Soundtracker Brings Its Location-Based Music Discovery App To Android

Soundtracker is an interactive online music discovery, distribution and sharing service featuring no less than 11 million high quality songs. Apart from managing and listening to your favorite tracks, you can use Soundtracker service to explore music shared by your Facebook/Twitter friends as well as from users nearby. The official mobile client of Soundtracker is available across all the popular platforms, with the Android Market being the latest to receive its very own variant. Using the Soundtracker Radio app, you get a chance to search for, access, and share your favorite music stations (artists) from anywhere. It also lets you learn about the musical taste of other users, and make friends with them, chat with them, and comment on their tracks. Another added feature in the mobile client is the ability to displays lyrics of the songs that you're listening to. The app also sports a handy homescreen widget that lets you switch tracks, and share them with your friends right from the homescreen.Read More

GoGet: Manage Scattered Data By Copying Format-Specific Files

As time goes by, our photos, songs, movies, documents and other data gets cluttered up, and scattered in our computer. Resultantly, it often happens that when we are looking for a particular file, we can't find it, because we don’t know its exact location. You can use the search function to look for your files, but that requires you to have the files properly named and tagged. If the files are stored with random names, the only way for you to find them is by knowing their exact location. Well, now you don’t need to remember where each file is placed in your computer because of a very helpful tool called GoGet. It is an application for Windows that lets you manage the content in your hard disk by allowing you to copy specific type of files from a folder, containing files of multiple formats, to another location of your choice. It does not report where the files are placed; it just copies them to a user-specified location. Learn more about GoGet after the break.Read More

Location-Based Photo Sharing App Evaway Comes To Android

Evaway is a free web service using which you can share geotagged photos of memorable travels with the world. To entertain the needs of Android and iOS users who love capturing, sharing and exploring photos of scenic locations on the go, the service has a mobile client available on the app stores of both platforms. More than anything else, the app is meant to provide you with a chance to share your travel experiences with other users. You can instantly grab a fresh snap, or import one from your device’s gallery and share it via the app in just a few taps. That’s not all; the app features a Challenges section that lets you earn badges by traveling to nearby locations.Read More

Hubii: Create Magazine & Read Latest News Based On Geographic Location [Web]

Tired of jumping from one website to another to find the latest news online? Hubii, a web application, gives you faster access to news, & lets you browse international headlines in a completely different way. It provides users with a map, and lets them search for various news content based on locations. As you move through different locations on the map, the news content displayed to the left changes accordingly. You may use the Mapfilter option to filter news by date, language, time and more. Another useful and interesting feature of Hubii is Mapazine, your personal magazine that you can customize by subscribing to various publishers from whatever locations you desire. If you cant find a particular publisher, just click Contribute, and add one by providing the URL for the publisher's RSS feed. Hubii minimizes the time you spend looking for the news; instead, it brings you the news.Read More

Weego For iPhone: Make Plans With Your Facebook Friends On The Go

It's really annoying when you start to make a plan with your friends, and nobody can agree on one decision. Wouldn’t it be a relief if, for once, you and your pals could decide what movie to watch together in a few minutes? If your friends are on Facebook most of the time, then Weego for iOS will prove to be a treat for you, as it lets you create any event and invite your Facebook friends to it. Your friends can vote for or against this event, withdraw themselves from it all together, and chat about it within the app.Read More

ChaCha For Android Now Supports Real-Time Q&A, Ratings & Push Notifications

Smartphone apps and online web services based on the concept of crowdsourcing data and information are slowly, but surely starting to make an impact around the globe. Whether it’s collecting weather information from various parts of the world, extracting general public response about a recent global event, or an attempt to find feasible solutions to any problematic facet of life, you're highly likely to find a reliable app/service that can provide answers to your queries. ChaCha is one such web service. It’s been quite a while since ChaCha has had its official Android and iOS clients available on the Android Market and iTunes App Store respectively. However, it’s the Android variant of the app that has recently been updated with a plethora of new and useful features, such as real-time streaming of Q&A and trending topics, supplementing answers with star-ratings, location-based Q&A, SMS alerts and push notifications for answers.Read More

Let Your Friends Choose The Songs At Your Party With Fonzi For iPhone

We have all been to parties where the music is just absolutely drab; enough to make you want to walk up to the DJ and have some groovy numbers added to the playlist. Fonzi for iOS does just that for you, and with just a tap of your finger. Just log in to the app with your Facebook account, and you can find whether a friend of yours is having a party nearby. Provided your part-hosting friend is using Fonzi too, not only can you track down the location of the party, but also choose the songs to be added to the party's playlist.Read More

Track Location Of Your Employees With GPS Punch! For iOS

You have spent a fortune on your employees to get a contract overseas, but despite their established competency locally, they have been unable to achieve the tasks assigned overseas. Could it be that they have been involved more in pleasure than business? GPS Punch! for your iOS device lets you keep tabs on each and every move of your employees when they are travelling abroad, so you can ensure they are attending their scheduled meetings on time, and achieve the milestones that have been set for them. The app allows you to create groups by inviting people to join through SMS or email, and can also come in handy when you just want to keep tabs on the movements of perhaps your kids, or even partner/spouse.Read More

Share Where You Are & What You Are Up To With Path For iOS

Sharing with friends and loved ones is what social networking is all about, and when we are multitasking, like listening to the latest background score from Michael Nyman, taking a photo, working and chatting with a friend, we might want to share all of this, and more, simultaneously. Path for iOS lets you do this on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, and also lets you update your physical location. The the good thing about this app is the variety of ways in which you can add your friends to your 'path.' You can add people from your Facebook account, add those who are already using Path, or even invite people who have an iOS device via SMS or email. Signing up is pretty easy, as it requires only your email address, and you're good to go.Read More

getHired for WP7: Search For Job Opportunities Near Your Location

Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could search jobs with just a tap of your finger on your Windows Phone 7? getHired is a WP7 app that can search jobs for you in 53 countries with a single tap. This mobile app detects your physical location, and searches countless jobs relevant to any word you enter in its search bar. It also saves your recent job search history depending on the number of recent searches you want the app to remember.Read More

Around You Wiki For WP7: Discover Interesting Places Near Any Location

There is an explorer in all of us. No matter how much of a geeky nerd you are, every once in a while, you feel the need to just go out there and enjoy the real world. However, most people don't know much about the world and places around them, and almost always need some assistance. So, if you want to go on a trek and are looking to find some interesting places near you, technology (in the form of your smartphone) can help you with that. If you have a Windows Phone 7 device, you can use Around You Wiki, a handy new app that will not only point out noteworthy places near your current location, but also give an introductory article about each discovered place.Read More

Everplaces For iPhone: Create A Log Of Places & Share It With Friends

Location-based social networking is a budding field of development, especially for iOS. Many of the apps present in App Store let users suggest places like restaurants, parks, shopping malls etc, to their friends. However, most of these apps are all about sharing information, and it can be rather difficult to keep your data private. What if you want to keep a record (for your own use) of places you like, or visit often? Now, there’s an app for that. Using Everplaces for iPhone, you can add places to your personal list, along with their details, and if you want, you can share some of the entries over Facebook or Twitter, too.Read More

Cycle Assistant For WP7: Compass & On-Map Route Tracing For Bikers

Try looking for navigation apps for Windows Phone 7 in the Marketplace, and you will find a bunch of those there. One caveat, however, is that almost all of them are focused on assisting WP7 users while driving a car, but as we all know, automobiles are not the only mode of transportation used commonly; in fact, far from it. What if you are a cyclist and like to take your two wheels up the hills, or to the mall? Now, there is an app which will help you in that, too. Using Cycle Assistant, you can not only see where you are going with the help of the app’s compass and map, but also keep track of your previous rides and the routes you took.Read More

Image Map For Windows Phone 7: Rename Photos, View & Edit EXIF Data

One thing I have always found annoying about Windows Phone 7 is that once you have taken a photo with the camera, or even imported/ downloaded it to the phone, there is no way to rename the image. So if the photo was named “asadsdsf” when you downloaded it, that’s how it'll stay, when you, say, share it via email or upload it to Facebook. The platform's Mango update should have rectified said issue but sadly, it did no such thing. However, the problem has finally been resolved, but not via an official update. Image Map is a free app that allows you to rename any image stored on your device, view photos on a map according to the location where they were snapped, and edit their EXIF data.Read More

Moving Floats: Point Your Android Device Towards A Place To Identify, Explore & Discuss It

Based on the concept of crowd sourcing images and ideas on various topics from the people in your vicinity, displaying all the useful shopping deals from nearby, keeping you apprised of upcoming local events and letting you know all the famous places around you, Moving Floats is a new location-based Android app that can certainly help you know your place and the locals better. Although there are quite a few apps already present on the Android Market that employ the aforementioned concept, Moving Floats brings something unique to the table. It includes an "explore mode" wherein users can point their devices towards a place to identify it and view ongoing discussions and uploaded images relating to it.Read More

Navigation Made Easy On Windows Phone Mango With Compass VO

Recently, there has been a boom in the Marketplace for apps related to navigation and maps. Nokia Maps was hacked to work on any unlocked WP7 device, and a few days before that, Navigon finally made its way to Windows Phone 7. But most navigation apps for the metro OS can gain more in terms of productivity if they have a compass incorporated with them. WP7 has suffered a few issues regarding the internal compass of devices, but with Mango, the compass seems to have been fixed and is working just fine. So it was about time we got an app like Compass VO, which not only lets you use a compass anywhere, but can also be superimposed on images of maps.Read More

Nokia Maps, Drive & Music Apps Available For All Unlocked WP7 Devices

Nokia launched its first ever series of Windows Phone 7 devices just a few days ago. There are many other manufacturers currently making Mango phones and many of those phones have got better specs compared to Nokia's new Lumia series (like the HTC Titan), so what makes the Lumia series so special? The sole reason is that Nokia has been granted the rights to make alterations to Microsoft’s mobile platform and customize it any way they want. Even though Nokia didn’t make any significant additions to their Mango firmware, there are a few native apps which are extremely useful but are slated to be Lumia exclusive, but not if the XDA community can help it. An avid WP7 user over at the XDA forums has released XAP files for Nokia Maps, Nokia Music and Nokia Drive, which any WP7 user can install as long as their device is developer unlocked.Read More

MyRoute Safe Drive For iPhone Alerts You When You’re Driving Too Fast

Navigation and maps apps for iOS are usually pretty expensive, especially if they support offline use. So it’s a pleasant surprise to see a free navigation app for the iPhone, which lets you drive through any city or area while giving you complete information about your current speed and location. Not only that, using MyRoute Safe Drive, you can even get alerted each time you get close to exceeding the speed limit for a particular road or highway.Read More

Oink For iPhone: Rate & Share Places, Food Items, TV Shows Or Anything

Oink is an app which displays the popularity of just about anything based on how much the general public and your friends like it. By anything, we really mean anything. The app doesn’t focus on just one specific thing like food items or places; there are a bunch of other apps for that. With Oink, you can basically rate the whole world around you and then let everyone know what you think of a particular item or place.Read More

Location-Based Hotel Tracking App HolidayCheck Hits The Android Market

If, like me, you too have missed out on celebrating Halloween with your mates, no need to fret. With Christmas just around the corner, you’ve got ample time to make amends and plan a vacation at your favorite resort. But how to find a hotel that offers the best services and is in the good books of general public? Well, if you have a smartphone (iOS or Android), then you needn’t conduct any hectic searches over the web as HolidayCheck can do that for you. Initially released as an iOS-only app, HolidayCheck has finally brought its location-based hotel tracking services to Android. With HolidayCheck, you can find any hotel, restaurant or resort of your liking on the go and you can, without having to pay a dime, take a peek into some of the most gorgeous and luxurious hotels around the planet via pictures and videos. The app fetches results via its rich online database, displays  user reviews/ratings for each and keeps you up to date with all the latest offers going around. In addition, the app features a QuickCheck option that lets users manage their check-ins at various hotels and post reviews with images and videos.Read More