Icon Badger: View Count Of Unread Items For Pinned Tabs [Chrome]

While pinning tabs is quite convenient, you might lose the ability to see the unread item notifications that many websites add to the favicon. This is where Icon Badger, a Chrome extension, comes in handy. It takes care of the problem for you by placing a count of unread messages or items to the favicons of various popular websites.  This nifty little tool provides an easy way for you to see new items at a glance, even when your tabs are pinned or when you’ve got a bunch of tabs open. The extension works for many popular websites, such as Google Reader, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and more. Read More

View Larger Facebook Photo Thumbnails & Download Entire Albums [Chrome]

Better Facebook Gallery is a Chrome extension that provides you with larger thumbnails of Facebook photos and lets you save entire albums to your system with only a click or two. You will find a mode option that lets you switch between small and large thumbnails. Moreover, you can easily view them in a lightbox without any comments or likes. Photos can be saved one by one, or entire albums can be saved using the Ctrl+S keyboard shortcut. So, if you want to view photos without all the clutter created by the comments and likes, then Better Facebook Gallery can be quite useful for you. Read More

Schedule & Queue Messages For Facebook, Twitter And LinkedIn [Chrome]

You‘ve no doubt come across apps and extensions that allow you to manage Facebook and Twitter accounts at the same time. With the recent change in Twitter’s API, some of you might just be in the market for a new app or service to manage both your Twitter and Facebook feed. GrabInbox is a Chrome extension that works in conjunction with a web service. It lets you manage your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn feed and also schedule status updates and messages. It allows you to choose what type of activity you want to monitor for each account and gives a single dashboard to view it all.  The scheduling options let you schedule messages for a later date and time. GrabInbox lets you easily share any webpage that you browse across your social networks. You can queue links and schedule posts for a later time and date. After you install the extension, a button is added right next to the URL bar. GrabInbox allows you to post the same links on multiple sites without having to open several tabs. You may add Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin accounts along with Facebook Fan pages. Read More

How To Fix The Facebook Chat & Event Syncing Error On Windows Phone 7

One of the biggest positives Windows Phone 7 has to offer is its Facebook integration. As of now, no other smartphone platform can claim to have the level of Facebook integration that WP7 has. The coolest part of Mango's romance with the blue social network is the availability of Facebook chat in the stock Messaging hub. So, it really is a big deal if anything goes wrong with Facebook chat in WP7. The issue we are about to discuss might not have been encountered by most Windows Phone 7 users, but the deep Facebook integration the Mango platform enjoys with the social networking giant makes error 83CF1109 an important problem. If you are wondering what error 83CF1109 is, wonder no more. You might have encountered it even without knowing. It is an error code which shows up when your Facebook account, which has been linked to your WP7, fails to sync properly, and the Settings menu always shows the message of “Attention required” under the “email & accounts” section. The consequences for this are pretty troublesome, as you might end up losing all the syncing of Facebook events with your phone’s calendar. In addition to that, other problems might start rearing their ugly heads too, like losing Facebook chat integration with the Messaging hub. Luckily, a fix exists, and you can find all about it by reading on. Read More

TimelineRemove: Hide Facebook Timeline For All Profiles [Chrome]

Facebook timelines have been met with a mixed response. People who hate it are generally concerned about the items that will be pinned to your timeline for everyone to see unless you remove the ones you’d rather forget about. Aside from the embarrassing implications of timeline, many users have taken cover photos as a great way to express their creativity. That doesn’t mean everyone is now happy with the timeline though. If you don’t like the new Timeline feature on Facebook and want to view profiles in the old style, then TimelineRemove is the perfect Chrome extension for you. This tiny, but handy tool disables the new Facebook timeline feature and restores the classic look, without changing the timeline behavior for other visitors of your Facebook profile. The extension basically works by hiding the timeline, so you can view your own and others' profiles in the old style. TimelineRemove works automatically once installed, and a button is added to the toolbar that lets you toggle the timeline on and off, whenever you want. Read More

Get Google Search Results With Facebook Likes, Tweets & Google+ Shares [Web]

Google With Social Stats is a pretty slick tool that lets you view Google search results, along with social stats such as Tweets, Facebook likes and Google plus shares. These social stats are a good indicator of an article’s popularity on the web, and help you decide whether or not to read a particular write-up. It displays standard Google web search results, along with image thumbnails and social statistics, so you can easily find the best content on the web. The service has a simple interface, which is easy-to-use and retrieves results instantly. Read More

SocialShoutings Lite: Post To Twitter & Facebook In One Go [Mac]

We’ve covered apps in the past that allow you to manage multiple social network accounts from your menu bar. Facebox is one such app, covered last year, for viewing your Facebook feed, messages and posting updates. Social Lite is another app that lets you view feeds from Facebook and Twitter and view messages in your Gmail inbox. SocialShoutings Lite is a free Mac app that lets you post to Twiter and Facebook at the same time. The app shows a character count and supports URL shortners, Goo.gl, bit.ly, j.mp and is.gd. Read More

Friendsheet: View Facebook Photos With Comments & Captions In A Panel-Like Interface [Web]

Friendsheet, a brand new web application, displays Facebook photos in compact panels, just like popular social bookmarking site Pinterest. According to the developer, Friendsheet was inspired by the Facebook Timeline. The app works by retrieving all Facebook photos and displaying them in a visually appealing interface. The site works smoothly with speed and great performance. Each photo is displayed with captions and comments, so you can easily view details for each album and photo. Moreover, Friendsheet settings allow you to hide photo captions and comments for a more visual experience. Furthermore, users can comment, like, and search friend’s photos, and upload their own right from within Friendsheet. Read More

SmartSync: Associate Contacts In iPhone With Their Facebook Profiles

A few days back, we covered an iPhone app by the name of Syncy, which was an alternative address book for iOS devices, and integrated Facebook contacts with those present in the stock Contacts app. Rumors are afloat regarding the deep Facebook integration expected in iOS 5.1, and it seems fitting that we talk about another iPhone app which brings Facebook integration to Apple’s smartphone platform. Meet SmartSync, an app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, which lets you associate the contacts in your phone’s address book with their respective Facebook accounts. Not only that, the app will also let you set up birthday reminders, so that you don’t miss another special day ever again. Read on to know more about the app. Read More

Revert FB Photo Viewer: See Facebook Images In Old Style [Chrome]

Changes to Facebook’s interface are rarely welcome. Not just the interface, if you so much as change the background color by a slight gradient, you will hear people complain about how their whole experience has been ruined. While not all these complaints have valid legitimate reasoning behind them, some of them really are the result of a genuine nuisance. One such valid complaint is about the Facebook image viewer which was updated and now presents all images in an album in theater mode. Recently, we covered an add-on for Firefox called FB Photo Theater Killer that can disable the theater mode for Facebook albums and photos. Revert FB Photo Viewer is a similar extension for Chrome that takes you back to the old version of the Facebook photo viewer from the theater mode. The extension runs in the background and instantly displays photos in the old style, once the page has been refreshed. Read More

Disable Theater Mode On Facebook & Get The Old Photo Viewer [Firefox]

Facebook has been cause for problems for a lot of people; whether it is because they’ve accidently shared an embarrassing photo with everyone in their friends’ list or because they wrote a status update when actually they were trying to send a private message. This all has nothing to do with how Facebook works and more to do with how people you use it but sometimes, Facebook itself does annoy a user. The majority of annoyances stem from Facebook making changes to its interface or it introducing new features without giving users an option to opt out of it. One of the more unwelcome features that Facebook introduced was the image viewer that displays images in theater mode. Some Facebook users are not really happy with the new Theatre Mode for viewing photos. This feature displays photos with a black background, similar to a slide show. So, if you don’t like it and want to browse photos the old way, then FB PhotoTheater Killer, a Firefox add-on powered by a Greasemonkey user script, disables the theatre effect of Facebook photos and albums. This handy add-on prevents opening of photos in the theatre mode and takes you back to the old style. Read More

Storify: Use Internet Photos, Videos & Text To Write Stories [iPad]

Writing isn’t easy, specially if you have to start something from the scratch. A writer’s block occurs so frequently that there are many iPhone apps designed to let users overcome this bane of people who have to be creative on regular basis. When you surf the iOS App Store, you will come across apps like Opuss and Storytree, which are pretty good options for letting people write with ease, and overcoming any kind of mental block. Storify is a new app in this genre (although the web service has been around for quite a while), and using this iPad app, you can start creating masterpieces using (via drag and drop) images, videos and updates from various sources like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube and Google. Read More

View & Access “Notifications for Facebook” From The Menu Bar [Mac]

We’ve covered several Facebook clients for Mac in the past, like Facebox and Social Lite, both of which are feature rich and let you interact with your account. Both apps effectively let you keep up with what’s happening on Facebook without having to open a browser window. While these apps let you stay in touch with what’s happening in your virtual life, it is somewhat counter productive. The fact that you have easy to access Facebook means you will be even less tempted to work. Notifications for Facebook is a free Mac app that lets you balance it out. The app, as the name states, lets you view your Facebook notifications only in menu bar. It regularly checks for new notifications and opens them in your browser when you click on one. The app lets you enter a shortcut of your choice that will toggle the notification window. Read More

Syncy Integrates Facebook Friends With Address Book Contacts [iPhone]

With the passage of time, Facebook has grown into a social network where people all over the world interact with each other on daily basis. Due to this importance enjoyed by Facebook, it has become somewhat cluttered, and at times, you might have to strive for a while before you can actually see updates from people you care about, rather than a Farmville announcement. If you have an iOS device, Syncy can prove to be the perfect solution for this problem, as using this iPhone app, you can view your Facebook friends as a list of contacts, and the app also lets you associate a Facebook profile with the contact details you might have got in the stock Contacts app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Read More

Kwout: Capture Parts Of Websites & Share On Social Networks [Chrome]

When we come across interesting images or other interesting content on website, we often share links with our friends in one way or another, but with Kwout, you can share stuff more efficiently by quoting specific parts of a webpage as images. This useful Chrome extension, allows you to select parts of webpages as an image with an image map. Once you’ve installed the extension, all you have to do is, place the selector box over the are you want to share ad upload it to post it on popular social networks. Users should note that all hyperlinks are still active even after the part is quoted. The images can be shared on popular social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Flickr and more. Read More

youRhere: Save Your Reading Progress Within Any Article [Chrome]

youRhere, a handy Chrome extension, enhances your online article reading experience by letting you save articles that you can check out or share later. Not only does it save the article, it also highlights and saves the exact line where you left off while reading. Once the extension is installed, all you need to do is double click a line in the article, and youRhere will save the article and the exact line for you. Moreover, youRhere also allows you to share articles with friends on Facebook and Twitter. Read More

Facebook Analyzer: Get Detailed Breakdown Of Interaction Between Facebook Friends [Android]

The popularity of the pioneering social network service, Facebook, is growing at a rate of knots, so it is fitting to have such nifty tools at hand that let users keep a close tab on the various facets of their account, and let them monitor their activities on the network. Just recently, we covered an interesting Android app called Likes!, which displays everything that their Facebook friends have Liked on the network in one place. Here’s another handy app called Facebook Analyzer that displays a detailed statistical and graphical breakdown of your Facebook friends’ interactions with their friends on the network. Based upon the extent of interaction with each friend, the app also presents you with as many as four different score/rank sheets and relevant pie charts sorted by the total score accumulated on the network by shared comments, likes, etc. Read More

Voice Share For WP7: Record & Share Sound Clips To Earn Achievements

At times, the simplest of apps could prove to be really popular among users, as they provide just the right balance between fun and usefulness. Voice Share for Windows Phone 7 just might be one such app. The concept behind the app is nothing really new, but the developer has combined a lot of different features to create a pretty neat product. The app lets users record voice clips, and then share them with friends via SMS or on Facebook. This might sound a bit boring, as there are many other voice recorders available for Mango as well, but Voice Share has the edge over them in the sense that it lets you add graphical badges to your shares, and has an achievements system of its own, giving it a game-like feel as well. Read More

Facebook For WP7 Updated To Bring Cover Photos, Like Details & Privacy Controls

If you go by the news coming in these days, the Facebook app for Windows Phone 7 is pretty popular, and has amassed more than 1.2 million active users. However, that doesn’t mean that everything about the app is perfect. While using it, I, for one, felt the need to go to the web version of Facebook for doing stuff like viewing Likes on my posts and applying privacy settings to anything. Also, the app didn’t replicate the changes Facebook has gone through with the release of Timeline. Now, all that has changed, with the latest update (released just yesterday) to the official Facebook app for Window Phone 7, you get all the functionality which was missing in the older version of Facebook for Mango. Read More