How To Change The Language For Chrome Translate

Chrome has a built-in translation feature. When you visit a webpage that isn't in your default language, Chrome offers to translate it. The translation option is accessible from the Omnibar. You can dismiss it if you don't need a translation or you can click it any time you need it. The option only appears if the site you're visiting isn't in your default language. As useful as Chrome translate is, it doesn't support multiple languages. It will translate text from one language to the default language. Users can change the language that Chrome translates to on the fly. You can change the language for Chrome translate from the translation prompt or from the language settings in Chrome. Here's how.Read More

Use Google Now On Tap To Translate Text In Images

Google Now On Tap is a neat context aware feature in Android. It lets you take screenshots and share them, look up words, and use your calendar more efficiently. One other neat Google Now on Tap trick is that it can translate text. This trick only works for images and not on web pages. If you have text in a different language, using Google Now on Tap to translate it isn't going to work. For imges though, it works like a charm.Read More

Get Google Chrome-Like On-Page Translation In Firefox

If you are Google Chrome user, you're likely aware that it comes with a default translation feature that automatically prompts you to translate a page when it detects you are on website not in the language set as default in your web browser. It’s a really neat feature that can prove extremely useful if you often visit foreign sites. Firefox, however, doesn't come with such a feature by default. However, there are several add-ons available for Mozilla's browser that you can use to easily translate foreign text to your own language without having to manually copy and paste the text into Google Translate or some other translation service. S3.Google Translator is one such extension that does the job perfectly, though the translation has to be initiated manually by you the first time you visit a foreign page.Read More

Quickly Translate An Entire Webpage From Firefox Right Click Menu

Chrome users have it made; whenever you find yourself on a webpage in a language that isn’t your default, the browser automatically offers to translate. But Firefox users, while they don’t enjoy an inbuilt translate option, needn’t fret about copy-pasting entire paragraphs to a translation web service, either. Using the right-click context menu, you can translate either selected text via Translate Menu or, better yet, the whole page, via the TranslateWebpageAtGoogle add-on.Read More

Learn A New Language As You Browse The Web [Chrome]

Learning a new language is not an easy job, and can require a lot of effort. However, Language Immersion For Chrome aims to change that by providing you with a very easy and simple way to learn new words/phrases from a foreign language, as you browse the web. This nifty little extension switches certain words and phrases from English to a language of your choice on regular websites that you browse, letting you experience the language with a different perspective. With it, you can choose from a collection of sixty four languages currently supported by Google Translate. Novice, Intermediate and Fluent level settings control how much of the page is translated. For instance, when you select Fluent, entire sentences are translated, whereas the Novice option only translates a few phrases. Additionally, scrolling over a translated word or phrase lets you hear the pronunciation, and clicking the translation turns it back to English. More after the jump.Read More

Translate Menu: Translate Webpages & Terms via Right-Click Context Menu [Firefox]

Firefox is truly feature rich and while people who use other browsers will argue otherwise, it’s hard to deny that this browser isn’t good or that developers prefer it over most other browsers. While the browser is great, it’s ‘differentiated’ from others by the excess or lack of a few features. In Chrome, if you visit a webpage that isn’t in your local language, it automatically asks you if you want to translate it and works with Google Translate to give you a hint of what the page is about. Firefox does not have a translate option. Translate Menu, a Firefox add-on, translates text that you select to almost any other language. It supports a very large number of languages, which means people of different origins can use this add-on for a better browsing experience. Just select the Translate This Page option from the right-click context menu. With this add-on, you don’t have to copy and paste the text or link to any other website, such as Google Translate.Read More

Translate And Listen To Text From Multiple Source With QTranslate

QTranslate is a portable application for instantly translating text in several languages. Apart from fetching translations from Google Translate, it also provides the option to translate text using other online sources including, Bing Translater, Prompt Mobile, SDL and Yahoo Babel Fish. Compared to Linguarde and Transmiti, QTranslate  provides audio playback for both the input and translated text. Translations can be performed from within applications, such as browsers, word processors, PDF readers and so on. It has a built-in spell checking utility which ensures that all spelling from the input and translated text are of the correct spellings.Read More

Translate Text From Any Application With Transmiti

Translating documents from desktop applications is always a bit difficult due to inadequate translating resources provided (if at all) by applications, such as, text editors and word processors. For instance, MS Word does not provide translation options for more than a handful of languages. Other commonly used applications, such as, WordPad don’t even come close to have a translation option, entirely. While Google Translate is immensely powerful, it's still far from the usage scenario I'm referring to here. Transmiti is a Google Powered portable application which is capable of translating text from any application, including text editors, browsers with no native translation support (e.g. Firefox and Opera), Messengers, etc. It can translate selected text or entire documents using a hotkey. You can either copy the translation to clipboard or replace the current text with the translation (if applicable). Transmiti supports translations to and from all languages supported by Google Translate. Transmiti is quite similar to the previously reviewed Linguarde, however unlike Linguarde, the pop-up window contaning the translation is quite stable and does not vanish unless you close it manually. Read More

Translate Text From Desktop Applications And Browsers With Linguarde

Linguarde is a Google powered language translator which works as a desktop client for Google Translate. It not only provides desktop functionality to translate text from multiple languages, but also integrates with browsers and applications to provide instant translation of highlighted words. Might not be useful for Chrome users but will come handy when using Firefox, IE, Opera, and other browsers. This makes it possible to get a translation utility for browsers which do not automatically translate foreign languages. Browser translation support also means that one does not have to install any third-part extensions which are likely to reduce browser performance. You can also save your translated text as a TXT file or copy it to clipboard.Read More

Lingoes Is Powerful Multilingual Dictionary And Translation Tool For Your Desktop

Lingoes is an intuitive search engine which primarily focuses on finding words definitions, contextual meaning of word in sentence, abbreviations, etc., with a list of famous services to translate an inserted text, including Google Translate, Yahoo Translation, Yahoo BebelFish, Click2 Translate, etc. Additionally, it comes with multitude of dictionaries, such as, Google Dictionary, WordNet Online, Spelling Suggestion, Google Web Definitions, and so on, which you can choose on the fly while searching for the meaning or explanation of the word/phrase/idiom. A great deal of complementary features is also bundled in the package to give out one complete solution to daily life numerical and word related problems. You can lookup for irregular verbs, abbreviations, install a list of appendixes for International dialing codes, Weights & Measure converter, International Time Zone converter, and many more.Read More

Search Definitions, Videos, Pictures, And Sounds From Multiple Sources With Wikitup

Wikitup is a search engine which aims to bring ease in searching the widely-common content (videos, images, articles, etc) from your desktop. Every so often, we need to search for a particular video or image,  look up meaning of complex words/phrases, and translate a document into our native language. This application caters to most celebrated searching platforms to show results for specified search keywords under one window. It fetches content from multiple websites, for images it uses Google Images and Flickr, for videos it uses YouTube and Veoh, and results from Wikipedia and Wiktionary are shown against word/phrase or article search. Since it features Google Translate service, you can translate on the fly.Read More

Desktop Google Translator

Geniale Translator is an Adobe Air app which unlike AIRTranslate has far more options. It has the text editor which is geared towards IT workers and almost everyone else. AIRTranslate is good for simplicity but if you need a professional desktop translator, then Geniale Translator takes the prize.Read More

Google Introduces 9 More Languages In Google Translate

Over the years Google Translate has helped us in communicating with people who do not understand you native language . It has helped us in translating and reading information on the web in different languages.Just today Google has introduced more language to Google Translate. It has added 9 more languages to Goolge Translate, those are Afrikaans, Belarusian, Icelandic, Irish, Macedonian, Malay, Swahili, Welsh, and Yiddish. After adding these languages, the total number of supported languages has risen to 51.Read More