SD Maid For Android Keeps Your SD Card & Internal Memory Junk-Free

Just like in any operating system, certain Android apps tend to forget to clean up after themselves when they’re uninstalled. Which is why, after testing and uninstalling apps for a while, many Android users find their SD cards cluttered with app residues. Thankfully, Android users have plenty of junk cleaners at their disposal, which help you get rid of any app leftovers with minimal fuss. While certain solutions are quite comprehensive in their respect, others focus on minimalism. SD Maid is a free, handy system cleaner tool for rooted Android devices that not only helps you get rid of said residues (fittingly termed “corpses” in the app’s UI) but also keeps your internal memory squeaky clean. The freeware allows you to scan for and clean discarded or unwanted files/residues on your SD card as well as temporary files, cache files, logs and more from the system.Read More

SD Increase For Android Boosts Read & Write Speed Of Your SD Card

Why go through the trouble of manually edited system files or flashing a fix to increase the read/write speed of your SD card when there is a free app on the Android Market that does just that? That’s right. New to the Android Market, SD Increase for Android can increase the read and write speeds of your SD card and unlike SD card Speed Booster, it’s free. The app only requires (in addition to root access) a few taps from the user to edit the SD card cache size and can be set to automatically repeat said process on each reboot. Join us after the jump for additional info and test results.Read More

Test Read & Write Speeds Of Your Android Device SD Card

SD Tools for Android is a free (ad-supported) benchmarking app that allows you to test the read and write speeds of the SD card in your Android device, save the test results to your card and view detailed SD card information. The app is particularly handy for power users experimenting with hacks to speed up their SD cards or for those having trouble choosing between two closely matched cards. Read on after the jump for more.Read More