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How To Root Smartbook Surfer Tablet with ADB

Smartbook SurferThe German Smartbook Surfer Android tablet has been rooted using ADB and the SU binary, thanks to instructions found at a German website called IVHP.de. If you own one of these tablets, you can now root it easily by following this guide.

Smartbook Surfer is an Android tablet released exclusively in Germany. We recently noticed a user at XDA-Developers forums asking for instructions on how to root it and decided to do a quick search. Although we did not come across any site in English with clear instructions for the process, we did find a German website offering excellent instructions for rooting the device.

Using Google Translate, we were able to decipher those instructions into English and here they are. Though if you are a German speaker and have trouble following instructions in English, you should just jump to the original IVHP.de instructions at the link given in the end of this article.

Disclaimer: Please follow this guide at your own risk. AddictiveTips will not be liable if your device gets damaged or bricked during the process.

  1. A basic requirement for this is ADB installed and working on your computer. If it isn’t, visit our guide on what is ADB and how to install it.
  2. Download the zip file for the SU binary and SuperUser app from the link given below and extract it to a location on your computer. We extracted it at C:\Smartbook for convenience in the next steps.
  3. Launch a command prompt window on your computer and enter these commands:
  4. Reboot your device. Once it reboots, launch Terminal Emulator on it and check that it has been rooted successfully by entering ‘su’. You should get the ‘#’ prompt, indicating successful rooting.

That’s pretty much all there is to it. Enjoy root access on your tablet – you should now be able to flash custom ROMs as well as install thousands of apps from the Android Market and elsewhere that require root access to work.

Download SU binary and SuperUser app

[via IVHP.de]


  1. What commands? I tried the mothod described on the linked websites, but they just dont work. And the commands you mention…well? where are they?

    Thanks so much for your contribution anyways….would be great if you could edit the post and incude details.

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