Prevent Others From Editing Important Parts Of A Shared Word File

Often times, working on a documentation task in groups can result in confusion. Unless you've made absolutely certain that no one is going to attempt to edit a section they are not supposed to edit, it's going to be hard to keep the essential bits of the document unchanged. Fortunately, MS Word has for a long time supported a great tool called Content Control which allows the author of a document to prevent others from editing any part of it. It's as simple as selecting the text which may be the literature review, concluding remarks, the index, or anything similar that took a great deal of work to put together, and then applying a simple control to it. The only tricky bit is knowing where to look for that control. Read More

Revisery – Professional Language Editing For Everyone [Giveaway]

Gone are the days when only book authors could hire professional editors to proofread, make the writeup more professional, and fix mistakes (if any). It often happens while drafting a business letter, sending request to top management, or creating quotations for business clients, etc., that we run short of phrases which must be used to make our writeup look utterly professional. There is always a chance that your writeup contains some mistakes which you don’t even know about. In such cases, you should send the text, for instance, letter, email, treatise, etc., to professional editors, so they can check the basic structure of your document against the widely acclaimed standards, identify subtle mistakes, mark and suggest suitable words and phrases (where needed), and finally, replace lengthy and monotonous sentences with short, smart, and professional looking ones. Read More

Two Enhanced Security Features In Microsoft Office 2010

Microsoft Office 2010 is getting quite some coverage because of its cool user interface and enhanced features. If you can spare some time to play around with it, you will definitely feel the difference as compared to older versions of MS Office. Today, lets review two important enhanced security features in Office 2010. Read More

Quickly Edit And Convert Routes With Route Converter

If you travel a lot or simply like to keep tab on all routes, then RouteConverter is for you. It is a free cross-platform tool developed on Java that allows you to easily convert and edit routes. So what’s the use you ask? If you carry a GPS device and have marked every positions, then such a service will come useful if you want to convert the routes to other formats or simply want to edit out the routes that are not needed. Another use for such a tool is when you want to mark down a route and then save it in your GPS device, in this way things work out much quicker. Read More

Text Editing Assistant Helps In Writing/Editing Any Text Document

Do you want to find a percentage change between two values without having to calculate it yourself? Do you want to find the ASCII code and HTML code of every character and/or symbol? Do you want to use a scientific calculator? Do you want to convert any numerical number into words? Do you want to join any two text files? And the list of questions keep going up, but I will stop here.

To solve five different problems, you will have to search and download five different tools. Obviously you can find converters, text joining tools, and many other useful tools, but, wouldn’t it be great if all the problems could be solved from within a single tool without having to download multiple tools and thus preventing the clutter of your desktop?

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Draw Pictures And Edit SVG Image File For Free With e2vector

You have heard about the image formats jpeg, png, and gif. But what about svg? SVG(Scalable Vector Graphics), according to Wikipedia, is a family of specifications of XML-based file format for describing two-dimensional vector graphics, both static and dynamic (interactive or animated). Since the image and it’s behaviors are defined in XML files, they can be indexed, searched, scripted, and compressed. All web browsers except Internet Explorer render SVG markup directly. Since SVG are XML files, they can be edited using any text editor, but they can also be edited by using a specialized SVG-based drawing programs. e2vector is one such drawing program, but unlike other tools, it is based on Adobe Air platform. Read More

How To Create And Edit PDF File Quickly With Free PDF Editor

Editor’s Notes: We have covered before a tip on editing a PDF document online, this post will concentrate on quickly creating and editing a professional PDF document on Windows desktop.

Free PDF Editor is a free portable app for Windows that lets you create and edit any PDF file instantly. You can now create a PDF document in minutes without have to learn the complex functionalities and advanced features. It is a WYSIWYG PDF builder, you can add text, insert images and shapes, resize them, customize the fonts, and much more.

To begin, simply run the executable file and it will load up instantly. Since it is a portable tool, you can run it from USB drive too. Now start adding text, images, shapes, pages, etc using the top toolbox.

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Subtitle Edit – Powerful Subtitle Editing And Syncing Tool

Subtitle Edit is a free opensource and portable tool for Windows that allows a user to edit any movie subtitle instantly. Apart from editing, you can quickly sync the subtitles with the video too.

Just run this tool and load the subtitle file, you will see the complete subtitle in list view. Here you can select any mistake in the subtitle and correct it. You can also Split/Merge any subtitle text and Auto Break/UnBreak them.

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How To Edit Your Windows 7/Vista Games Explorer

In Windows Vista there is a build-in Games explorer where you can find all games currently installed on your computer. But sadly Microsoft has not included a feature where we can add/remove or edit/modify it’s content and improve the looks and overall functionality. Vista Game Explorer Editor is a free program that allows you to do just that. You will only find few games listed in the explorer, but with this tool you can add/remove any game of your choice(including Steam games). When you add a game, it will xdownload the box art from the Internet automatically. :) Note: This should also work with Windows 7. When you run this tool for the first time, there is a good chance that you will see the following message, the developer has written a solution for this problem here. Read More

Create Buttons For Your Website Or Blog Instantly With DeKnop

If you are looking for a tool that can help create some professional looking buttons without any graphic design experience, you came to the right place. DeKnop(dutch for “The Button”) is a free graphic editing tool that is designed specifically for creating buttons for your website or blog instantly. By default it comes with two languages Netherlands and English, if you are looking to add your local language you can download the language pack from their website and install it separately. Read More

VirtualDub – Desktop Video Processing And Capture Application

I recently was searching for a video processing tool when I came across VirtualDub. It is a free opensource software that can capture, edit and process videos instantly. Recently the author has added the support of  MPEG2 / DVD ,WMV / ASF, AC3, QuickTime, Flash Video, MP4 / 3GP, FLIC PVN, R3D (Redcode RAW files), and DirectShow. It was originally made for processing AVI format only.

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How To Speed Up Windows Shutdown Process

Are you frustrated that your Windows XP takes to much time to shutdown when your rushing to go somewhere else? If this is the situation that you want to shutdown the computer in hurry, you can make some tweaking to your registry so that it will help you to speed the this process. We have written much about windows registry in the past couple of weeks that it is used to store information and system settings.

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Top 5 Kickass Online Video Editing Tools

There are plenty of websites that allow users to edit videos online within their browsers without the need to install a specific software. These video editing sites are generally characterized by a great ease of use, which makes it a breeze to do both basic and advanced editing. Most of these websites allow users to publish their edited videos on any web page, embedded in a video player. In this post I have collected for you the best, most popular and useful sites that allow users to edit videos online. Read More