How To Use The Flip Camera Move In Android 7

Android phones have some of the most intelligent gesture support you will find on a smartphone. iPhones don't compare to a good high-end Android phone in terms of gestures. An iPhone has the usual gestures that perform the predictable action in the correct context. Android phones, and the Android system, is in a league of its own in this regard. Just look at 'Now on tap' if you need an example. Come Android 7.1, a much smarter set of gestures called 'Moves' is being added. The moves work with the buttons on a device as well as the accelerometer and gyroscope. Case in point is the new Flip Camera move that lets you flip the camera inside the app when you 'Double Twist' in the app. You no longer have to use the UI button to switch between the front and rear end cameras when you're in the app. A simple wrist flick will change it for you. Here's how it works.Read More

Install Android 4.2 Gesture-Based Keyboard & Clock App On Jelly Bean 4.1 Or Higher

Is there anything that's impossible in the Android world? Just days after the announcement of Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and the exclusive set of fresh Nexus devices on which the OS is meant to run, a handful of genius fans managed to port the latest JB Camera & Gallery app with Photo Sphere support to ICS-4.1.x Jelly Bean Android devices. Guess what? The stock keyboard app with Gesture Typing, and the totally revamped clock app from Android 4.2 are now out in the wild, too, courtesy of the efforts of XDA member Gnufabio. Both apps are available as separate flashable ZIP files for any rooted device rocking Android 4.1 Jelly Bean or higher (4.1.x). Just like with the camera app, some of the features of the new clock app and keyboard won't work as desired. However, if you were as excited to try them out as we were, that probably won't stop you. Past the break, we take a closer look at both apps one by one.Read More

Dolphin Browser HD v8.2 Adds Bookmark Gestures, Customization & UI Improvements [Android]

Dolphin Browser HD, the favorite web browser of many iOS and Android users, has been among the few apps that have been consistently improving with each and every update. Living up to its reputation, one of the most downloaded Android browsers has just gotten even better with the latest update. The update sees the version count progresses to 8.2, and with that, Dolphin HD users are introduced to several other handy features, including the option to launch bookmarks through custom gestures, load images over Wi-Fi only, launch directly to the last closed tab, disable the Add-ons and/or the Bookmarks sidebar(s), and several routine performance improvements. That’s not all; the brand new progress bar (upon loading websites) and subtle animations upon opening and closing tabs brings some much-needed eye candy as well. Details to follow.Read More

Wave Control Uses Proximity Sensor To Allow Touch-Free Music Playback [Android]

Music playback on Android can be controlled in various ways. The conventional way, of course, is to use the media controls present on your favorite music player’s interface. Then there are a few music apps that support controlling playback via your device’s volume keys. The button on your headset/Bluetooth device proves to be sufficient for most users as well. We also know of a few apps that allow controlling music playback through the accelerometer (by giving your device a shake). As you can see, all aforementioned solutions require you to touch (or tap buttons on) your device in one way or the other. Read More

Flutter: Play/Pause iTunes Or Spotify With Hand Gestures & Webcam [Mac]

Whether you’re crazy about technology or not, you may probably know that sending commands to your computer via brain signals is quite possibly the coolest thing to do (in addition to owning a flying car). While that isn’t possible just yet, what you can do is send signals to your Mac by simple hand gestures that are read through your webcam. Flutter is a free Mac app that lets you just that. Don’t confuse these hand gestures with the same ones you use to swipe through desktop spaces or access mission control. Flutter reads your actions via your webcam. For now, it only lets you pause and play iTunes or Spotify by simply holding up your hand to the camera.Read More

Wake HTC EVO 3D With Swipe Gesture Mod [How To]

Waking up your Android device via the old Power button, is not exactly the most convenient way at hand. If you own a device that has a physical button on the front, like the G2, Galaxy S, Galaxy SII and a few more, you can use those buttons to wake up the device, and if that isn’t allowed by default, you got mods out there that let you do that. However, devices like the EVO 3D have no physical buttons on the front, you have the Power and the Volume keys, that’s it. What then? Well then you have an app called PGM - Ponury Gesture Mod built specifically for the EVO 3D by XDA-Developers forum member bponury.

Read More

Void Lock: Gesture-Based Lock Screen That Makes Your Android Device Seem Powered Off

When it comes to selecting a custom device/screen protection method, Android users have plenty of options to choose from. The Face Unlock feature introduced in the latest Android operating system, Ice Cream Sandwich, is a useful addition to the already existing screen unlock methods that include a user-defined PIN, password or pattern. Amid the availability of so many different options, if you’re still looking for additional protection for your device, then you might want to take a look at Void Lock – a gesture-based lockscreen replacement, or rather, enhancement app which, if enabled, blacks out the screen, and locks the device in a way to make it appear powered off. To unlock the screen, you’ll need to provide a specific unlock gesture or key combination that you’ve set up within the app. Unless you provide the accurate gesture or combination, you can't unlock the device; not even by pressing the power button, restarting the device, or any other conventional means. In addition, the app also lets you define gestures for launching apps and/or trigger system features right from the lockcreen.Read More

Taskie Is A Fast, Gesture-Based Task Manager For Android

Taskie is a free application for Android that allows you to exit from and switch between recently opened applications using simple built-in gestures. It provides a highlighted virtual gesture area at the bottom of the screen wherein users can swipe left or right to quickly switch between recent tasks or double-tap to exit from an active task to the homescreen (as per default settings). The application is nothing like Itchhing Thumb, which is basically a launcher add-on that provides a separate interface, or rather, an interface wrapper wherein users can preview, kill and switch between active tasks and launch any application using user-defined gestures. Also, Itching thumb might be more feature-rich in comparison to Taskie but the latter is way faster in usage. That is what Taskie is about – fast access to recent tasks. Read on after the break for more info.Read More