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Payhip Lets You Sell Your Ebooks Online For Free Through Paypal [Web]

Writing a book can take days or even months and then to find a publisher for it is no picnic, but have you ever tried selling your ebooks online? If not, then try it using Payhip. Payhip is an online platform that lets you sell your ebooks online for free, without having to go through all the trouble of finding a publisher , using the secured services of Paypal. Signup is absolutely free and the best part is,  Payhip does not charge any thing for their services. All your profits are yours to keep.


Once you have signed up, it takes you directly to your dashboard, where you can see the stats of all your ebooks, like how many times it has been viewed, number of sales and how much money you have made selling it. New users can start by simply clicking on the “Add new ebook” button. Then, just upload the file, enter a desired price, upload a preview image, a description and you are good to go.


All that you need to do now is share the link of your ebook over the web, so that people can come and download it. Payhip helps you with that too, as it allows you to share the link of your ebook on Facebook and Twitter directly from their website.

The best feature Payhip offers is a preview of your ebook for downloaders to see. You get to choose any number of pages from anywhere within your ebook, which are then shown to the downloader as a sneak peek. This preview feature is very useful, as it lets you show the downloader what he or she is going to pay for.


All the payment transactions are handled by Paypal. You can link your Paypal account with your Payhip account just by navigating to the Settings option, and providing the basic information, like Paypal email, Full name and Website.

Payhip has an automated delivery system, which means that once a customer has paid for your ebook, Payhip will automatically deliver it to the customer and will also email them a link.

In my opinion, Payhip is a good source for freelance writers to earn big money. They don’t have to go through all the trouble of finding a publisher, and just start earning from day one. The involvement of Paypal ensures an international user-base and an international reader-base for each ebook submission. However, note that Paypal isn’t supported in all regions, so you might want to check if your country is supported before you start using Payhip.

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  1. Thanks for the info. Payhip did most of what I wanted. Payzli did everything I needed. E-Junkie was way too much for my ebook.

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