SharpShot Is One-Stop Tool For All Your Basic Image Editing Needs

These days, image editing is done both professionally and for fun, and to cater to the needs of this diverse market, both free and paid application are available for people to choose from. The differentiating factors between these applications lie in the level of customization, methods of interaction with the image and the learning curve of the application. Even though Photoshop and Gimp are very useful applications for editing images, their main strength can also come off as a weakness when you only want to perform basic editing functions to an image. SharpShot is a multi-platform, portable application that allows you to easily edit images without any major complications that usually come with comprehensive image editing tools, such as Photoshop or Gimp.Read More

PhotoFiltre: A Comprehensive Image Retouching Tool With Batch Support

We have covered some very light yet useful image editors, such as PixBuilder and Artweaver Free, which provide you with a set of essential tools for tweaking or styling images. Today, we have PhotoFiltre, a complete image retouching portable application that lets you perform basic and advanced editing of images, as well as apply a wide range of filters. It hosts a simple GUI, enabling users to easily learn and start using the complete assortment of the available tools. The application offers two types of selection methods; automatic shapes such as rectangle, triangle, ellipse etc, and lasso & polygon. PhotoFiltre is capable of performing batch operation on images, including Conversion, Image Resizing and Framing. More on PhotoFiltre after the jump.Read More

PixBuilder Is An Easy-To-Use, Comprehensive Image Editing Tool

Image editors com in handy when you want to enhance those shaky came moments or brighten up the dark spots. Google image editors and you will find a humungous list of a number of different such software available for download. Last month, we covered a very comprehensive image editor named Artweaver Free, which has full support for layers, a wide variety of brushes and effect filters, enabling the users to edit images with great detail. In fact, we found it so useful that we compared it directly to Adobe Photoshop, but even though it was a great application, there was a catch; just like Adobe Photoshop, it was difficult to use for a newbie. Today, we found PixBuilder, which might take care of that problem. It is an image editing application for digital photo editing, image processing and resizing. Read on to know more about PixBuilder.Read More

Edit And Convert RAW Images To JPG With Scarab Darkroom

When you capture photos in DSLR camera, you have the choice to use RAW or JPEG file format (where the post processing is automatically done by the camera in latter format). However, many professionals opt for using RAW image, as it is a non-processed image file and there is far greater room for fine tuning and retouching the photos. RAW image file is not ready to be printed or edited, and normal image viewers cannot even open a RAW image file. Each camera manufacturer, such as Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Samsung, etc, has its own variation of RAW image format. The image is loaded into a RAW converter and processed before users are able to view, edit or print it using a normal image viewer. As there are is no unified structure for RAW format, it can become difficult if your software doesn't support it. For that very matter you can try Scarab Darkroom, which is a digital camera RAW file converter and image editor that supports a lot of cameras. The supported RAW format capable cameras include Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax, Samsung and Sony. Check out the complete functionality of Scarab Darkroom after the jump.Read More

ImageBot: Simple Image Editor That Imports & Saves Images To Facebook

Aviary, Pixlr and the Photoshop web app are all online image editors that give you a lot of features; you can literally do anything to your images, and even professional designers might have used them at some point for a quick edit or two. While the apps are feature rich, they aren’t something everyone would use for the simple reason that not everyone knows what all those tools are for, nor do they need them. ImageBot is an image editing web application for the regular Joe, who wants to enhance a picture by adding a few effects here and there, but doesn’t really get Photoshop. The app lets you add general effects that you would want to enhance a picture with, like blur, shadow, color, resize etc., but with a layer feature so that you can edit or remove effects at any time. Additionally, the app connects directly with your Facebook account and imports imaged from albums, so you can open and edit them directly.Read More

Add Photo Effects To Your Picture Album In A Click With Easy Photo Effects

Want to apply creative filters or effects to your photos without using Photoshop? Previously reviewed Leaf is one option, but since it has a limited functionality and does not provide some tweaking options, we went on a hunt to find a better application. Today we came across Easy Photo Effects, which can apply some complex filters (such as TiltShift effect) to any picture in a snap. It is a portable application which not only allows adding effects to photos but also provides additional tweaking options to adjust the size, borders, and effect layout for the photos that are to be edited. You can save your converted photos in JPG or BMP format.Read More

Capture Screenshots, Edit Images & Share Them Online With PicPick

Screenshot tools are available in tens of numbers around the internet, but only a few of them actually worth giving a try (not bashing the rest of them in anyway, however). PicPick is a feature-rich, desktop image manipulation tool to capture screenshot, edit images, share them via Facebook, Twitter, email, ImageShack, and upload them to an FTP server. It contains some complimentary image editing tools such as a CorelDraw style color picker, screen pixel ruler, magnifier, protractor, crosshair and more. You can use PicPick to instantly transform your desktop into a whiteboard and use it for drawing anything on it in a selected color. It can also send edited images to MS Office programs such as MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint.Read More

Leaf Restores Photos To Normal On Selective Areas After Adding Effects

Many of us like tweaking our pictures every now and then by adding effects to them. Some of the most commonly used effects which are available with image editing applications include Sepia, Greyscale and Negative. While these effects can be easily applied to images, it can be hard to colorize only a selected area where effects like Sepia, Grayscale or Negative have already been applied. Leaf is an image editing application which lets you colorize only selected parts of an image with a Sepia, Greyscale or Negative effect. The first part of the process includes selecting a preferred effect followed by dragging the image over the interface. Unlike most image editing applications, Leaf allows you to first add the selected effect to the image and then to remove it from selected areas of the image. Your transformed images can be saved in PNG, GIF, JPG and BMP and PDF format.Read More

Create Cross-Stitch Image Designs From Your Photos With CStitch

Cross-stitch is a tiled, raster-like pattern which is used to give images a counted-thread embroidery look. Such patterns can be hard to create using common image editing applications and require cross-stitch design image editors for easy transformation of common photos to a cross-stitch format. CStitch is an open source tool like Scheme Maker, which can creates cross stitch patterns from images and provide the option to select the number of colors and stranded thread to edit virtually any part of the image squares. It allows creating embroidery based designs to and from many image formats, such as BMP, GIF, PBM, PGM, PNG, TIFF, XBM and XPM, as well as a PDF file. when creating a cross stitch desgin for a selected image, you are provided with a side by side comparison of the two images, showing you the before and after effect of the picture that is to be tweaked.Read More

TiltShiftGenerator – Add Professional Tilt Shift Effects To Any Photo

There are multiple online and desktop image editors available for free but they support mostly common effects like adding sepia, emboss or sketch effects to an image. TiltShiftGenerator is a desktop application that lets you add the hard-to-come-by tilt shift effect to any photo. The app lets you add both a radial and linear tilt to an image, lets you control the degree of the tilt, place the central point of the tilt anywhere on the image, adjust the level of vignette and increase or decrease image brightness, contrast and saturation. All images are saved as JPEG.Read More

ObscuraCam For Android Detects Faces In Photos & Conceals Them

The photography genre of Android apps is vast enough to offer you almost every type of flavor. There are simple photo snapping apps, countless photo editing monsters, apps that bring all the snazzy and exotic filters and effects to the table, alternatives to your Android's stock gallery, and whatnot. Then there are a few candidates that offer some weird, yet fun-filled, options, such as presenting you with a photobooth like interface, let you swap your face with some other person in the photo, and let you transform your photos in any way you like. Now, should you feel like getting your hands on an app that lets you distort a specific portion (specifically face) of an image, we have got a very handy solution for you. Better yet, if the app could automatically detect unwanted faces in the image, your task of hiding those faces would become all the more easier.  ObscuraCam is a free, handy tool for Android that uses facial recognition to detect faces within snapped/imported photos, lets you conceal them with any of the four available obscuring effects (Redact, Pixelate, Background Pixelate, Masking) and share the results with your friends. Effectively, ObscuraCam resembles Privacy Camera for Android but with slightly enhanced interface a few additional features (for instance, the face identification and image sharing features). Join us after the break for more.Read More

12 Features Of Picasa That You Probably Don’t Know About

We have noticed that due to the recent colossal influx of cloud based apps in software arena, many image editors and viewers are either totally drifting away from the core image organizing and editing features which a common user likes to see, or have started capitalizing on everything, from online image sharing to social media components integration with long winded configuration process to go around with. That’s the reason why so many eminent image viewers and editors are being cascaded down the popularity graph.So, what makes an image editing software stand out from the rest? I am not an advocate of outright simplicity but when it comes to choosing a good software which while offering all important features to catch up with fast track online image sharing blaze, also provides features to enhance image viewing and editing experience, only one springs readily to my mind, and that is, Picasa. Whether you want to brush up on your image editing skills, share photos with your friends and family, or simply like to enjoy an awesome image viewer on your desktop with web sync, Picasa is arguably the most viable option you can opt in for. In this post, we will try to delve deep into its most underrated features. Read More

Grab And Edit Images Directly From The Web With Pixlr Editor

Photoshop is a terrific image editor, the only slight shortcoming with it is that it runs on your desktop and you can’t always take your desktop with you everywhere. The portable version or the online version gives you more freedom though but features in the online version are limited. Online image editors may not give you all the powerful Photoshop features, but they’re a great way to edit images in your browser when you don’t really need the high end Photoshop ones or you just need to fix some images fast. Pixlr is an online image editor that drills down many high end functions for easier editing right in your browser.Read More

Snapshoter Is Screenshot Clipboard Manager And Editor

We love to try screenshot taking tools which offer a seamless way to capture whole and specific screen area with a feature-rich screenshot editor. In the past, we have featured many screen capturing tools, having a whole lot of different features to capture screen areas and then to edit them. Shotty and Greenshot are already our favorite tools, but unfortunately, they both lack a much needed feature – screenshot clipboard history to automatically cycle through captured images (and use them in a required sequence). Snapshoter is a portable screen capture tool which offers all the essential screen capture features with an option to save them in unlimited screenshot stack. It provides the utility of saving as many screenshots as you want in a list which can be pasted with either a simple drag and drop or by using default Paste hotkey combination; Ctrl + V.Read More

Create Art Or Edit Images On The Go With Fresco For Android

Fresco, to be precise is the art of painting on fresh wet plaster. Developed by XDA-Developers forum member, Fresco is one of those rare graphics app that let you create little pieces of art on the go and provides you with some quite useful options and features. Now before you get confused with this app being just an image editor, it’s more than that actually. Freehand drawing on touchscreens just got better and I dare say it can be really addictive once you get the hang of it. Read on for screenshots, features and more!Read More

Amazifier – Edit And Retouch Photos & Upload Them To Facebook, Flickr, Picasa

We at AddictiveTips, love to try newly developed image editors and have already covered many in the past, Zoner Photo Studio, Kestral GX, Adobe Project Rome, and SunlitGreen PhotoEdior, to name a few. Whenever we come across one freshly baked image editor with some unique features, we can not wait to test it out for you. Amazifier Lite claims to be one easy to use image editor with many features to edit and re-touch photos.You can directly import pictures from Picasa, Fickr and Facebook, edit them and upload them to any of supported online services. The interface is designed to keep things simple and self-explanatory with all basic editing and re-touching tools, which one might need while tweaking photos. On the main interface, you can either initiate web search for images, login to Facebook to fetch image gallery, import pictures from Fickr and Picasa or browse through local folders to select an image archive for editing purposes.Read More

XnConvert – Apply Effects And Convert Image File Formats

XnConvert is a portable application designed by developers of famous XnView Shell Extension – which brings XnView image editing capabilities in Windows context menu. XnConvert provides image editing tools to let user change, edit, and apply effects over images without putting much effort. Unlike other image editing tools, the application is backed by many pre-defined actions for applying Image, Map and Filter related effects over selected images. Compared with XnView Shell Extension, it encompasses a great deal of interesting effects and options which are bundled into respective action categories. Furthermore, it not only enables user to apply effects but let them change Output formats as well. While you can change the output file naming convention, image type can also be specified to always convert those images over which you’ve applied effects for better image quality result.Read More

Kestrel GX – Image Management Software With Multiple Editing Tools

Kestrel GX is a free image management application which combines both advanced image editing and photo organizer. You will find almost all the contemporary editing tools for setting image levels, colors, saturation with options to watermark image, reduce red-eye effect, and to adjust image sharpness. Adding more, it supports more than 20 image formats, including, PNG, JPG, WBMP, PS, PDF, DCX, BMP, PSD and many other digital camera supported RAW formats.Along with managing image repository, it offers blazing fast search speed by using multiple search criteria and meta information like, EXIF,IPTC, and GPS. Although the application mainly offers image database management, it comes with an image editor as well with extensive feature set while supporting other professional image manipulation suites including Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop. The application is also accompanied with basic selection tools to let users select and edit an image in a required shape. The image database allows anyone to keep their image catalog organized without having to specify image folders over and over again.Read More

Give Your Pictures Artistic Flair With Dydelf

Programs like Photoshop and Lightroom can do amazing things for you in terms of color corrections and adding artistic effects. But when it comes to beginners who are just looking to tweak their photos, its hard to find open, simple and easy to use software. Dydelf is a tool which will help you add artistic effects to your photos in just a few clicks. The techniques used by this application will allow you to perform digital processing on any image and transform it completely into an outlined graphic with an added artistic flair.Read More