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Block Website Within Defined Time Range In Chrome


Google Chrome users looking for a simple way to block websites can try Website Blocker. It is intended to set users focus straight on work by allowing them to block those frequently used websites which act as a catalyst in loosing focus. You can use it to prevent kids from opening websites which contain explicit adult content, chat rooms, etc. One interesting aspect is that you can apply a time limit for keeping websites completely in-accessible in office timings. You can for instance block Facebook in work hours by specifying 0800-1700, so you can keep focus on work instead of socializing in defined span of time.

After the extension is installed, you need to enter the website URL with a time range to block the accessibility. It provides some samples which you can modify to instantly block a list of websites. The time limit and block function can be enabled/disabled from Basic Settings. Once you have listed all the URLs with time ranges, verify by accessing the blocked webpage.If it’s still accessible, restart the browser and clear the cache.

When the blocked page is accessed, it shows default message “Can’t access to this page”. However, you can change this message from Options page.

option 2

The extension is in experimental stages yet works fine without showing any problems. Nonetheless, we feel that it’d have been great if password protection was provided.

Website Blocker extension for Google Chrome

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