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‘Trulia – For Rent’ Helps You Track Nearby Rentals On Android

Searching for an apartment for rent in downtown? How about renting a house with your favorite coffee bar nearby? Regardless of your search criteria and preferences, keeping a track of rentals around your locality is never easy. What if you could find the most appropriate apartments for rent with the best possible amenities around them through your Android device?

Trulia – For Rent is a location-based Android app that tracks rentals in a region of your choice in accordance with your search criteria, which span from specifying the type of property to the monthly rent amount and the number of rooms, beds or baths which the residence should have.

Real estate tracking services of Trulia are already quite popular among Android and iOS users, with separate apps for smartphones/tablets present on the respective app stores of both platforms. Now the developers have shifted their focus on easing the woes of people who’re in search of renting property in the form of a house, apartment, townhouse et al.


Trulia – For Rent supports comprehensive real estate tracking capabilities for various buildings available for rent in an area and displays their location on a map. You can register yourself with Trulia for free from within the app for extra benefits. Registered users get free Trulia alerts and notifications for available rentals via mails and can follow their favorite buildings and keep a tab on their recent searches.

Provided that Trulia services are available in your region, all you need to do is fire up the app, navigate to your preferred location on map and view all the buildings available for rent along with their price tag. For optimum results, it is recommended that you specify your search criteria before tracking buildings on the map by selecting the magnifying glass icon from the top. This takes you to the Search Filters screen.


On this screen, you can specify the exact parameters for your rental queries. You may restrict the search results according to the type of property, maximum/minimum amount for monthly rent, number of bedrooms/bathrooms and/or its area (in square feet). Here’s the most interesting filter though, the app lets you narrow your search to coops for your pet.

To view a list of all available buildings, select the checklist icon from top of the app’s homescreen. The list can be sorted according to same filters mentioned above.


For each displayed result, you can view its pictures, details and the owner’s contact number. In addition, you can share your find with others, capture/add photos of the building, add it to your favorites, take personal notes about it and even report a result as ‘fraud’. Using the in-app mail facility, you may even contact the owner to strike a deal.

That’s not all. While on the search results screen, you can hit the ‘Street View’ button (powered by Google Maps) to experience how it’s like to actually be at that location; albeit virtually. The app also lets you view all the various amenities (restaurants, banks, gas stations, shopping points) and schools around your searched location. With multiple layers for maps (satellite/traffic) and directions retrieved from Google Maps, Trulia – For Rent makes it extremely easy to navigate to the best option in your area.


With so many features available at just the tap of a finger, you should be able to find a nice little dwelling for yourself that not only suits your living requirements but also your budget. One downside though: it seems Trulia’s service currently covers only the US. So if you live anywhere else, the app will probably be useless for you.

Download Trulia – For Rent (for Android)

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