Syncy Integrates Facebook Friends With Address Book Contacts [iPhone]

With the passage of time, Facebook has grown into a social network where people all over the world interact with each other on daily basis. Due to this importance enjoyed by Facebook, it has become somewhat cluttered, and at times, you might have to strive for a while before you can actually see updates from people you care about, rather than a Farmville announcement. If you have an iOS device, Syncy can prove to be the perfect solution for this problem, as using this iPhone app, you can view your Facebook friends as a list of contacts, and the app also lets you associate a Facebook profile with the contact details you might have got in the stock Contacts app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Read More

Kwout: Capture Parts Of Websites & Share On Social Networks [Chrome]

When we come across interesting images or other interesting content on website, we often share links with our friends in one way or another, but with Kwout, you can share stuff more efficiently by quoting specific parts of a webpage as images. This useful Chrome extension, allows you to select parts of webpages as an image with an image map. Once you’ve installed the extension, all you have to do is, place the selector box over the are you want to share ad upload it to post it on popular social networks. Users should note that all hyperlinks are still active even after the part is quoted. The images can be shared on popular social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Flickr and more. Read More

youRhere: Save Your Reading Progress Within Any Article [Chrome]

youRhere, a handy Chrome extension, enhances your online article reading experience by letting you save articles that you can check out or share later. Not only does it save the article, it also highlights and saves the exact line where you left off while reading. Once the extension is installed, all you need to do is double click a line in the article, and youRhere will save the article and the exact line for you. Moreover, youRhere also allows you to share articles with friends on Facebook and Twitter. Read More

Facebook Analyzer: Get Detailed Breakdown Of Interaction Between Facebook Friends [Android]

The popularity of the pioneering social network service, Facebook, is growing at a rate of knots, so it is fitting to have such nifty tools at hand that let users keep a close tab on the various facets of their account, and let them monitor their activities on the network. Just recently, we covered an interesting Android app called Likes!, which displays everything that their Facebook friends have Liked on the network in one place. Here’s another handy app called Facebook Analyzer that displays a detailed statistical and graphical breakdown of your Facebook friends’ interactions with their friends on the network. Based upon the extent of interaction with each friend, the app also presents you with as many as four different score/rank sheets and relevant pie charts sorted by the total score accumulated on the network by shared comments, likes, etc. Read More

Voice Share For WP7: Record & Share Sound Clips To Earn Achievements

At times, the simplest of apps could prove to be really popular among users, as they provide just the right balance between fun and usefulness. Voice Share for Windows Phone 7 just might be one such app. The concept behind the app is nothing really new, but the developer has combined a lot of different features to create a pretty neat product. The app lets users record voice clips, and then share them with friends via SMS or on Facebook. This might sound a bit boring, as there are many other voice recorders available for Mango as well, but Voice Share has the edge over them in the sense that it lets you add graphical badges to your shares, and has an achievements system of its own, giving it a game-like feel as well. Read More

Facebook For WP7 Updated To Bring Cover Photos, Like Details & Privacy Controls

If you go by the news coming in these days, the Facebook app for Windows Phone 7 is pretty popular, and has amassed more than 1.2 million active users. However, that doesn’t mean that everything about the app is perfect. While using it, I, for one, felt the need to go to the web version of Facebook for doing stuff like viewing Likes on my posts and applying privacy settings to anything. Also, the app didn’t replicate the changes Facebook has gone through with the release of Timeline. Now, all that has changed, with the latest update (released just yesterday) to the official Facebook app for Window Phone 7, you get all the functionality which was missing in the older version of Facebook for Mango. Read More

AddFriend For iPhone: Use Bluetooth To Make New Facebook Friends

A couple of months back, we covered an Android app by the name of Add Friend that allowed users to add any person as their Facebook friend by merely touching two NFC-enabled devices. The developers of the same app have now released an iOS version of AddFriend, which functions on Bluetooth due to the lack of NFC in iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. While it might not be as cool as touching your devices to add a friend, the app does serve its purpose well enough, and can come in handy every time you have to add a person you meet in real life to your Facebook profile. Using the app is so easy that we can really see a lot of people using AddFriend on their iPhone to increase the number of friends on their Facebook account. Read More

Cobook: Mac Address Book That Imports Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter Contacts

The Mac Address Book isn’t nearly as popular as some of its other default apps, like iCal and the mail client. This is one of those apps that doesn’t universally wow Mac users, and many have one or two general beefs with it. Cobook is a free Mac App that is a viable alternative to the default app, the app lets you import contacts from Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. The app can not only work as your default address book, but also integrate with the Mac Address Book if you’d still rather use it and sync contacts via iCloud. The app is easily accessible from the Menu Bar, and allows you to view all the information added for a contact. Since information is coming in from different sources, i.e., Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, it combines the contacts into one. Read More

Copy Special Characters To Clipboard & Insert On Any Website [Chrome]

Special Characters, a simple Chrome extension, allows you to insert symbols and special characters on any webpage by copying them to the clipboard from a compact pop-up. The list of special characters is customizable and special characters of your own choice can be added to the list. Simply paste them and add a description from the settings. Once done, click Save, and you're good to go. You can then use symbols or special characters to get your message across on social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. Moreover, the symbols make statuses and tweets more interesting. The extension can also particularly come in handy for people, who can’t find certain symbols on their keyboard and have to use them frequently for studying or research purposes. Read More

Access Facebook News Feed, Photos, Events & More In Chrome, With Live Notifications

Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with friends and family, but sometimes while we are busy working online, we just can't bother opening Facebook in a new tab. Facebook!, a Chrome extension, is a great way to be constantly updated with Facebook notifications, posts and more. Once you’ve installed the extension, you will be able to access feeds, statuses, calendar, photos, live notifications and much more through a compact pop-up. After installing the extension, simply click on the little Facebook button in the toolbar and you will be redirected to the login page, and once you're logged in, you can access your entire account within the compact pop-up. Another great feature is that, the extension has no ads or banners, whatsoever. With it, you can view posts, comment, update your status, track events, birthdays, view photos inside the pop-up and get instant notifications when you get a message or invite. It works exactly like the normal Facebook site, but works much faster. Read More

Navegas: Listen To Music From YouTube, SoundCloud & Your PC [Web]

Navegas is a slick online music player that can play YouTube, SoundCloud, Aupeo music, as well as music from your local system. You can instantly access tracks and songs from all these services, and create customized playlists, which can then be saved. All you need to do is log in with your Facebook account, after which you will be able to access music from all the various sources. To start off, enter a song or artist name in the search bar and find music on YouTube, SoundCloud or your Local System. As you type an artist/song's name, a drop-down menu displays a list of results. Select the track you were looking for, and it will automatically be played and added to the playlist at the bottom of the page. Read More

Create Video Slideshows From Images In Seconds With PhotoPixar

The basis of every social networking service is sharing. We share everything with the world and our friends, including images, videos, articles, our own thoughts etc, and comment on things shared by others. Whether this change in the way we interact is for the better or for worse is a debatable topic, because on one hand, people have begun sharing a lot more than they used to, but on the other, they now meet a lot less than they used to. So, there is an increasing gap in actual, interpersonal social contact. Social networking services like Facebook and Google+, and the now obsolete MySpace and Orkut, have been mostly used for one thing – Photo Sharing. These days, pictures of any event, both important and unimportant, are uploaded to Facebook almost in real time. PhotoPixar is an application for Windows that lets you create video slideshows of photo albums in minutes with effects, audio and captions. Read More

Hide My Tabs: Mask Page Titles & Favicons For All Open Tabs [Chrome]

Some organizations and companies restrict browsing certain websites that are not related to work, such as Facebook or YouTube. We all have been bored with work at one time or the other, and some entertainment can always be relaxing during such a situation. However, we always need to keep an eye out for our supervisor, or any other snitch, who might be passing by. You can close the browser window, but that would be too obviously suspicious, won't it? Hide My Tabs, a small, simple Chrome extension, helps you in such a case by quickly altering the title and favicon of all your open tabs, without closing them. The current tab will readily appear as the Google homepage. After installing the extension, a button is added to the toolbar, so whenever you feel somebody's prying eyes, click this button and alter the titles of all your open tabs. Read More

StreamLife: View Your Facebook, Twitter Feeds & Call Log In One Place [Android]

The concept of aggregating your social network feeds, and posting to all of them from a single platform is not new to Android. Seesmic, TweetDeck, Social Jogger 2, Sendible, ZeroPC Cloud Navigator and ChannelCaster are just a few examples of apps based on said concept. However, what we hadn't seen so far was an app that combines your social media feeds with your call log until we came across StreamLife. With StreamLife, you get posts and notifications from your Facebook and Twitter accounts, and detailed history of all your phone calls displayed on a single screen. In addition, you can post to both social networks from within the app or through its nifty homescreen widget. Read More

Seesmic Ping: Schedule Posts For Multiple Social Network Accounts [Android, iOS, WP7]

From the team behind  renowned desktop, web and mobile social network (Facebook and Twitter) aggregator, Seesmic, comes Seesmic Ping – an Android, iOS and Windows Phone 7 app that lets you schedule updates for multiple social networks to a date and time of your choice. The app lets you attach images and URLs with each post, save posts to drafts, or schedule them to be published from as many different social media accounts as required. As of now, the app lets you post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Salesforce. Read More

BrandMyMail: Integrate Social Network Content In Gmail [Chrome]

BrandMyMail, a Chrome extension, allows you to customize your Gmail email messages by integrating content from various social networking accounts. The extension can be useful for users who want to centralize their email with social media content. BrandMyMail offers users with extensive social media integration options. Content ranges from simple signatures to real-time content, such as, Twitter Feeds, Facebook posts, photos, Wordpress blogs, YouTube videos, Google+ updates, Quora questions and more. To start off, simply connect BrandMyMail with Gmail, create templates, customize them with various types of social content and start sending beautiful emails. You will have to sign up for a free account with BrandMyMail, the service that the extension works with. Read More

TimeLine Movie Maker: Bring Your Facebook Profile To Life [Web]

Timeline Movie Maker allows you to create a gorgeous short movie from your Facebook photos and activity. To create a movie, simply click the Make Your Movie button. Your movie will be created in only a few minutes, after which it will be played automatically. You will be able to hear a music track and watch the a video montage of your Facebook timeline streams. Once the movie has been created, you can customize it by changing the tracks and replacing photos. Once done with the changes, click Remake Your Movie. Read More

Likes! For Android: View All Your Facebook Friends’ Likes In One Place

In a very short span of time, the social media giant Facebook has had an enormous impact on our daily lives. Not only does the world’s most feverishly followed social network provide us with new and better means to share our sentiments and interesting findings with our friends, but also lets us express our fascination towards a post, comment or place by simply hitting the famous ‘Like’ button. With literally hundreds and thousands of items being Liked by your friends across the entire network, it surely must be hard for you to keep a close tab on the tastes and preferences of every single one of them. Enter Likes! – an extremely handy location-based Android app that scans your Facebook profile for virtually anything that has been Liked by your friends (barring comments), and ranks all items by number of Likes. It is perhaps, the simplest and most ideal way to get a comprehensive overview of everything that’s running hot among your mates on the network. Read More

liveshare: Photo Sharing App That Lets Anyone Add Images To Same Album [Web]

Imagine a party where you and some of your friends took photos, and now want to share them for all. Normally, one person would upload those photos to their Facebook profile, or, to collect them all in one place, you might resort to an online file sharing service. There are many services out there that allow you to share photos with friends, but liveshare , a web application, offers users with something unique. It allows you to share photos in a collaborative, real time manner. All you have to do is kick off a photo stream, add photos from your computer, invite friends so they can add their photos to the same album, and then watch the album grow. In addition to that, you can either set the photos to be public or private. liveshare is an amazing way to capture memories and photos from the same event that you and your friends attend. It allows real time sync, is fast, and every member can add photos. Read More

Add Animations & Customize The iOS Facebook App With This Cydia Tweak

The whole point of jailbreaking and having a Cydia store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is to gain the ability to customize different areas of iOS. From time to time, the developers over at the jailbreak store keep coming up with ways to tweak not only stock iOS apps, but even a few third party ones as well. Customize Facebook, as the name suggests, is a jailbreak tweak which will let you revamp the Facebook app for iOS. Not only does it come with options to add a lot of new animations to the app, using it, you also get to tinker with a lot of other aspects of Facebook, to give the app a completely new look. Read More