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How To Post Audio Comments & Voice Messages To Facebook In Chrome

One of the best bits about Facebook is that it keeps us connected to our friends and family no mater where they are, whether we are siting in front of our computers or walking down the street with our mobile devices. Those who use it on the go should be familiar with Facebook’s Messenger application, which enables users to chat with friends for free over the internet. Besides simple text, the Messenger also carries a voice recording feature for those too lazy to type out their messages. Facebook is yet to bring the same option to the web version (and it might never), leaving us desktop users out in the cold. That’s where Talk and Comment, a lightweight Chrome extension, comes to the rescue.

The purpose of the tool is pretty much self explanatory: to let you send audio messages and post audio comments on Facebook. The extension is fairly easy to set up and configures itself automatically upon installation. Continue reading past the break to learn how it works.

When installed, Talk and Comment requires your permission to use your computer’s Microphone device. All you need to do is click ‘Allow’ when prompted.

Talk and Comment_Allow

You should now see a Mic button in the comment field below all Facebook posts as well within Facebook chat.

To post an audio comment or message, click and hold this button down until it turns red, speak what you want, and when you’re done, simply let go of the record button to upload your voice message. It gives you a URL that turns into a playable voice message when sent.

Talk and Comment_Record

The best thing is that all the recipients can play the voice message or comment even if they don’t have the Chrome extension installed. Moreover, there is no limit to the time of each voice recording.

The only caveat with the extension is that it doesn’t offer any customization options whatsoever. Then again, it doesn’t really need any.

Talk and Comment_Chat

Talk and Comment works on all stable versions of Google Chrome. You can install it via the link provided below.

Install Talk and Comment from Chrome Web Store


  1. Make sure you have asked permission before you use the internet.
    Check out ‘facts’ you find on the internet. Remember anyone anywhere can put a website onto the internet.
    Report anything on the internet that upsets you or you think is inappropriate to an adult straight away.
    Never use anyone else’s username or password.
    Do not give out personal information on the internet or arrange to meet people through the internet.
    Make sure any messages you send through the internet are polite and sensible.
    If you receive any rude or upsetting messages tell and adult straight away.

  2. I’m really interested to know what kind of “customisation options” you had in mind 🙂 (there are a few down the pipeline – depending on the user adoption rate).
    Thanks for the great article!

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