one such option that – after gaining a significant amount of popularity on iOS – has recently made its way to Google’s smartphone and tablet platform. Optimized to work well on both phones and tablets, the app lets you easily import your eBooks into it and read them on the go. Also, it’s backed by a web service of its own that keeps all your books as well as your last reading position synced across all your devices with the app installed, and even on any device with a modern web browser via its website. In what follows, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at this app and all its features on Android.Read More

Easily Create, Design & Publish Your Own eBooks Online With Papyrus

For authors looking to crash through the exclusivist publishing gateway, self-publishing online can be quite a liberating option, and many contemporary and struggling writers have lately been using it as their primary publishing option. Amazon’s direct publish has helped thousands of writers achieve a greater audience than ever before, and there are many other like it. We’ll be taking a look at one such today, Papyrus. What sets this web app apart from the competition is its overall approach to the business of online publishing. More details after the jump.Read More

Save eBooks Online Or To Dropbox & Read From Anywhere With QuietThyme

There’s a large number of eBook readers available for both desktop and mobile platforms, and almost an equal number of apps that allow you to convert eBooks from one format to another. QuietThyme is different; it allows you to edit the Metadata of your eBooks, and search for them by title, author name, or ISBN code. It can connect with your Dropbox account and you can upload your favorite ebooks to the service. It will then provide you a link to your catalog that you can be added to an RSS reader, allowing anyone who’s subscribed to it to know when you've added a new book. Books can be uploaded to either your Dropbox account or to QuietThyme’s own storage. It also integrates with several popular eBook readers across popular mobile and tablet platforms like iOS and Android.Read More

Easily Tweak & Edit EPUB Books In Your Favorite Windows Text Editor

EPUB is one of the most famous formats used by ebook publishers for publishing their books on multiple platforms. The reason for its popularity lies in the fact that it is designed for reflowable content, allowing the text to be optimally rendered by the reader software on any display device. The format is natively supported by all modern ebook readers such as Amazon Kindle series and Barnes & Noble Nook series, and a wide range of ebook reader apps available for PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Windows Phone and many other operating systems also have EPUB support. However, the tool we have today does not focus on reading EPUB files. Tweak EPUB is a portable application for Windows that enables you to edit EPUB files and save the edited versions while retaining all the original formatting. What's even better, it lets you perform the editing in your favorite text editor.Read More

Payhip Lets You Sell Your Ebooks Online For Free Through Paypal [Web]

Writing a book can take days or even months and then to find a publisher for it is no picnic, but have you ever tried selling your ebooks online? If not, then try it using Payhip. Payhip is an online platform that lets you sell your ebooks online for free, without having to go through all the trouble of finding a publisher , using the secured services of Paypal. Signup is absolutely free and the best part is,  Payhip does not charge any thing for their services. All your profits are yours to keep.Read More

iBooks Author: Apple Releases eBook Creation App For iBooks [Mac]

Reading on an iPad is unquestionably fun; the device itself is enough to tempt you to read, even if you’d rather wait for the movie. To make it better, Apple has iBooks, an iOS app available for free in the App Store that makes reading both fun and interactive. The app itself is extremely popular, and now Apple has released iBooks Author; a Mac app that lets you create ebooks in all their splendor for reading in iBooks. The app might just be a publisher’s dream come true; it comes with six templates that can be modified, you can add just about any kind of content, be it movies or audio files, slideshows, charts, tables or 3D objects. The templates are fully equipped to support basic book elements, like glossary, preface, table of contents and more. It additionally lets you import whole chapters from a Pages and/or Word file.Read More

Convert EPUB eBooks to MOBI Format For Use With Kindle Fire

For ebooks, EPUB and MOBI are the two most famous formats used by ebook publishers. EPUB (Electronic Publication) is a free and open ebook standard format, whereas MOBI was initially used by MobiPocket Reader before Amazon acquired it. One of the most famous devices for reading eBooks, in recent times,  is axiomatically the Amazon Kindle Fire. The cheap yet robust device has a large user-base and considered to the best android based ebook device to date. The problem however, faced by a lot of Amazon Kindle users, is that it only supports MOBI ebook format. The reason is MOBI ebook format  has the ability to DRM protect ebooks, something the EPUB format lacks. If you had previously purchased ebooks that were in EPUB format, and recently made a transition to Kindle fire, then don't consider your previous purchases, useless. You can now use EPUB to MOBI to convert ebooks in EPUB format to MOBI. Coupled with an easy to use interface, the application lets you convert the files in batch, an added advantage if you have a large set of eBooks and don't want to waste time converting them one by one. More on EPUB to MOBI after the break.Read More

Discover And Read Free E-books Online With Litfy [Web]

So, you love literature and want to enjoy reading without spending much on book purchases? Lifty is a new web app that offers a range of literature books for free. It consists of a variety of genres that include Non-fiction, Horror & Supernatural, Romance, Plays and so on. You can browse the categories on the site, or search for specific books or authors. In addition to that, you can also find reviews on books, and if you can’t find one, you can write one yourself. The website has an uncluttered, slick interface, and supports changing the display and font of the online reader. More after the break.Read More

CodexCloud Lets You Store And Read your eBooks Anywhere

CodexCloud is a web app that intelligently recommends new e-books for you to read, and lets you search, upload and catalog your entire library. It allows you to open e-books on an online reader sporting a nice, landscape mode, and allows automatic wireless synchronization with all of your mobile devices - Kindle, iOS and Android. Each book has a brief summary and author info that can help you decide whether you want to read it or not.Read More

BookTrack For iPhone & iPad Brings E-Books With Sound Effects & Music

There are people who say that a book can never be replaced by technology. While this is true to some extent, you simply cannot avert your eyes from how E-Books have started to take over from their older, paperback counterparts. If you own an iPad then you must have noticed how life-like the book reading experience becomes when you can even flip pages like a real book. Same is the case with iPhone, which even allows you to lie down and enjoy reading, like a good, old-fashioned book. But you can get even more out of your E-book experience. BookTrack is a service which aims to achieve just that by adding sound effects to selective E-books for iOS devices. The app just might be the most interactive book-reader to date.Read More

Cloud Reader – Read Kindle Books In Your Browser With Offline Sync

Do you love your Kindle and, more so, all the great eBooks you’ve amassed in your Kindle Library? Kindle may be a great way for you to read all those books on the go but what if you’re on your desktop and you feel like reading one? Cloud Reader is a web service that lets you read any volume in your collection. The service connects with your Amazon account, makes all eBooks available for reading and syncs them so you can continue reading them offline.Read More

AReader For Android – Download / Purchase, Read & “Listen To” eBooks

AReader (Android Reader) is a new, free and immensely feature-rich eBook reader for Android that offers enthusiastic readers a multitude of options in terms of supported formats (txt, ePub and PDF) and advanced reading features such as Day/Night mode, chapter-wise page selection, custom cover selection for books, TTS (Text-To-Speech) support, online eBook search, purchase/download eBooks, advanced text editing and optimal in-app customization. Designed with rich graphical interface and bookshelf style home screen, AReader makes eBook reading an enjoyable experience as you can turn the pages with a soothing flip-style effect. Browse thousands of free eBooks from online public domains and catalogs or select the best eBooks from 3rd party content providers like SmashWords, FeedBooks, Gutenberg, ManyBooks etc. You can set your own mini library within the app by adding your favorite reads to your personal collection.Read More

PDF Masher – Convert PDF Into HTML, Optimize For eBook Readers

PDF Masher has been developed to remove clutter, like, bloated headers and footers, irrelevant pages from PDF documents to make them ready for your eBook reader. Since many eBook readers don't have options to optimize the PDF document viewing, it becomes frustratingly hard to first zoom out the page and then start reading the text off the e-book reader screen, which is in some cases, doesn’t appear clear on the screen.Read More

Remove DRM Restrictions From ePub Books

Digital rights management (DRM) is used by hardware manufacturers, publishers, copyright holders and individuals to restrict the use of digital content and devices. This is also applicable on ePub books. DRM is primarily used to counter copyright infringement. DRM files, however, can have a number of issue. For example, any slight alteration to a DRM file can lead to loss of access or functionality problems. It is worth mentioning here that such issues can be quite frustrating for people who might have purchased an ePub book online. Therefore, it is better to remove DRM restrictions and avoid problems associated with DRM protection. Read More

Get eBook Information From Your Desktop With eBook Info Grabber

eBook Info Grabber is a portable application that displays instant information about any eBook that you search on. E-books can be search either by title and author name or the ISBN (International Standard Book Number), which is a unique 9 digit book identifying code. Both ISBN-10 and ISBN-13 are supported. This provides the utility to get information such as book summary, publishing date, number of pages, etc right from the desktop. eBook Info Grabber is a good way of finding out general information on any ebook with the least bit of effort. Read More