Force Your Browser To Use And Ignore Your Location

I've had to switch to using a different laptop recently and it took some time to set it up the way I had things set up on my old laptop. Surprisingly, one of the harder things for me to do was to get my browser to play nice. Every time I Googled something, it would default to Google local search. I previously had it set up to always use but the trick to it was long forgotten and took more time than I cared to invest to figure out again. Why can't they make it simpler? Ponder that if you will but if you're trying to get your browser to ignore Google local search and just stick to using, here is the trick to getting  it to do that in Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer.Read More

Stop Animated GIFs From Auto-playing In Your Browser

Auto-playing content, whether it's an ad, a video (I'm looking at you Facebook), or a GIF can a drag down your bandwidth and it can also be exceptionally annoying since it slows down the page load. The only time it's acceptable for content to auto-play is if you're browsing Imgur, or perhaps Twitter where there are plenty og GIFs and Vines being shared but at all other times auto-playing content is just another thing you wish websites would stop doing. We detailed how to disable auto-playing content in Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safrai, and Opera but our post didn't address GIFs that will continue to auto-play despite 'click to play' being enabled in your browser. Here's how you can stop GIFs from playing in Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.Read More

Add New Words Or Edit Current Ones In Your Browser’s Dictionary

The world would be a terrible dark, and exceptionally misunderstood place if there were no spell check to help us sound articulate. Internet  Explorer, Chrome and Firefox all have a built-in spell check feature that underlines misspelled words. If you right-click on a word, you will be given options for what the correct spelling of the word browser thinks you were trying to type. This is super handy but what do you do if you want to add a new word to the browser's dictionary or remove a word from it?Read More

Stop Auto-play In Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, And IE

Perhaps it's just me but I have been seeing more and more websites, really popular ones at that,  hosting auto-play content. It's times like this that I'm thankful Chrome indicates which tab is playing the media so I can turn it off but some ads are tricky. They mute volume and play video and it's up to you to find them. So, what's a user to do? The answer is stop the auto-play and you stop the madness. Auto-playing content is something that your browser 'allows' by default and if you think a little about the sentence you just read, you realize that the browser is controlling this and you can tell it to stop auto-playing content.Read More

View Song Lyrics On YouTube & Grooveshark From Nine Sources

A lot of desktop music players support on-screen lyrics, but if you mostly listen to music on YouTube or Grooveshark, you might have little or no options for viewing song lyrics. On YouTube, channels add lyrics to within the song video's description or, at times, within the video itself, but it’s rare. YouTube Lyrics is an extension available for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Internet Explorer that displays lyrics for the current song playing in YouTube or Grooveshark in a small popup within the respective tab. The extension searches and loads lyrics from one of nine sources that you can manage from its options page.Read More

Encrypt Facebook Posts, Tweets Or Any Online Message For Select Contacts With Scrambls

Sending coded messages can come handy either for fun or out of necessity. The common way to share a message publicly while ensuring that only a few people in that public forum/group can view it is to use services that encrypt them and require decryption on the other side. Services like this have a drawback; they leave it to you to share the password/decryption key with your intended audience. Scrambls is a browser extension that works with a service at the back end and lets you easily scramble your message across any public or private online medium including social media services, forums, blogs, comments and the like. You can create groups using email addresses of your intended recipients, allowing them alone to unscramble the message. In order to unscramble the text, the recipients will have to install the Scrambls extension and sign up for a free account with the service.Read More

Get Rid Of Unwanted Toolbars From Chrome, Firefox & Internet Explorer

Recently, I have noticed that a large number of freeware applications are being bundled with toolbars and miscellaneous spam. Toolbars tend to allow the developers to make money out of something they are giving for free. Some toolbars, for instance, Google Toolbar (or StumbleUpon, for that matter) are quite handy. In fact, StumbleUpon is one of the best ways to come by some fresh and unseen internet content. But other toolbars that are usually installed with the software package without your consent, do nothing other than kicking down a browser’s performance. And to make matters worse, some even push useless extensions into the browser. Not to mention, I really dread it when my browser’s homepage is automatically altered without me even knowing.Read More

Restore Browser Settings & DNS When Changed By Malware

One of the things that many malware and viruses do while attacking the computer is enable dead or inactive TCP/UDP ports to start listening to malicious external requests. This process sometimes involves shutting down browsers' native antivirus security features, which are specifically incorporated to prevent users from like threats. So, unless you deploy a smart malware detection solution, you may not be able to find and remove the bugs that surreptitiously deteriorate your browser's performance. Most antivirus suites are programmed to detect the malware only when they are accessed or moved to main memory as a part of the basic application operation request. Even if it's not loaded into the memory, it can change the browsers' native features that help prevent external attacks. Developed by Anvisoft, Browser Repair offers a robust solution to tackle malware and threats that attempt to change browsers’ native features. As of now, it supports only Internet Explorer, but has some options, which can resolve issues that you may be facing in other browsers as well.Read More

Open IT Online Integrates Popular Document & Image Viewers & Editors With Your Browser

Have you ever had one of those instances where you really needed to open a Word document, but didn’t want to fire up Microsoft Office and waste precious system resources? Or did you experience events when you wanted to edit an image but had no desire to install Photoshop or any specific software? Open IT Online, an extension/add-on for all major browsers, does it all for you! This utility enables you to open and edit your files in the browser window, as opposed to downloading the file and opening it via an external application. Open IT Online Lite integrates Google Docs Viewer, Zoho, View Docs Online and Vuzit for documents, and Pixlr, Sumo Paint, Picnik and Snipshot for images. You no longer need to have any software installed to view and edit documents, spreadsheets, presentations etc, or to edit any image.Read More

Set Default Browser In Windows 8 For Links From 3rd Party/Desktop Apps

If you’ve decided to take Windows 8 for a spin, but aren’t up for using Internet Explorer as your default web browser, then you can download whichever browser you were using in Windows 7, set it as your default browser and all should be right with the world. This isn’t as easy as it sounds, as Internet Explorer will remain the default browser for links opened via external applications. If you receive a new email notification on Gtalk, clicking it will open Gmail in Internet Explorer. Although whichever browser you set as the default browser will appear so in its own settings, the default behavior will be limited to all actions done within the browser. This post looks at how you can set a browser as the default program when opening links from external applications.Read More

What Causes Web Browser Loyalty & Browser Betrayal In People?

Some common questions that can stir up a war in the most peaceful of situations are; iPhone or Android? Mac or Windows? Cats or Dogs? Why do these simple and harmless questions cause us to argue as if the life of a loved one depends on us being right and the other person being wrong? Possibly because it is our conviction that we’re using the best product there is. Something very similar happens if you try and tell someone they use an inferior web browser and that they should switch over to a better one aka the one you use. This post discusses what might be going on in a person’s head when they choose to stick to a web browser. People have been known to switch browsers and if you’ve been following recent stats, you’ll know that Chrome has beaten Firefox and that Internet Explorer is losing its user base. The question is what makes a person switch from one browser to another and what earns a browser a user’s loyalty?Read More

BT Engage: Create Free And Functional Themes For Firefox & IE [Web]

In the world of marketing, getting your message across effectively is probably the best advertising technique, and brands, organizations, companies etc, employ all possible means to achieve this. Generally, when consumers are continuously reminded of a product/service, chances are high that they’ll remember it more than others. This appears to be the thought behind Brand Thunder’s Engage – a free web app that allows anyone to create a browser theme (currently supporting Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer). Since a browser window is almost always present in front of a user when surfing the web, having your theme splashed across their screens is, arguably, one of the best ways to market yourself. So, if you’re a blogger, service provider, product manufacturer, or would just like to brand yourself, hit the jump and see how Engage can serve you.Read More

How To Enable 64-Bit Mode In Internet Explorer 10 On Windows 8

As most of our desktop computing devices move from 32 bit towards 64 bit platforms, more and more programs are being made available in both 32 bit and 64 bit versions. While Windows 7 has already had Internet Explorer 9 in both these variants, they were available as separate apps. That changes with Windows 8, as both versions have been consolidated into one version of Internet Explorer 10. For further details on switching between the modes, continue reading.Read More

ReloadIt Alerts You On Finding Changes In Web Pages Of Your Choice

One annoyance which many web developers face while viewing changes from application development IDEs is that development platforms only open or refresh the local webserver (localhost) link without providing any option to automatically update the web document. Since there is no direct way to monitor changes in HTML, PHP, ASPX, CSS document to view the updates and changes as they happen, therefore they have to either refresh the web page manually by hitting F5 to view the changes or use a third-party script to automatically update the page after defined amount of time. Read More

How To Handle Multiple Internet Explorer Tabs In Windows Phone 7 Mango

Windows Phone 7’s newest update Mango is making waves all around the world even before its official release. For now the update is available to developers only and has recently been released to manufacturers. Microsoft announced that Mango will come equipped with 500 new features! That means a lot more new functionality compared to the previous big update (Nodo). The official list of all the changes has not been made public yet and developers are left to discover new features by themselves. However, one feature that doesn’t require much thorough searching is the availability of multiple tabs in the new OS. It is there, and it looks awesomely cool!Read More

Change the Default Search Engine In Windows Phone 7 [How To]

Some of us today have become so addicted to search engines that sometimes the impulse is there to look for your lost pair of socks on Google! Due to this essential role of search engines, many web browsers come integrated with search engines. You simply have to go to your browser’s address bar and key in any word you want to search. This is a time-efficient tool as you don’t have to go all the way to the search engine’s website and search from there. Being a pretty slick OS, Windows Phone 7 uses Internet Explorer as its default web browser and Bing search comes integrated with it. But if you are more of a Google or Yahoo fan, you can change this setting using a little registry tweaking.Read More

Keep Yourself Informed With BBC News Mobile For Windows Phone 7

In this age of busy and fast living, very few people have got the time to sit in front of a TV and listen to the latest news to keep themselves up to date with happenings around the world. However there is a lot you can achieve if you have a smartphone, and getting in touch with the world is certainly one such thing. There is quite a fair number of news-related apps for even a young and budding platform like Windows Phone 7. Now which news service or app you should choose for your everyday use, that’s the important question. BBC is a household name all across the globe and is almost synonymous with the word “News” in some parts of the world. BBC News Mobile is a third party client of BBC news for WP7 and has got some pretty cool features.Read More

Sync Browser Bookmarks With Your Windows Phone 7 [Guide]

If you are a big fan of the whole bookmarks concept and your web browser has a whole lot of bookmarks saved on it for later viewing, then you might really miss your precious accumulations while surfing the net on your Windows Phone 7 device. By default Internet Explorer is the browser used in WP7 phones, and it doesn’t allow you to sync the bookmarks from your PC to your phone. Do you wish that you had the ability to import all the bookmarks from your PC to the WP7 device you are using and vice versa? It is possible, and it’s simple!Read More