Stylish Is A Great User Styles Manager For Firefox And Chrome

User styles can be understood as website-specific themes, but with the difference that they do not run on the webserver, but rather on the user’s end. How it works can be considered quite similar to the way Greasemonkey scripts for Firefox work, although this is simpler and easier. Using UserStyles, you can enrich your browsing experience with more control over what is being displayed and how it is being displayed. For example, you can take out irrelevant content, change colors, add extra functionality and in some cases, entirely redesign the website. In a nutshell, Stylish and are to CSS as Greasemonkey and are to JavaScript.Read More

Keep Flash Videos In Full Screen On Dual Monitor When Focus Is Lost

If you’ve had the experience of working in a dual monitor environment, you may have come across the fact that you cannot play a flash video in full screen on the second monitor and perform some other task at the same time. Supposing that one of your monitors is playing a flash video in full screen mode, as soon as you perform some other activity on the second monitor you’ll notice that the full screen mode is gone. Apparently, this is one of the limitations of the flash plugin for almost all modern browsers.Read More

Take Instant Screenshots, Annotate And Edit In Google Chrome [Extension]

At AddictiveTips, we are huge fans of screenshots. We pride ourselves in taking high-quality screenshots, so naturally, we favor applications that smoothen this process. Google Chrome has quite a few great applications that allow a user to take nice screenshots, annotate and modify them and then share with others. However, one feature where Awesome Screenshot takes the prize is the ability to blur areas within images. This handy little extension for Google Chrome can capture, annotate and edit and share/save the screenshots with ease.Read More Is A Fresh Approach To Online Photo Sharing

From online photo sharing services like Flickr and Shutterfly to Facebook and Picasa Web Albums, showing-off your creativity has never been easier. However, despite differences in their offerings, all these websites have one thing in common: the approach to using them. To use any of these free services, you need to sign-up with them, go through the process of uploading photos to your account and finally, share them with the people you know so that they can view (or comment, in some cases) on them. This can be a long procedure and some people need a faster way to share photos. While a lot of services exist that cater to this need, few turn out as impressive and functional as my personal favorite in that area, a fresh entrant labelled Minus (yes, the subtraction sign, literally!)Read More

Send And Receive Emails On Scheduled Time With Boomerang Extension [GMail]

Boomerang has been written to give Gmail users more control over sending & receiving emails. The add-in integrates directly in Gmail UI (available for both Firefox and Google Chrome), without requiring any pre-requisites (even changing extension configurations). Not only does it integrate with Gmail but you can also use it with other Google services or services which you’ve subscribed through Google account. It is mainly targeted towards Gmail users, because its usability is vast when compared with other supported services, which ranges from sending & receiving mails in defined scheduled timings, setting a time range in which you want to receive messages, and automatically mark important emails so that you can remember important scheduled emails all the time.Read More

Highlight Text To Begin Google Search In Chrome [Extension]

Google Chrome comes with build-in option to start Google search (from right-click menu) for selected text, but there are instances when search customization is also needed. Highlight to Search is a small nifty Google Chrome extension which offers instant Google Search with an option to customize the search on the fly as per requirements. Previously we covered a similar extension named, Google Image Search, that can automatically search images over at Google Images for the selected text, this extension works on same principle, providing user with an ease to begin Google search.Read More

Ozone Suggest Web Results From 17 Sources In Real Time [Extension]

Ozone is a simple and smart Google Chrome extension which is designed to provide blazing fast search results in real-time from world’s most eminent search sources. Be it an article you are searching, Video, Images, Books, or your Facebook friends and updates, followers of Twitter, profiles at LinkedIn, files over at Google Docs & Dropbox cloud and so on, it covers all of them and shows the results under one hood with an option to edit the search engines list according to your requirements.Read More

Add Notes To Web Pages And Share Images / Videos With Layers [Plugin]

Layers is an awesome plugin for both Firefox and Google Chrome which is written to change the way you browse through web, search for content, share images, information, articles, and videos with your friends and colleagues. So how will it revitalize your work on web space?  The name gives an idea of adding layer over any element on the web page, be it video, a piece of information with a blend of text & image, a complete article, etc., you can add a layer in a form of small note which will help you in remembering the context of the element. Adding more, it supports two most eminent social media services- Twitter and Facebook, to let you share the content with your followers and friends without referring to the page or pasting links manually.Read More

View IMDb Movie Ratings In Google Chrome [Extension]

IMDb is unarguably the biggest movie database on the web space, having information regarding almost every flick (flop or theater rocked) which has been released, along with all the upcoming releases. Go To IMDb is a small extension for Google Chrome which eliminates the need of visiting IMDb manually (by opening the website each time) to check the movie ratings.Read More

Stylebot: Change Appearance And Apply Styles To Web Page[Chrome Extension]

Stylebot is an advanced Google Chrome extension to simplify customization of web pages in order to make them more adaptable. It is quite similar to FireBug - the most preferred Firefox webpage inspection extension among web developers. The distinctive feature is that Stylebot allows user to save the customizations made to the web page presentation and appearance, thus letting you load web page elements in any possible way.Read More

Edit Images Directly On Webpage With GooEdit

Editing online images generally requires you to download them to your PC first, and then edit them using an image editor. But what if you could edit images directly on the webpage you saw them? Wouldn’t that save some time and effort? GooEdit, an extension for Google Chrome, offers just that. It’s a powerful, yet simple image editor that lets users edit images online.Read More

Pop-up History: Quickly Access History Items In Google Chrome

Internet browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox, display history items directly from the browsing window. Unfortunately, you wouldn’t find the same feature in Google Chrome. You will have to navigate the options to bring up the history in a separate window, which is something that can cause you to lose focus. A better option is to use Pop-up History, an extension for Chrome that lets you bring up the history items directly from any browsing window.Read More

Chrome Notepad Syncs Notes Across Multiple Computers

Chrome Notepad is a brilliant notepad extension that supports native syncing across multiple Chrome browsers. It is yet another reason to migrate from Firefox to Google Chrome. The best part is that it does not use any 3rd party server/service to sync notes, but in fact, uses the build-in bookmark/preferences sync functionality to synchronize the notes across multiple Google Chrome installations.Read More

Easily Open Closed Tabs In Google Chrome [Extension]

Google Chrome remains my personal favorite for daily usage. However, one really annoying thing about Chrome has been the clumsy way it handles reopening of recently closed tabs. Why should I right-click the title bar, select Reopen Closed Tab and repeat the procedure five times to get back the tab that I closed five instances ago? Why is there no choice?Read More

Browse The Internet With Keyboard Shortcuts In Chrome With Vimium

It is always impressive to see a computer guru at work; performing all those complex tasks without touching the mouse, making their way through applications, folders, networks and the internet using only the keyboard. Same can be said for that generation of geeks and hackers who remind you of the old DOS days, when command prompt was all you had!While it may not be possible for a regular user to match these genres of people, you can still add some touch to your internet browsing experience with Google Chrome, through the extension Vimium.Read More