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FMFUnlocker: Bypass Password Screen In Find My Friends App [Cydia]

Despite its being a relatively new service, Find My Friends is a pretty popular app among iOS users. Who wouldn’t want to find out where there friends are right now and what they are up to. Many have termed it the Latitude for Apple users, and overall, the app isn’t too bad. Due to the nature of services offered by Find My Friends, it is pretty heavy on privacy and security, as if your phone gets into wrong hands, not only your own personal data will be compromised, the privacy of your friends can also be violated. This is why you have to input your password every time you launch FMF on your iPhone or iPad. However, for some people this might get annoying after a while, and this is the reason jailbroken users now have choice. Enter FMFUnlocker, a new Cydia tweak which will let you bypass the login screen in the app, so you can get straight into action.

FMF iOS FMFUnlocker Cydia

Before you install FMFUnlocker, sign in to your account in Find My Friends, and then remove it from the task switcher tray. Once you have done that, the next step is to go to the Cydia store, and download the tweak from the BigBoss repo, where it is available as a free download. Once FMFUnlocker has been installed to your iDevice, launch the Find My Friends app and you will notice that it will only linger on the password screen for a few seconds before moving on to main page of the app.

FMFUnlocker adds no new Springboard icon or Settings menu, and starts working as soon as the device has gone through a respring after the tweak’s installation.

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