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How To Add A Dislike Button To Facebook Posts In Google Chrome

Facebook has acknowledged time and time again that it will never add a Dislike button to the site. Yet many users have been begging the web giant to release one as sometimes, one needs to show one’s dissatisfaction towards certain posts. It doesn’t seem likely to happen anytime soon (if ever), so today, we browsed the web for a third-party solution, and came across a Chrome extension called Dislike on Facebook. Available for free on the Chrome Web Store, the extension simply adds a Dislike option next to the Like button below each Facebook post. Details after the jump.

Back in December, Facebook introduced the Dislike button in the form of a sticker for its messenger app. But since stickers are only usable in messages you privately send through Facebook Messenger, this doesn’t really fulfill users’ need to troll their friends on Facebook. Dislike on Facebook aims to solve this ‘problem’.

Setting it up on your browser is pretty easy. Launch Chrome and simply download the extension to your browser from the link provided at the end of the post. You don’t need to play around with any complex settings, nor grant any API permissions. Once it is installed, simply refresh the tab you have Facebook open in, and the Dislike button will instantly appear below every post.

Dislike On Facebook

The only problem with Dislike on Facebook is that it’s only useful for those who use Google Chrome and have the extension installed, that is, your Dislikes will only be visible to yourself and other Dislike on Facebook users. You could invite all your friends to install the extension, but there’s no way of telling if the author of a certain post has it installed. Nonetheless, it beats not having the option at all.

This could prove to be quite a handy option for Facebook pages as well, if the page admin can get enough fans to install the extension, that is.

Dislike Button

Dislike on Facebook is available for free on the Chrome Web Store. Download it to your browser from the link provided below.

Install Dislike on Facebook from Chrome Web Store

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