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Airbnb For Android Helps You Find Places Available For Rent

Airbnb is a free accommodation listing, locating and booking web service that facilitates travellers with their search for the perfect room, apartment, or an entire villa with the best available facilities available for rent, and at a price of their liking. Whether you wish to book a suite in a favorite hotel of yours for a short stint, or rent a house for a specified time period, Airbnb has you covered. Through its official Android and iOS clients, Airbnb ensures that you can search for, explore and make reservations on the go. The app fetches results according to your preferences and from no less than 19,000 worldwide cities. In short, it’s an optimal platform where travelers can meet property owners to strike a perfect deal.


Airbnb debuted in the iTunes App Store quite some time ago whereas its Android counterpart has just recently been released to the Android Market. Although, much similar in concept when compared to the previously reviewed Trulia For Rent, Airbnb definitely has an edge over it courtesy of a much more extensive pool of options and way better aesthetics.


At startup, the app displays three options. You can either opt to browse the app’s content without going through the login process, learn how Airbnb works via a brief tutorial, or sign in with a valid Airbnb or Facebook account. New users can sign up for a fresh Airbnb account from within the app for free.


If you’re interested in exploring some of the most luxurious residential facilities from the top cities of the world, switch to the Featured tab on the app’s homescreen. Each available property/accommodation within a particular region can be viewed on a list or map.


Apart from exploring picture galleries, property details, available amenities, host’s contact information and user reviews for each place, you can also add it to your favorites, or book it instantly from within the app. If you own a personal property that you plan to put up for rent, you can advertise it through the app by providing relevant details and photos.


The Search tab on the app’s homescreen lets you search for required facility by location. To narrow down your search criteria even further, you can hit the filter icon at the top-right of the search screen, and specify your requirements in terms of accommodation type, price range, number of beds, rooms (bed and bath), and guests, as well as the check in and check out dates.


The best thing about Airbnb is that it lets you instantly reserve a location of interest by entering your credit card details. Once you’re away on your journey, all you need to do is launch the app, navigate to Upcoming > Travelling tab, and confirm your tour itinerary (your reservation). In the same way, hosts can use the app to confirm reservations for their guests.


The Inbox tab carries all personal Messages and Alerts received from the service. The Account tab houses your Airbnb profile. From this screen, you can easily view and manage your reservation verifications, reviews, recommendations, Starred Properties, favorite items and Push Notification settings, and log out of the app.

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