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Create Buttons For Your Website Or Blog Instantly With DeKnop

If you are looking for a tool that can help create some professional looking buttons without any graphic design experience, you came to the right place. DeKnop(dutch for “The Button”) is a free graphic editing tool that is designed specifically for creating buttons for your website or blog instantly. By default it comes with two languages Netherlands and English, if you are looking to add your local language you can download the language pack from their website and install it separately.

After you have installed the program, you will see the default button load up. You can play around for few minutes to familiarize yourself with this tool since it is a little tricky.

DeKnop creating button

The best way to start is to navigate to neo buttons tab and enable the checkbox. Under caption type the name that you would like to include in the button and press the *Green Plus* button next to it.

neobook buttons

Now you can use different tabs to edit the font, style, text, positions, textures, gradient, colors, etc. Once you are done your button will be previewed below. To save the button, click Files > Save Project. Here is the image of the button I created after playing around for 5 minutes.


Doesn’t it look hot? 😉 Enjoy!

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