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HomeSnap: Use A House’s Photo To View Value & Details [Android, iOS]

If you have ever been on the hunt for buying a new house, you are sure to know the complexities which arise during this task. There are so many things that have to be taken into account when buying property, that things always take ages to move along. A testament to this fact’s validity are the thriving businesses of property dealers. Now, however, it is possible to know all about any property if you own an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. HomeSnap is an app which will tell you all about a house just by looking at its photo, and accessing your current location (Update: Now available for Android). The information provided by the iOS app includes pricing, important places nearby, map view of the area and many other useful tidbits. Head past the break to know all about HomeSnap.

HomeSnap Home HomeSnap Stream

HomeSnap allows guest users to take a look around the app, but it is better if you do sign up for an app-specific account, as that way, you can upload photos of your own and get more information. The sign up procedure requires you enter your email ID and a new password. A conformation email will be sent to your account, after which you can use your credentials to sign in to HomeSnap. To help users understand the whole concept and working of HomeSnap, there is the app’s Stream, which lists the shares and discoveries of other users. Each listed house also has its area and locality captioned underneath, and if you want to view the houses located near your current area, there is the Nearby tab for that.

HomeSnap Property HomeSnap House Details HomeSnap Nearby Locations

To view the details of a house which is right in front of you, use the camera mode in HomeSnap. The app will make the assessments automatically, based on the place’s dimensions and location. The houses which are already in the app’s database have got a bundle of information next to them. If it has already been sold, the app will let you know that. If you want to publish details of your own house, HomeSnap can come in handy. The details presented against featured houses include estimated values and nearby schools. There is also a map assisted with each house, which the app plots itself based on the location from where the photo was snapped.

HomeSnap brings a fresh concept to iOS, and is available as a free download at the link below.

Update: The app just went universal, and is hence fully optimized for the iPad now.

Download HomeSnap Real Estate For iOS

Update 2: The app is now available for Android. We’ve added its Play Store link below.

Download HomeSnap Real Estate For Android

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